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Signing With Annu (Makaton)

“Makaton is designed to support spoken language – Makaton signs are used with speech, in our spoken word order to help children and adults to communicate. 

Using Makaton signs can help children who have no speech (either because they have communication difficulties or are very young) or whose speech is unclear. 

Many children’s understanding develops ahead of their speech. This can leave them feeling frustrated as they might know what they want but not be able to express it, which can lead to behavioural difficulties. 

"Using signing can help empower them to express what they want to say and alleviate frustration.” - Mr Tumble 



Dear Parents and Carers, 

In Killard House School Makaton is being used to support effective communication in all of our EYFS classes and is being used in our older classes when it continues to support communication skills and learning. 


We will be developing this new section of our website so that it can be used as a learning resource for our pupils, their families and for our staff! 


There will be regular updates so please do keep checking in for the weekly Video Tutorials and PDF resources that you can print and use. 


We will also be posting links to other websites which we hope you will find helpful. 


Each new set of video tutorials will have a focus or a theme and this week we are looking at greetings. Next time we will be developing our skills so that we can greet people by name. You will need to know the Makaton alphabet for this! 


We hope you and your families find all of the posts both useful and fun!

Signing 1:6:20

Signs In School Video 18th May 2020

Snack Time Signs 11/5/20

Signing Week beginning 11/5/20

Signing Week 3

Signs for Week 2

This week we are going to practice a “Sign a Day” and learn Makaton greetings.


Signing video

Signing Week 1 Video 1

Signing Week 1 Video 2