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Welcome To P4/5 With Mr Totten


Here you will find a few snaps of some of the wonderful activities and learning experiences we provide and enjoy with our amazing pupils. In P4/5 we believe in a pupil centred approach that combines each pupil's needs as well as interests to deliver an engaging, challenging and purposeful cuuriculum. 


Another great month comes to a close in P4/5T. We are finishing off our 'Cold Lands' topic where we have learnt about everything from penguin life cycles to Inuit clothing. We are now looking ahead to our Easter assembly where we will be welcoming parents and guardians to see us unveil an exciting performance incorporating boomwhackers. Stay tuned for that!


January has been a busy month in P4/5 with everyone returning after a well earned Christmas break. It was great to hear all the lovely news about the festive period. We have enjoyed getting back into our routine and starting our new topic: Cold Lands. Who knew that polar bears and penguins never meet... P4/5 do now! Here is a pic of us enjoying the snow day which was very timely for our topic. 


This month we were very lucky to have a visit from the Killard elf, Elfie. He appeared on the 14th with a letter and some magic beans. Overnight these beans grew into chocolate coins for any pupils they found to be on Santa's 'Good List'. Of course all 9 children were greeted on the 15th with a chocolate coin as they are all stars!! Happy Christmas from P4/5T!




November has been a busy month with lots of hard work being done in P4/5T. As we come to the end of the month the excitement is building for Christmas and we are looking forward to lots of Christmas crafts and of course a visit from a special guest…


Another super month in P4/5. We have been learning more about the human body, exploring nature and of course getting ready for Halloween. Have a look at our awesome pumpkins and if you look closely in the background you might see some familiar faces in our spooky Halloween poster!


The first month has come to an end and what a brilliant start it has been in P4/5T. We have enjoyed getting to know our new friends, our new routines and exploring what the year has in store. We are all very much looking forward to Halloween next month and all the great activities it comes with.