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Hello to everyone


I am thinking about all of you and the fact that I haven’t seen you in such a long time. I am hoping you are all keeping safe and doing your best to be good and keep busy at home. 


Soon it will be our summer holidays and they won’t feel like other holidays you have had. Hopefully as time goes on you will be able to do some of the things you have missed and enjoyed before just remember to be safe and listen to your adults who are looking out for you. 


I look forward to when when we will all be back at school again and are able to get back into a good routine and catch up. I want to say a very ‘Special’ good bye to some of the boys and girls who will not be back. This is an incredibly hard time for you but I want you to know that I think you are all incredible young people who have in Killard learned more about yourselves and how to be as ready as you can be for the next part of your journey. I wish you all the best and I will always be here if you need to pop by. Remember to be honest, believe everyday that you can do it and when you need it that it is alright to ask for help

This is a message to all the boys in Killard from me to all of you, those I will see again and thos3 I may not. I have enjoyed and been lucky to spend time with you so stay safe and be good 


Take care from Mrs Swift

From me to ‘ALL’ of you

Its Mrs Swift here in the Space Place. Here is something you can just listen to or if you fancy a challenge you can listen to first and then do! Let me know how you get on. Go on, give it a go!! Keep safe and stay happy!

Welcome to Ballintoy Lockdown 2020. Here is a little something that we hope will help to cheer up all the boys and girls who didn’t get to go to Ballintoy this year. Don’t worry though because we will be back in Ballintoy in 2021. For now stay safe and enjoy from the Killard House Ballintoy Team. Thanks Mrs Swift

Hello to all from the Space Place.


It is Mrs Swift here. I just wanted to reach out to everyone this week as it is Mental Health Awareness Week and I know this is a very strange and difficult time for all. Here in Killard we  are doing our best to stay in touch with pupils and their families in lots of different ways. We always say we are a 'Killard House Family' but at this time we feel very separated from all our pupils and we are hoping that you are all managing at home with all the extra pressures there are with everyone staying at home to stay safe.


The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 is 'kindness' which is something we could all do with a little of. So we all need to take time to be kind to ourselves and to be kind to each other.


With all the changes there have been with no school for all, no work for some, learning at home instead of school and not being allowed to go out when we want to see our family and friends there has been a lot to adapt to. Changes can bring stress and anxiety some of which are seen and some of which are hidden so we all need to take the time to listen, learn, think, adapt, breath, step back  'BE KIND.'

I Killard one of our Golden Rules is to be 'Kind and Helpful' so the boys and girls should be very good at this and have lots of ideas. Please fell free to check out my attached information, links and tips on ways to be kind to yourself and to others.

Here are some ideas for you to work on together. Remember 'Be Kind.'

Check out these ideas

Mental Health Awareness Week for Primary Foundation, KS1 and 2.

Adult Top Tips for Mental Health Awareness Week

Mrs Swift Says 'Hello" and has a story 'Together We Can' for all from her space

Mrs Swift from her 'Safe' place not the 'Space Place' hoping you are all safe and well!!

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Signs of Spring

Hello again to everyone.


I was out doing my daily exercise with my dog who was busy chasing squirrels 🐿 today.


When I was out and about I noticed lots of signs of Spring. 


I was was thinking that lots of you are maybe looking at Spring with your teachers so I took some photographs and I am going to try to share them with you. You could talk about them with your Mum and Dad. Maybe you could try to find out what some of them are by looking up other pictures on the internet. You might just want to find your own space and take sometime to try to draw one of them. I will look forward to seeing them whenever I am able to. You could check out your garden if you have one to see if you have any of these signs of Spring or different ones. You could take your own photographs. Whatever you do make sure to have some fun but most of all please stay safe.


Hope you enjoy them and see if you can spot my dog 🐶 

'Hello from Mrs Swift'

Hello to everyone out there
These are very strange times because we are not all in school.
You are all at home and I am at home too.
I am trying hard to be good so I hope you are.
Normally you would all be thinking great ‘I don’t have to go to school’ but I am sure at the moment things are feeling a bit strange for all of you.
Things are strange for all of us so try not to worry too much.
I am trying to send you all a video message but I haven’t been able to do it by myself so I have had to ask Mr Scates for some help. So you see it is ok to ask for help when you can’t manage something on your own.
Please all be good, stay safe, stay at home, keep busy, try to keep calm and remember ‘TOGETHER WE CAN,’
I will be back in touch soon. Missing you all.
Mrs Swift

Week 5 in the space place

It has gone good. We went to assembly about internet safety with the PSNI. I did my European Flags. TUESDAY: It snowed! I went out to play in the snow, and made a trace and some sponsers. Then I went to clubs, it was in the computer room. I wasn’t in on Wednesday. THURSDAY: I started Victorian timeline and finished it in the same day! From 1819- When Victoria was born. Until 1901 – When she died. FRIDAY: I went to the B n’ B sale. I bought a Toy Saxophone, A fidget spinner, a toy car, 2 DVDS, 2 XBOX 360 Games, In one case, a candle holder, a burger jigsaw puzzle, and a beady build. We went to soft play with Dawson and Finn. Have a good half term!

Want to see Week 1, 2 and 3?

Week 3 in the Space Place It has gone pretty well. We had a rocky start, but it got better very quick. I got onto the recognition board for “Not losing it”. I learnt about the Victorians, and I have done spellings, A-Z in the English dictionary. My favourite word I done is Microwave. I also learnt about the time, 15 minutes is ¼ of an hour, both the Analogue clock and the 24hr clock, I was awarded with a LEGO helicopter, and a certificate. We learnt about the saxophone. I also printed and laminated a short and funny poster about Guinness and how Guinness is good for you. And it is true, because Guinness has iron in it which gives you strength. Some doctors recommend half a pint a day. (this is only recommended for adults, so sorry kids!) Now anyway, we also read The Great Chicken Mystery. I struggled with a couple of words, it’s like a dr. suess book. Because of the amount of rhymes. Also at the time of making this, we are leaving the EU 11 o’ clock tonight. We are celebrating with British foods. See you on the 4th week. Did you wish to check out our other weeks? Well your wish is still true because they have surprisingly not taken it down. Check out week 1 and 2:

Noah came to the Space Place to spend time with Lion and Koala. Koala was a very special gift sent to the Space Place from Miss Graham all the way from Australia!



Well, we have had a decent week. A lot of hard work,

We had shared education with Donaghadee primary school. We did a lot

of activities. I went to soft play with Sam Magill. He commented:

“2 Sams in their natural habitat.” We also went on a trip to

Rockport School. It’s lovely, and they have a beach near it.

I also got featured on Waves FM. It’s nice to gain some popularity on the

Internet. And I was the FIRST! Person to gain the “Spot-on” Certificate.

We’re also hosting Sam’s Fact of the week. We’re starting off with

“Peanuts aren’t technically nuts.” I also made a LEGO guy, with

3 American states combined into 1. Florida (Beach uniform)
Kentucky (Chicken Leg) and Texas. (Cowboy hat)
That’s the second week, see you all on the third!

Sam's week in the Space Place

Happy 7th Birthday Logan!

How I Thought my first week went: I think it has gone pretty well. Except for when I sprained my foot. Don't worry, it's all recovered now. I remember when I got my own space i like to call "Sams spot". I also drew the Playstation logo in Mr. Bells class when I was having my lunch. I also wrote a book about bullying which you can see at my Google Drive and I also printed it out, Mr Scates and I recorded the book in the recording studio, I was able to read the book and Mr Scates will edit it and then it will be played on the Killard radio, Waves FM. I also learnt about the Victorians and how they lived. Heres a fun fact: the oldest school in the UK was surprisingly not founded in the Victorian era. It was founded in the 16th Century. It is called the Kings School. Founded in 597 and was approved by The Royal Family in 1541. Now back to the week, I went to P.E twice and it was good fun. I did loads of work, I also played some games, one of them was guess who, I played it with Mr Black. I went to soft play a lot, the tunnel is my favorite part. I played with Noah and Dawson my 2 buds. See you all next week! :)

Great fun making animals out of modelling material! :)

Relaxing in the 'Blue Room'

Enjoying movement breaks in the 'Space Place'!

Some visitors in the 'Space Place' this week

Some Literacy work in the 'Space Place' this week