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Vision and Mission Statement



Cannyreagh Rd, Donaghadee, BT21 0AU

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Killard House School works collaboratively and creatively to enable a meaningful, purposeful and personalised learning journey that fosters curiosity, independence and achievement in each learner.


Mission Statement


At Killard House School we aim to;

  • provide a positive, secure and happy learning environment where everyone matters and in which pupils learn to value themselves, others and their community;
  • work together to enhance the lives of our pupils to feel cared for, valued and respected;
  • provide a stimulating, accessible and appropriate curriculum recognising that everyone is a learner and that every experience is a learning opportunity;
  • encourage independence through supportive and effective learning and teaching aiming to develop confidence, self-esteem and holistic well-being of all;
  • work in partnership with parents, carers, schools, local businesses and other professionals to strengthen curriculum and community links;
  • promote a culture of appreciation, acceptance, diversity, equality, honesty and high expectations for all within our school community.
    To achieve this, the school provides a broad curriculum that will enable the pupils to develop individual skills and abilities to the highest level possible.
    Individual Education Plans and planned learning experiences place emphasis on the development of communication, social, life, vocational and leisure skills and make full use of the Northern Ireland
    Curriculum. Pupils are valued, encouraged and supported to acquire new knowledge and skills and to strive to be the very best that they can be.
    Ethos and Environment
    Warm and welcoming atmosphere
    Respect for every child
    Child focused
    Pupil voice valued
    Safe learning environment
    High levels of pastoral care
    Positive attitudes
    Strong community feel
    Dedicated staff
    Together We Can.