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Mr Robbie Totten

Welcome To P4/5 With Mr Totten


Here you will find a few snaps of some of the wonderful activities and learning experiences we provide and enjoy with our amazing pupils. In P4/5 we believe in a pupil centred approach that combines each pupil's needs as well as interests to deliver an engaging, challenging and purposeful curriculum. 


Our year in P4/5 has come to an end and what a year it has been! Everyone has worked their socks off and earned a relaxing Summer break. It has been a pleasure to have each and every one of these pupils in my class this year and I look forward to seeing them all again in September as well as welcoming the next bunch of rising stars into my class. Have a great Summer from all of us in P4/5!



This month we started our new topic - The Ancient Egyptians! We have already learnt about the great pyramids, designed our own sarcophagi outside and touched on the famous pharaohs of the past. Here is a picture of us sporting our Egyptian death masks. Everyone is excited to dig deeper into this time in history and see what else we can discover.