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KS3 Friday Activities

Year 10 Life Skills 23/02/2024

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23rd February Friday life skills


Today Miss Lowry helped us with our cutting skills, first practicing on play dough before making hassle-back potatoes. They were delicious so it was a great success. On Fridays we will be doing horticulture so today we learnt about the parts of a flower and what plants need to grow and survive. 

Week 19/2/24 Hassleback potatoes

Year 10 Life Skills 9/2/2024

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Week 5/2/24 Yr9 Lifeskills

Year 10 Life Skills 2/2/2024

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Week 29/1/24 Yr9 Life Skills Friday

Week 22/1/24 Yr 9 and more fantastic ‘spuds’ with Miss Lowry.

Year 10 Friday Life Skills 26/01/2024

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year 8/9/10


Today we continued with the NSPCC programme with our mascot, Buddy :) 

today we talked about our emotions and the people that we can include in our ‘safe circle’. With Miss Lowry, we made garlic potato wedges. They were delicious! 

Week 15/1/24 KS3 Life Skills ‘Love for Life’.

Year 8/9/10 


The boys and girls enjoyed cooking potatoes with Miss Lowry and then they got to taste them. They had melted butter on top and they were delicious! We went over to the Hive for reward time this week. What a lovely treat! 

Year 10 Life Skills 12/01/2024

Week 8/1/24 Yr9 Potato Day

Year 10 Life Skills 10/11/2023

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Week 23/10/23 Halloween party day.... Last day of term!!!!

Year 10 Life Skills 20/10/2023

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Week 16/10/23 Yr9 Halloween Cookies

Year 8 had a go at using the stove and the microwave to make 4 different types of porridge - chocolate, mixed berries, golden syrup and apple and cinnamon. As you can see by some of the faces, there were mixed reviews but everyone did great at having a go, and worked well together in the kitchen!

Life Skills Year 10 13/10/2023

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Week 9/10/23 Yr9 Breakfast Porridge

Life Skills Year 10 6/10/23

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Week 2/10/23 Yr9 Fluffy pancakes with Yr9

Week 2/10/23 Yr9

Week 25/9/23 Yr9 Road Safety walk with one of our ‘star’ pupils at the lead.

Week 25/9/23 Yr9 Breakfast Bap time.

Life Skills Year 10 29/9/2023

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Life Skills Year 10 22/9/2023

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Week 18/9/23 YR 9 Enjoying Omelette making

Year 10 Life Skills

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Week 11/9/23 Yr9 Home Management