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Hello Year 12. I hope you and your families are well and you are enjoying your time at home.

Today should have been our Graduation Day. This is not how any of us would have liked you to finish your time at Killard. To those of you who are moving on to pastures new, I wish you good luck and success. I hope you will have some happy memories of your time here and will continue to do well in your future studies. You are ready for the next step so take it with confidence. To those who are returning for Post 16, we look forward to welcoming you back for a new chapter with your Killard family.

I wish you all a happy Summer and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best wishes

Gill Stewart

Miss Lowry's Last Video (w/b 22.06.20)

Miss Lowry's Week 11 (w/b 15.06.20) Science lesson - dinosaurs part 2

Miss Lowry's Week 11 (w/b 15.06.20) Technology and Eco-Schools Lesson- mini beast watering hole

Miss Lowry's Week 10 (w/b 08.06.20) Science Lesson - dinosaurs part 1

Miss Lowry's Week 10 (w/b 08.06.20) Technology Lesson - 3D dinosaurs

Miss Lowry's Week 10 (w/b 08.06.20) Eco-Schools Lesson: the journey of a plastic bottle

wk beg 08/06/20 Yr12 Numeracy Mrs Anderson

Miss Lowry's Week 9 (w/b 01.06.20) Eco-Schools Lesson: 30 Days Wild

Miss Lowry's Week 9 (w/b 01.06.20) Technology Lesson - snap card game

Miss Lowry's Week 9 (w/b 01.06.20) Science Lesson: the solar system

wb 01/06/20 Yr12 Numeracy Mrs Anderson

Miss Lowry's Week 8 (w/b 25.05.20) Eco-Schools Lesson- World Bee Day!

Miss Lowry's Week 8 (w/b 25.05.20) Technology Lesson - story characters

Miss Lowry's Week 8 (w/b 25.05.20) Science Lesson - follow up experiments

wb 25/05/20 Yr12 Numeracy Mrs Anderson

Miss Lowry's Week 7 (w/b 18.05.20) Technology Lesson - carton catch!

Miss Lowry's Week 7 (w/b 18.05.20) Science Lesson - density

wk beg 18/05/20 Yr12 Numeracy Mrs Anderson

The Morecambe Gang 2020

Miss Lowry's Week 6 (w/b 11.05.20) Science Lesson- potato maze

Miss Lowry's Week 6 Technology Lesson (w/b 11.05.20) - paper planes

Miss Lowry's Week 6 (w/b 11.05.20) Eco- Schools Lesson - composting

wk beg 11/05/20 Yr12 Numeracy Mrs Anderson

Miss Lowry's Week 5 Eco-Schools Lesson - NI sealife

Miss Lowry's Week 5 Technology Lesson - pebble games

Miss Lowry's Week 5 Science Lesson - states of matter

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wb 4 May 2020 Mrs Stewart Year12 Literacy I'm missing you all and hope that you are keeping well and reading something each day that makes you happy. Stay Safe.

Numeracy week beg 04/05/20

Hi Yr12. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been so good this week but hope you have all managed to get out for a walk at least a couple of times.

This week I'm giving you some work on 'Shape'. Again do it at your normal class level and I have also added another Active Maths Activity so you now have 3 to have a go at. Enjoy your week. Mrs A 


Can you guess the names of any of the staff in this picture? To find out who they are and what they're up to go to the Physical Education section in classes

Miss Lowry's Week 4 Science Lesson - life cycles of animals

Miss Lowry's Week 4 Technology Lesson- pop up cards

 Yr 12 Numeracy week beg. 27/04/20.

Hope you have all had a good week and have been enjoying the lovely weather either in your garden or going for a walk. I have set you some more Maths but this week you have all got the same shopping activity to complete. I have also given you another Maths game on Active Learn but also kept last weeks as well so you now have 2 to play.

Have a good week. Missing you all and all your chat Mrs A 

Shopping L1, L2, L3. (Use a calculator to add the totals)

Dear Parents / Guardians, As explained in the school comms message that was sent home regarding new resources being uploaded for this term please check out the 2 help sheets that will hopefully allow you to access the Active Learn website from home. Once logged in you should be able to access Literacy / Numeracy and Science activities / resources for your son / daughter set by individual teachers. Teachers will explain on class pages what activities they have set and then hopefully when you get logged into Active Learn you will find specific resources / tasks / e-books set for your child. The first help sheet explains how to get on to the Active Learn website and how to log in. The second help sheet gives similar information followed by more specific details about e-reading books set for your child. Thank you Mrs A McBratney

Miss Lowry's Week 3 Science Lesson- minibeasts

Miss Lowry's Week 3 Eco-Schools Lesson: bug hotels

Make your own insect habitat using an egg box!

Miss Lowry's Week 3 Technology Lesson- personalised storage can

Let's get organised!

Year 12 Literacy 20 April 2020 Hi. Please read about your activity beofre you download the PDFs. Mrs Stewart

Numeracy 20/04/20. Hi Yr12. Hope you have all had a good Easter and have not eaten too many Easter Eggs!!! The weather is lovely so I hope you are getting out in the garden or going for a walk everyday.

I have set you some Maths activities but they are at Entry 1, Entry 2 or Entry 3 so just do the ones that match the group you normally work in. If you don't know then pick the work that suits you best. Have a good week. Missing you all. Mrs A 

When you're outside taking your daily exercise over Easter, perhaps you could keep an eye out for some of these plants and animals on this checklist!

Killard House Staff Toilet Roll Challenge 2020

Good morning folks! Hope you are all doing well and keeping safe! Another couple of new tasks for this week and also continuing on with the ones from last week 😊 Mrs McB

Numeracy 30/03/20. Hi Yr12 hope you are all well and staying safe. It's all very strange not seeing you in school and getting to hear all your chat. I'm definitely missing all the craic! I hope you are all managing to find plenty to do including some exercise and of course your Maths! This week I've set you some work on recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes. I have also given you some shape Easter colouring pages for fun. Have a good week and stay safe Mrs A.

Miss Lowry's Week 2 Technology Lesson - skittles

Miss Lowry's Week 2 Eco-Schools Lesson: The 3 Rs

For more information about the 3Rs, and to play an online game, visit

Miss Lowry Week 2 Science Lesson- Germination

Year 12 Literacy 30.03.20 Hi folks! I miss our Friday Book Club and the general shenanigans from the class. I have attached an activity similar to last week's one which will hopefully, bring back happy memories from school. There are also some Easter puzzles. Stay safe. Mrs S

A message from Mrs McBratney

Life Skills Tasks 1

Hello Year 12 folks! Literacy work - Read the 'Hello' doc first as it explains everything and then look for your group in the activity sheet. GS

Miss Lowry's Week 1 Technology Lesson - box monsters

2D/3D shapes, nets, design work. For more information about 2D and 3D shapes, visit

Below are some worksheets which you might find useful to do along-side this week's technology lesson. If you don't have a printer, don't panic - try drawing them out, or point at the screen to answer the questions (such as 'find the 3D shape/match the name to the shape'). Best of luck!- Miss L

Miss Lowry's Week 1 Eco-School lesson - enjoy the outdoors

Walking outside is good for the mind and body. Remember to check the NHS website for up to date guidance about leaving the house/ being in public

Miss Lowry's Week 1 Science Lesson - plants

Needs of plants, parts of plants, and why are petals SO colourful?! Go to bbc bitesize for more info:

Yr12 Numeracy for week beg 23/03/20. Please open the attached pages and answer the questions

Have a look at our Amazing Comics!!!

This week in English, Year 12 have created their very own Super Heroes and Super Villains. They are producing a storyboard for a film. Marvel ....... watch out..... you've got competition!

Mrs Curry and the Year 12 members of the Killard Football Association (KFA) met this week to discuss current issues. The pupils' ideas and suggestions are highly valued and it gives them an insight into the working of a committee.

Year 10, 11 and 12 boys taking part in the Just Ask project. The sessions are very important for the pupils personal hygiene and development

Year 12 Novel work - Harry Potter is getting ready for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy!

Mrs Stewart is delighted to have some lovely new novels for the Secondary English classes!!

Year 12 have started a new unit of work. It is about Film and TV Genres.

Please can you watch Film and TV programmes from the following genres: Science Fiction,  mild Horror, Western and Romance. This will be very beneficial to our class work. Thank you GS

Year 12 learning some new football skills and having fun with the football coach.

It's all systems go in Yr12 Literacy to get our course work completed before Easter!

Year 12 have coursework over Christmas to watch TV and Films!!

Merry Christmas to everyone in Year 12 and their families! From Mrs Stewart & Mrs Main

A great morning Christmas shopping at Bloomfields

Year 12 spent the day in St George's Market in Belfast as part of their Young Enterprise Scheme. They created their own tea light holders to sell at the market. Some of the skills they learned were: how to set up a stall, handle money, talk to customers and pitch their business to the judges. Congratulations everyone on your first successful outing!

Watch out for their stall at the Christmas Plays - super present ideas....

Christmas has come to the Year 12 Form room

Year 12 have completed another unit of work for their ELQ English qualification. Well done everyone!! G Stewart

Daily mile in all weathers!

A study day at SERC

Year 12 hand fitting at SERC

Year 12 Hashtag Award pupils

Celebrating Platinum success with a reward afternoon. The new Men In Black DVD, sweeties, drinks, crisps and CAKE! Well done everyone who kept all their hashtags this term, and earned this fab treat!

Year 12 making soup at SERC

We have been creating some fantastic tea light holders using recycled materials

Year 12 are ready for SERC

Year 12 – We have been using ink stampers and our own printed images to make pop up cards in Craft class!

Year 12 went to Subway in Donaghadee as a treat before starting their SERC course next week. Many thanks to Subway for their kindness and support.

Year 12 have started their Creative Craft course – here, we are making our first pop up card!