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Head injury advice


If your child has suffered a head injury in school, you will receive a phone call to inform of the head injury. A slip will also be sent home describing first aid treatmemt provided. 



Observe your child carefully and should your child suffer any of the following after a head injury, go to A&E or phone 111 for advice:


  • drowsiness
  • vomiting
  • visual disturbance
  • sever headache or
  • complain of feeling generally unwell
  • a change in behaviour (more irritable or loosing interest in things around)
  • been crying more than usual


Call 999 if:

  • child has a fit (seizure)
  • a black eye without direct injury to the eye
  • clear fluid coming from their ears or nose
  • bleeding from their ears or bruising behind their ears
  • numbness or weakness in part of their body
  • problems with walking, balance, understanding, speaking or writing
  • problems with their vision or hearing