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Within this area you will be able to find: Medical 

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24th February 2022


As promised some booklets that may be helpful to our pupils. Just click on the link below and you will be taken to a pdf file for you to print off.


Periods, Pads and Looking Fab is a booklet for girls going through puberty.  It is a go to booklet with explanations of what is happening to their body, how to deal with periods and using a pad.  It also covers how to keep fresh and clean with a step by step guide to showering or bathing.




Friendships, My Space and Saying NO! is a booklet for all pupils who find it difficult dealing with friendships, appropriate close contact and keeping themselves safe.  Again having this booklet that can be revisited at any time can help remind and reinforce good relationship etiquette.



Along with these I would like to add in a resource that has been sent in from Ruth Breadon the School Nurse assigned to Killard House School.  It is a Healthy Choices Booklet compiled by the Public Health Agency.  It covers meal ideas, looking after your child's teeth, maintaining a healthy weight and a Healthy Choices Reward Chart.  This resource is usually given to P1 pupils when they have their health checkes in school but I felt it has some useful information for everyone.

31st January 2022


Over the last few month's I have been involved with the Period Dignity Programme for schools.

This is a scheme launched by the EA and CCEA.  It aims to promote period dignity and tackle period poverty, helping learners who menstrate reach their full potential.


As part of this, there is a programme of study which is for both girls and boys from age 8 upwards.  It  talks about puberty, the changes that happen both physically and emotionally and of course it's also about PERIODS.


The resources that are available at this time are aimed at Mainstream schools although over the next year additional information and guidance will be available for those with learning difficulties.


Puberty can be a difficult time for our young people and therefore I have produced 2 slide shows one for girls and one for boys about 'Growing Up'.   I have tried to cover many areas but they are not a wikipedia guide to puberty.  I hope you will have a look through them, maybe just pick certain areas that you feel your child would benefit from, and use them as conversation starters to guide them through this difficult time.




Growing Up Guide for Boys


In both these slide shows you will also find links to social stories and check lists.  Individual booklets for certain topics will be available soon.

8th October 2021


We've almost made it to the end of our first Half Term.  What a busy time it has been!  Not only for us as a staff but for you as families - getting settled back into the early morning routine for school and our pupils - getting used to new rooms, new teachers and classroom assistants and even some changes to the daily routine.


In the Pupil Welfare Department, we've been lucky to have a few more staff trained in First Aid. This is not only  a great help to me, but as a school, we are so thankful that these staff volunteer to take on the responsibility of ensuring your child's needs are always attended to.


This past month we've had visits from the School Nursing Team from Scrabo Children's Centre to deliver vaccinations.

  • The HPV vaccination to our Year 9 pupils
  • The Flu Vaccinations to pupil's from P1 up to year 12.


Thank-you to everyone for filling in the many consent forms that have arrived in your son/daughter's school bags this month.


Over the nest few months, Gemma Patterson from the School Orthoptics Service, will be coming into school to catch up with some pupils.  All those involved have already received consent forms and Gemma will send out information directly to those parents about your child's vision.






A few years ago, I started a series "Looking After Yourself", which I hope some of you found helpful. 


Why not have a look at "Healthy Eating"


In this section there is loads of information about the importance of a balanced diet for good health.  Included is information on websites that have loads of fun activities and helpful ideas for all the family. 


Since writing this the NHS Better Health Website has been launched and there are loads of useful Apps  

 These are only some of the options available, I personally, recommend the Easy Meals App.

As you can see there are Meal Ideas, Tips and Advice and even a section to help with organising your shopping list.  

The Meal Ideas section gives ideas for breakfast, lunch, evening meals and even snacks.  These all look very tasty, I've tried a few and they are healthy options.


It even has a shopping list section - brilliant!

25th August 2021


The new school year is nearly upon us once again.  In school we are really looking forward to having all our pupils back in class and also looking forward to meeting all the new pupils joining us this year. 


Below you will find an Induction PowerPoint document to help you understand the role of the Pupil Welfare Assistant and the resources there are in school.There is also a Social Story about coming back to school which might help prepare your child.


As with every year a pack of forms will be sent out to be completed.  Please return these as soon as possible so that all medical issues can be relayed to the classroom staff to ensure that your child's needs are met right from the start of the school year.


All medicines/inhalers for administration in school should be clearly labelled with your child's name, name of medication, time required and dosage.  (Pharmacist label)  These should brought into school along with the AM2 - Permission to Administer Medication form on the first day of term.




The School Nursing Team have informed us that they will be in school on the following dates to complete pupil vaccinations as follows:


Year 9 HPV vaccinations;

Will take place in school on Monday 6th September 2021.  Information and permission slips will be sent home with the relevant pupils over the next week.  


Primary 1 - Year 12 Flu Vaccinations; 

This year ALL pupils from P1 to Year 12 will be offered the Flu Vaccine in school.  On previous years this was only offered to Primary pupils but with the current guidelines changing our Year 8 to Year 12 pupils can now access it in school.


These will take place on Tuesday 5th October.  In will be administered as a nasal spray to all unless otherwise indicated on the permission forms that will be sent out nearer to the time.


There are Social Stories to help prepare your child for these vaccinations in the section below.

25th June 2021


Well, we've made it !!  The end of another school year, but what a different year it was for us all.  It has been difficult at times but I feel a successful one for the whole school family.


However now, with the end of a school year, come many changes for all our Killard pupils and staff. 


These include:

  • Moving into a new classroom with a new teacher,
  • Moving to a new school ,
  • Moving to a new department - moving up from Primary to Secondary
  • Leaving education completely.
  • Preparing to come to Killard House School for the very first time.



I would like to wish all those leaving Killard, Good Luck and all the best for whatever the future holds.  


For those pupils who are coming to Killard for the first time.  I can't wait to meet you on your induction day in August.


For everyone else; have a great, safe summer and I look forward to seeing you all again in September.


I know that these changes can cause some anxiety for both pupils and parents.  This is normal, even the staff can be nervous of what a new year can bring, but be assured that we will all be ready in September to support each other in what ever way we can.



Kay Thompson



For a little more information about the Pupil Welfare Department in school check out the Induction PowerPoint

4th March 2021


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all surviving.  I know it has been a long year but we've got through it as best as we can and hopefully it will not be long now until we can see  a lot more people and get back to some normality.


I would like to share a  bit of information that I received from Public Health NI and feel that this may be useful, not only at the minute for our mental well being but at any time as it covers many issues, as highlighted on the graphic below, that young people may have at any time.





As you can see it is for young people aged 11-19 and will be delivered by the Trusts School Nursing Teams. 


The scheme is run through a secure ChatHealth web platform, where a qualified school nurse answers the young people's messages. This will allow young people to ask questions that they may not feel able to do in a face to face situation.


Please check out additional information by clicking on the link


ChatHealth is an award willing service in the UK and is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland. 

The service is available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm


The contact number for the South Eastern Trust Text -A-Nurse:








12th February 2021

Hello Everyone I hope you are all keeping well.  


I just wanted to let you know that there are a couple of additions to my Social Story section. 

I have been made aware that at times it is difficult to get some of our pupils to take their regular medicines.  In agreement with Mrs Kerr  I have compiled a  Social Story that can be used both at home and in school to help this situation.


I have also just a little bit of information from the School Nursing Team at Scrabo Children's Centre.


HPV vaccinations for ALL Year 9 GIRLS and BOYS will take place on

22nd March 2021

The School Nursing Team will be in school on that day to administer these very important vaccinations. 


Information and permission letters will be sent out by the Nursing Team and returned as per their instructions.  This is a life-saving vaccination so please take time to read the enclosed information pack so you can make an informed decision about your child’s protection against various forms of cancer.


Some reassurance for all parents:


  • All Covid 19 guidelines will be adhered to.
  • Nurses will wear gloves, masks and aprons.
  • Vaccinations will take place in the assembly hall to allow for social distancing and ventilation
  • Pupils will be allocated a timed slot between 9.15am and 11am. Parents will be informed closer to the time.

A social story is available here in the Pupil Welfare section to help prepare your child for the vaccination


Further information can also be found

2nd December 2020


Hi Everyone


With many children it can be difficult encouraging them to keep themselves clean and tidy.  I know this from having my own children, getting them out of their favourite sweatshirt or jeans to get them washed can sometimes feel like a mini battle.  Then there is their obsession with body sprays! These are great when they are used on clean bodies but a build up  can be just as bad as a build up of stale body odour.


The routines of bathing and showering (Personal Hygiene) are so important to teach our young teenagers  especially as they start going through puberty.  It is for this purpose that I have once again made a new PowerPoint to help.  There are a few Social Stories and a Checklist that might help with the routine in the Social Story Section I hope these prove useful


4th November 2020


Last year I posted on the website various PowerPoints - Looking After Yourself.  I hope they were useful to both the pupils and adults within our school community. 


This year I hope to expand this resource with another series of PowerPoints called 'Spread a Little Happiness'  I'm sure you will agree that within our strange and sometimes difficult times we all need to look after ourselves and others.  With this series I hope to show that doing little things can make a big difference to someone.  It can help both their physical and mental wellbeing.


I hope you will find these as informative and useful as last year's.