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Yr 8/9/10 Mrs Kitson Woods

W.C. 13th May


This week we continued to learn about shapes and we did lots of number work too. Take a look at our beautiful summer themed arts and crafts. We are all starting to get excited for the summer!!! We have been chatting lots about kindness too and how we can ‘fill our buckets’ with kindness. 

W.C. 6th May


This week we voted in the Big Election of 2024! We all made ID cards and then went to the hall to register our votes for Head Boy and Head girl. We continued more work on our topics of shapes, transport, habitats and more! We also used our iPads to do some research on healthy living. 

W.C. 29th April


Have a look at what we got up to in The Burrow this week…we have been learning about habitats in Science, transport in Topic, shapes in Numeracy and lots more! Lots of hard work this week. 

W.C. 22nd April 


This week we have been doing so much work. In Numeracy we have been focusing on shapes and patterns, we have been doing some Spring related artwork and we have been learning about habitats. We have also had lots of discussion on different families. Look at these hardworking boys and girls! 

Stella…. You are AWESOME!!!!

19th April


Friday Fun!!!! laugh

W.C. 15th April


While our friends were at Ganaway having lots of fun we had great fun back here in school. Look at some of the lovely things we got up to…..

W.C. 9th April


What a super start to the summer term! We had a FANTASTIC trip to the Transport Museum. We loved getting to sit on the old trains and experience how the different classes travelled. Today for Friday life skills we went litter picking and it was great fun! 

Easter fun at KHS! We hope everyone has a fantastic break 🐣 🐰 

RED NOSE DAY 2024. The final of The Masked Singer, baking buns, a trip to the park and more! What a day heart

World Book Day fun! 7th March 2024


W.C. 26th February 


The boys and girls have been working so hard on their money skills this term and it was time to put their skills to the test at ‘The Burrow Store’. This was such a fun activity and everyone enjoyed eating the treats that they had ‘bought’. This week we also worked hard at improving our handwriting skills, we learnt about the Easter Story and we completed Spring themed numeracy activities. We also did a fun experiment involving the effect of soap on germs. It was very interesting.  Another great week :) 

W.C 19th February 

It was Kenzie’s birthday over the half term holiday so of course we had to celebrate this week! This week we had music with Mrs Mc Manus, we painted Spring tulips, made Hassleback potatoes, learned the parts of the flower and much more. 

W.C. 29th January


This week we continued to work hard on our handwriting skills. We did lots of work based on money and we talked about taking care of our teeth, including healthy and unhealthy foods for teeth. 

We also celebrated Raymond’s birthday on Wednesday. 


15th-26th Jan


We’ve had such a lovely couple of weeks. Fun in the snow, learning about money, talking about how we can protect our environment and so much more! Look at our lovely, happy photos :) 



Beehive Cafe Year 8 9 10 KW

W.C. 8th January


We are all so happy to be back at school after two weeks off. We have been writing about our Christmas holidays, doing lots of winter arts and crafts and we have been learning all about money. Check out some of our photos! 

11th-20th Dec


MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE BURROW!!!! We have had so much fun in the lead up to Christmas... Panto, party games, baking and much more. Just look at these happy faces! We hope you all have a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year! 

W.C. 4th Dec


This week the KHS staff have got verrryyy competitive as there is a prize to be awarded to the best Christmas door design. We went for a stroll around school to see all of the creations. We were very impressed! This week we made lots of lovely Christmas art and crafts and we also enjoyed some yoga and table top activities. One and a half weeks to go until the Christmas holidays !!

W.C. 27th December


Christmas madness has hit Killard! We have been doing so much prep and rehearsing for the Panto and we can’t wait to put the show on for our friends and families. When we’ve been in class we’ve been completing lots of fun Christmas activities and we’ve decorated the classroom. We also celebrated Mrs Shaw’s birthday this week. More photos to come… 



W.C. 20th Nov


We have had a lovely week in The Burrow. The Bubble Man came to school and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We have started learning about Winter and we have made some lovely Winter art. In between Panto rehearsals, we have been enjoying table top activities and social skills. 

W.C. 13th Nov


CHILDREN IN NEED DAY: today we had lots of fun for Pudsey day. We had a Pudsey bear hunt and a fitness challenge plus lots more! 

W.C. 6th November


FUNDERLAND. What a day! The photos speak for themselves :) 

W.C. 23rd Oct


This week we have had lots of spooky Halloween fun! 🎃 👻 

pumpkin carving, Halloween arts and crafts, a disco and more! Everyone is very excited for the Halloween break 😁

W.C. 16th October


This week we had the latest instalment of the House Cup Challenge. In their teams the boys and girls created spooky meals for a Monster party! We had lots of lovely Halloween activities and we continued our work on telling the time. On Friday Michael visited our class to teach us some first aid. Look at these amazing bandages! 

W.C. 9th October


This week we made apple crumble and enjoyed it with some custard. It was delicious! In H.E. We had a taste test, using different flavours of porridge. We have started to prepare for Halloween with lots of spooky art and crafts. We have been talking about the people that we can trust and we have had some lovely discussions. 

W.C. 2nd Oct


This week we made yummy pancakes with Miss Lowry, we did beautiful artwork with Mrs Davey and in The Burrow we have been learning to tell the time and have been doing lots of lovely work on Harvest. We have also been practicing mindfulness with yoga. 

W.C. 25th September


This week the boys and girls made breakfast baps with Miss Lowry. They were delicious!! We celebrated S’s 13th birthday. She’s a teenager now! We did some more Autumn topic work and we discussed what we look for in a great friend. 

W.C. 18th Sept


Another great week in The Burrow! This week we did lots of topic work … look at our lovely Autumn artwork. We also had our back to school fun day with inflatables and tattoos, we made Moon Dough in Science and we enjoyed cookery with Miss Lowry! 

W.C. 11th Sept


This week we did more lovely Autumn art work, this time using paint and different materials. We all filled our reward charts for the first time and got lovely treats and we enjoyed our first Friday life skills day with yoga for mindfulness, bikes and road safety exercises. 

W.C 4th Sept


Well… what a first week back! This week the year 8/9/10s were introduced to their new classroom, which we’ve named ‘The Burrow’. We have had lots of fun with team building and ‘getting to know you’ activities and we are all besties already! 

We loved catching up on everyone’s summer news, making sun catchers and creating lots of Autumn themed masterpieces. We also celebrated J’s birthday with cake, sweets and music! Today we also enjoyed the lovely sunshine with a trip to the park :)