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Secondary PE

Year 9 show off their map reading skills in orienteering today.

Liam thought this was the best activity ever!

Year 12 were full of energy in the gym this week toning up their muscles. Check video below to see what effort they were putting in.Well done folks.

Year 12 Work out

Year 9 have been practicing their badminton skills with EBA and Ulster Badminton coach Jonathan Perry. As you will see the class are doing well and trying their best!

Year 9 Badminton

Year 11 and 14 are learning about H.R.P.E. - Health Related Physical Education and as you will see in the video, have been working flat out to improve their fitness!


In secondary, pupils have been put through their paces during cross country sessions and two lucky classes have been enjoying relaxing yoga classes with coach Tory.