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Our Primary department classes use the Seesaw Family app  ( as our digital Home – Communication platform.


The Seesaw family app enables our Teachers to share text, photos and even short video clips of the day at school privately with each family at home.  It is extremely user friendly and we are delighted at how effectively the app supports our partnership with our families.


It allows you, and anyone in the family who you choose, to access, like and comment on your child’s Seesaw learning journal.  You can see what your child is learning through the week.


You will receive a notification direct to your device each time the teacher or your child posts on the learning journal so you will see your child’s learning highlights and can show the photos and videos to your child and talk about them with him /her when he /she comes home at the end of the school day! 



Frequently Asked Questions about the FAMILY app:


What and how can I communicate to my child’s Class Teacher?


  • You can respond to any posts on your child’s digital learning journal by giving ‘Likes’ to show your child and his /her Teacher that you have seen their work.
  • You can send and reply to the private messages with your child’s teacher as you would to an email.


Who can see my child’s learning journal posts?


Only the classroom staff, our Primary Department Senior Leaders and family members who are linked to a child’s learning journal will see a child’s post.   Journals are not public and never shared.



What do KHS Parents and families who have used Seesaw with us say?


Our parents and families have been overwhelmingly positive about their experience of partnering with us in our use of the Seesaw family app.  It enables them to share meaningfully in their child’s learning.


If you are a returning or a new part of our Killard House Family we look forward to continuing our Seesaw partnership with you in School Year 21-22!


Mrs Claire Kerr

(Senior Teacher Primary, Acting)