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Yr 8 Mr Bell

19/01/2024: Friday life skills.

11/01/2024: Year8B enjoying being back to school after the Christmas holidays.

Beehive Cafe. Week 9 Year 8B Cinema

07/12/2023: Class of the month treat.

17/11/2023: Friday fun.

08/09/2023: Year 8 have had a great first week back to school.

Welcome to our Year 8 classroom! We like to focus on helping each individual to achieve their full potential across all areas of the curriculum by providing a safe, supportive and positive environment that will allow them to explore their talents and gifts as well as develop their independence, social skills and resilience. We do this through being purposeful and active through the day with a varied and stimulating approach to learning. We have a positive ethos in our room, ensuring everyone is appreciated, listened to and feels secure and happy through their day.