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Miss Kate Aspinall

24/6/24 - 28/6/24 

An amazing last week in Year 8!! We had so much fun celebrating all we have achieved this year, getting a chippy treat and a visit to the commons :) You are all absolutely brilliant, Mrs McAteer and I cannot wait to see how you get on in year 9! 



17/6/24 - 21/6/24

Another great week in Year 8! We made delicious smoothies in HE, enjoyed den building, designing crafts and celebrated Riley's birthday. We also opened up our own Pizzeria and made some important deliveries to feed Mrs Yeates and Mrs McBratney!


Congratulations to Riley for winning our Awesome Award this week for being really creative in class - you are amazing :) 


10/6/24 - 14/6/24 

This week we had fun creating our own 'Dim Sum' restaurant and practised the skills we use in a restaurant. We did our weekly den building competition, working well together in teams to plan and create some cool dens! 


In HE we made some delicious pancakes. On Wednesday we joined with Year 10 and Mr Nelson to have a fire-pit. We cooked sausages and it was very exciting!


Congratulations to Curtis for winning our Awesome Award for constructing a brilliant skyscraper for our 'mini Hong Kong'. Good work Curtis :) 


3/6/24 - 7/6/24

We had a very exciting week in Year 8! During a science experiment we made icecream, we made pizza in HE and started building our very own city of Hong Kong (designing cardboard skyscrapers), amoung lots of other activities. 


Congratulations to Corey for winning the Awesome Award this week for encouraging his classmates - you are a star :) 

28/5/24 - 31/5/24 

This week we helped Miss Lowry with flower planters, using our muscles to lift the plants and help to add stickers for them to go to people in the Donaghadee community. A highlight of the week was making apple crumble in HE - it was yum!


Congratulations to Raymond and Connor for both winning an Awesome Award this week! Raymond won his award for being a brilliant helper and Connor won his award for looking out for his friends. Well done :)


20/5/24 - 24/5/24 

Lots of hard work and fun this week in Year 8. We made veggie wraps in HE that were delicious and planted sunflower seeds that we cannot wait to see grow. We also spent time celebrating Connor's birthday on Friday and had a party!


Congratulations to Connor for winning our Awesome Award  helping his friends in numeracy this week - amazing work :) 


7/5/24 - 10/5/24 

A busy 4 day week for Year 8! This week we had an election day to vote for Killard's next Head Boy and Head Girl. We spent time creating our Pupil ID cards so that we could place our anonymous votes in the election. We took part in Den Building for the first time and everyone really enjoyed it -there was plenty of new houses being built on the grounds of Killard! 


Congratulations to Corey for winning our Awesome Award this week for working well and encouraging others during den building this week :) Great work Corey! 



29/5/24 - 3/5/24 

We especially enjoyed learning about food that are eaten in Hong Kong this week and about our Solar System! Congratulations to Riley for winning our Awesome Award this week - you are a star!


22/4/24 - 26/4/24

In Life Skills this week we started riding bikes, practising laundry skills and cared for the environment when we went on a litter picking walk. They were definitely some highlights of the week!


Congratulations to Curtis for winning the Awesome Award this week for trying his best at his work and taking advice from others! Super job :) 





This week was really exciting with some of our class on a trip to Ganaway for KS3 residential. They were all very brave and had a blast! 


In Life Skills this Friday, we learnt about doing laundry and practised hanging washing on the line. We also learned about the different parts of a bicycle in preparation for getting out on the bikes next week. 


Congratulations to Connor for winning our Awesome Award for being a fantastic helper during our Ganaway residential and looking out for his friends brilliantly - you are a star :)


8/4/24 - 12/4/24

We had lots of fun during our first week back after our easter break. We began learning about our topics - Astronauts and Hong Kong. We even started a design project creating planets from balloons and paper mache. 


Congratulations to Raymond for winning our Awesome Award this week for trying out new skills as he started to learn the piano in class this week - well done Raymond :) 


4/9/23 - 8/9/23 

This week our class had a great time settling into our new classroom and making friends with our new classmates! We had our first PE lesson of the year where we played some football and our first Art lesson with Miss Hart. Creativity was flowing in our classroom this week with art tutorials of drawing our happy minds, as we learnt about our feelings and emotions. 


Our Awsome Award winner this week was Raymond for being extreemely kind and helpful in class this week - well done Raymond! We also enjoyed celebrating Alex's birthday with some lovely cake - happy birthday Alex!

11/9/23 - 15/9/23 

This week we we spent time doing numeracy and literacy work. On Friday, it was our first Life Skills day of the term. During Life Skills we spent time discussing mindfulness and what different emotions might look like. We learnt about road safety as well as thinking about what our dream jobs might be. 


Riley gave us a pre-halloween scare (and a laugh) this week with his mask, as well as being our Awsome Award winner for this week for always making us smile in class - congratulations Riley! 




18/9/23 - 22/9/23


Year 8 started the week off on Monday with a back to school fun day, with bouncy castles and icecream! We had lots of fun. Throughout the week we enjoyed going to PE with Mr Yeamen and Art with Miss Hart. Connor was crowned our Artist of the Week this week - well done!


The highlight of the week for many of the class was our first HE lesson with Miss Lowry. We officically have a class full of chefs after Miss Lowry taught us how to cook omlettes and we are looking forward to cooking up some more yum breakfast food over the coming weeks. 


Congratulations to our wonderful Awesome Award Winner this week, Curtis, for doing excellent work and always helping around the classroom! 


25/9/23 - 29/9/23

Year 8 were busy this week learning about Habitats and starting a topic on London. As well as other work, we enjoyed reading our novel 'Mr Sink' and crafting some models of Mr Stink's dog - our new class pets! Yr8 cooked up a storm in HE with Miss Lowry, making breakfast baps. 


Our Awsome Award winner this week is Karl for being a good friend to all his classmates - well done Karl! The Artist of the Week was Raymond, showing off his creative sklls. Some exciting news was given to Connor at assembly as he was voted by our class to be on the School Council, an important role that we are excited to see him undertake. Congratulations Connor!





2/10/23 - 6/10/23

Year 8 had a fun week this week continuing to learn about our topics as well as working on literacy and numeracy. We had lots of laughs this week! In HE we had the best time making pancakes and in PE a football coach gave us some training.


Our Artist of the Week this week was Curtis for his lovely circle art work - great job Curtis! Our Awsome Award winner of the week is Corey for helping hs classmates with their work in class when they are finding it difficult, a great way to be kind to your friends - super work Corey!

9/10/23 - 13/10/23

This week year 8 enjoyed continuing learning about habitats and learning about Guy Fawkes! In literacy we worked on phonics and numeracy addition, subtraction and learning how to read the time. 


We had great fun visiting the library this week to pick books that we enjoy to read. In mindfulness om Friday we thought about how we can have a positive mindset and made positive pancakes (smiley faces!) to make us smile! 


Congratulations to Connor for winning our Awesome Award this week for being a top chef - we are so impressed with his cookery skills!

16/10/23 -20/10/23

This week Year 8 worked hard and had fun! We had a special session during our Friday Life Skill where we got frist aid training and practised bandaging - an interesting and fun session! 


Congratulations to Alex who was our Awesome Award winner this week for always looking out for his friends, especially whenever we go for walks or to the park - Alex always checks that everyone is around and okay. Well done Alex! 


There was lots of Halloween fun this week in year 8! Pumpkin painting, watching monsters ink, a monster hunt, Halloween disco and fun activities throughout the week, including acting out the story of Guy Fawkes. 


Congratulations to our Awesome Award winner this week, Corey - Corey was awarded this for being our cheif dish dryer in HE, he is always so helpful! Well done Alex for getting the Artist of the Week Award this week for lovely art work. 


Happy Halloween everyone!

6/11/23 - 10/11/23 

We had a very exciting week this week after being back after half term as we got to go on a trip to Funderland to go on all of the fun rides! 


Congratulations to Raymond this week for getting our Awesome Award for his brilliant art work and drawings - you are amazing! 



13/11/23 - 17/11/23 


20/11/23 - 24/11/23


We had a brilliant week this week, busy doing rehersals for our school Pantomime 'Peter Pan!' We also started our swimming lessons on Thursday mornings at Ards Leisure Centre and had fun doing Christmas Crafts this week. The Bubble Man gave us a cool visit too!


Congratulations to Alex for being our Awesome Award Winner this week for his fantastic swimming :) 


27/11/23 - 1/12/23 

We are in full Christmas mode and are delighted that it is almost time to show everyone our Pantomime! The class have been practising hard all week in rehersals and helping with ICT and Art. It is coming together so well and we are excited to show it to our family and friends soon.


Congratulations to Connor for winning our Awesome Award this week for doing good listening - we are very proud :) 

4/12/23 - 8/12/23

Some of the things we did this week;

We made slime to show the colours of the Amazon Rainforest and explored what the rainforest is like and the types of animals living there. We also continued learning about the story of the Great Fire of London in History, designing our rebuilds of St Paul's Cathedral.


We had fun celebrating two birthdays in our classroom this week - Mrs McAteer and Curtis, with lots of cake and singing involved!


Congratulations to Curtis Nogues for winning our Awesome Award this week for learning how to read the digital clock perfectly! Amazing work Curtis :)

We have been so busy with our Christmas Pantomime Peter Pan and it was amazing! We are so proud of everyone who helped and played roles in the Panto! We even got to see a Panto this week on a trip to the Waterfront and Santa came to visit :) 


Merry Christmas everyone! 

4/1/24 - 5/4/24 

Back to school this week after our Christmas break! We spent time catching up with our friends and starting into some work, preparing for our new topics starting on Monday. Our topics this term are Chinese New Year and The Water Cycle. We are excited to do our best this term in everything that we do in Killard :) 



15/1/24 - 19/1/24 

There was lots of hard working being done in our classroom this week as we began our Money topic in Numeracy and continued learning about Chinese New Year and The Water Cycle. In KS3 Life Skills we took part in NSPCC Speak Out and Stay Safe programme and pupils discussed who was in their 'Safe Circle'. We had a great time with Miss Lowry in HE starting our new topic on spuds/ potatoes, chopping and boiling potatoes - the chefs are back at it! 


Congratulations to Riley for winning Awesome Award this week for doing amazing work this week and being a great pupil! Keep it up :)

15/1/24 - 19/4/24

Year 8 enjoyed watching the Peter Pan Pantomime after all their hard work going into making the production before Christmas. We had a day full on snow on Wednesday and had a great time playing and throwing snow balls! We learnt more about the water cycle, carrying out interesting experiments as well as learning all about the Great Race. 


Our Awesome Award winner this week is Corey for encouraging his classmates every day to do their best - he is a credit to our class! Congratulations Corey :)


22/1/23 - 26/1/23

This week we had an exciting visit with Year 9 to the Beehive Cafe where year 14 treated us like kinds and queens! We had fun playing pool and games with friends. We also spent time with Mrs Kitson-Woods class and enjoyed their company! 


Our Awesome Award winner this week is Raymond for doing amazingly in growing in independence in school. He had settled back into school so well :) Good job Raymond!




Beehive Cafe Year 8 & 9

29/1/24 - 2/2/24

Happy February! This week we worked really hard - we finished off our ICT task, creating posters for Chinese New Year, made crisps in HE (delicious) and we took inspiration from the artist Charlie French, designing some brilliant abstract art pieces!


Congratulations to Curtis for winning our class Awesome Award this week for being a fantastic chef and showing bravery in HE - you are brilliant! 


5/2/24 - 9/2/24

Our Bring and Buy Sale was this Friday and Year 8 purchased lots of fun games and toys! In HE we learnt how to make mashed potatoes and took some inspiration from Van Gough in Art this week, creating oil pastel pieces. On Tuesday, it was internet safety day and a police officer came to speak to us about how we can be aware and be safe online.


Our Awesome Award winner this week is Alex for creating a gorgeous landscape inspired by Van Gough - he is a fantastic artist. Congratulations Alex :) 


Happy half term! 



19/2/23 - 23/2/23

This week we had a great time learning about our new topics - Iceland and The Stone Age. We discussed what we would like to learn about in these topics and made some discoveries! On Friday, during KS3 Life Skills we practised our money skills, making sure we stuck to our budgets. We also learned about the importance of cleaning and made our classroom look shiney and new! 


Congratulations to Connor for winning the Awesome Award this week, for showing motivation in completing it work and putting so much effort into his work. Well done Connor :) 



This week we kept enjoying learning about The Stone Age and Iceland. We worked really hard during literacy and numeracy too! During ICT, we began creating tourist leaflets for visiting Iceland. On Friday, we got out into the garden and began weeding our lovely strawberry plant bed to help them to grow. 


We had really exciting news on Friday as we were awarded Class of the Month! We are all so delighted!!! We can't wait to treat ourselves next week with our reward :) 

A big congratulations to Riley this week for getting pupil of the week for making more new friends! 

4/3/24 - 8/3/24

We had so much fun celebrating World Book Day with some amazing costumes! We spent time in our new school Book Nook and partied at a disco. In HE, we made potato bread and continued practicing our gymnastics in PE this week. 


Congratulations to Corey for winning our Awesome Award this week for his creative costume - it was very impressive. Well dome Corey! :) 




11/3/24 - 15/3/24

Killard House School Masked Singer Competition was on this week! We loved watching the contestants and voting for them throughout the week, they have been brilliant. On Friday we watched the live final and we were shocked at who was behind the masks. It was Red Nose Day on Friday this week and we had some fun dressing in red and completing activities to do with Comic Relief.


Congratulations to Connor for winning our Awesome Award this week for completing a two design projects in class with great skill - designing a stone age tool and a volcano! Well done Connor :)