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What is physiotherapy? 


Children may present with gross motor difficulties in balance, coordination, strength, endurance, motor planning or ball skills; any of these can have an impact on their ability to achieve their educational potential.


Paediatric physiotherapists work with children and young people to develop their gross motor skills with the aim of promoting independent function and to help them participate in everyday activities. 



In Killard House School we

•Provide advice and activity ideas to help improve your child’s strength, mobility, balance and co-ordination

•Support school staff and parents to implement the advice and activities into daily life in school and at home.


Due to the restrictions COVID-19 has had on our service, physiotherapy has been providing individual advice for the children who are currently open on our caseload.


Useful Advice Leaflets


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Here you will find lots of useful hints and tips on a number of activities from to work on gross motor skills, to balance, coordination and strengthening exercises.