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“We are a group of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) employed by the South Eastern Trust who work within Killard House School to support the children and those working with them.


We are a close team made up of two part time Speech and Language Therapists (SLT), two part time Occupational Therapists (OT), one part time Physiotherapist (PT), 2 part time Speech and Language Therapy Assistants (SLTA) and a Therapy Assistant (working across all 3 professions).

We value being part of the school community here in Killard and aim to work alongside staff and parents to support the children’s needs. We also know how beneficial it can be for us to work together in multidisciplinary therapy sessions e.g. O.T and SLT together, PT and OT together.
We all aim to support the children on our caseloads to become as functional and independent as possible.


Please have a look at our individual therapy sections for more information on how we go about this.”