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Board of Governors

Board of Governors

The Governors, as a group, work together in partnership with the Principal and Staff to ensure the highest standards of care and education for your children.   They have particular responsibilities in relation to the curriculum, the appointment of staff, financial management, pastoral care, building and maintenance and community links. Governors bring their experience, life skills and common sense to this task. In everything they do, they should aim to raise expectations of what can be achieved by all pupils and strengthen the involvement of parents and the community.


This involves:

· setting the school's vision and aims;

· establishing and maintaining the school’s ethos;

· setting the school’s plans and policies;

· monitoring and evaluating school performance; and

· promoting self-evaluation to sustain school improvement.



Membership of the Board of Governors


Nominated by the Education                           Mrs C Hutchinson (Chair)

Authority                                                          Mrs K Edgar (Vice Chair)



Nominated by the Department of                    Mr W Lamb



Elected by Parents                                           Mr I King

                                                                         Mrs D Fulton


Elected by Teachers                                        Mrs E Brown


Secretary                                                          Mrs K Yeates (Acting Principal)

Annual Report for Killard House School Board of Governors 2021 - 2022

Annual Report for Killard House School Board of Governors 2020-2021

Annual Report for Killard House School Board of Governors 2019-2020