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Hello SCU C! I cannot believe that it is nearly summer. Where has the time gone? I have missed seeing you all so much and I know you’ve been missing all your friends. I hope you all have a fantastic summer and get to make lots of happy memories with your family and friends. Stay safe and keep smiling. You are all wonderful! Enjoy the video. Love from Miss Skeats, Miss Corry, Mrs Cooling and Miss Tweedie smileyheart

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Monday 15th June

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and staying happy. Uploaded are your suggested activities for the week. Keep sending me emails with all your amazing photos/videos and updates, I have loved seeing what you are all up to. This week is the final week of our online suggested activities, I hope you have enjoyed the activities so far. Please check back next week as I will upload a summer message for the class to enjoy.

Keep safe and keep smiling,

Miss Skeats heart

Monday 8th June

Hello SCU C, I hope you have all been enjoying some fresh air and family time. Uploaded are your suggested activities for the week, remember to only do as much as you are able to do. Have a lovely week smiley

Miss Skeatsheart

A big Happy Birthday to Carter, who has his birthday coming up this week. Hope you have a lovely day Carter! :)

A big Happy Birthday to TJ! Hope you have a lovely day from all in SCU C :)

Monday 1st June

Hello SCU C! I can't believe we are now in June! I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely weather we have been having. I hope you are all keeping well and I look forward to when we can see each other again. Keep safe!

Miss Skeats laugh


Tuesday 26th May

Hello SCU C! Hard to believe it is nearly the end of the month! I have thought about you all every day and hope you are all doing well. Below are your suggested activities for the week. Try your best, look after yourselves and each other. Stay healthy and happy laugh

From Miss Skeats heart

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, remember to always be kind to yourself and to others. There are lots of ways to look after your mental health, doing something you enjoy like playing, drawing or keeping your body active even if it is only going for a walk with your family.

I go for a walk everyday on the beach or to the lighthouse, exercise is great for your mental health.

Miss Tweedie takes her dogs out for a walk everyday and loves playing with them in her garden. 

Mrs Cooling loves going for a walk or a run to relax and keep her mind healthy.

Miss Corry enjoys spending time with her family and walking along the beach. Miss Corry says this helps her to relax and stay happy.


I would love to see what you are all doing at home to look after yourself, keep happy and relax, you can email me some pictures smiley 


Today I sent my best friend a postcard, I know this will make her happy when she reads it. You could post a letter or picture to someone you miss. 

Kindness Matters - Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Monday 18th May 

Hello SCU C! I hope everyone is keeping well, enjoying your time at home and you are all happy. I have uploaded your suggested activities for you. Remember these are only suggestions and a bank of activities for you to dip in and out of. Have a look at the Space Place and PE part of the website for lots of lovely ideas for exercises and movement to keep your body active! Missing you all lots, keep smiling! 

Love Miss Skeats laugh

Monday 11th May 


Hello SCU C! Hope everyone is happy and enjoying your time at home. Below are your suggested activities for the week beginning Monday 11th May. Missing you all lots. Enjoy! 

From Miss Skeats smileyheart

Hello SCU C! I hope everyone is well and happy. All the SCU C staff are at home too and we miss you all lots. We are looking forward to the time when we can see each other again.smiley
Below are the suggested activities for the week beginning Monday 4th May. Parents/carers you are doing an amazing job! 

From Miss Skeats heart

Can you guess the names of any of the staff in this picture? To find out who they are and what they're up to go to the Physical Education section in classes

Hello everyone! Please see below for the suggested activities for the week beginning Monday 27th April. Enjoy the lovely sunshine! From Miss Skeatsheart

The SCU C team would like to wish Daniel and TJ a big Happy Birthday!

Hello SCU C! I hope you have enjoyed your Easter, the sunshine and had some yummy Easter Eggs. I have uploaded some new suggested activities for the Week Beginning Monday 20th April. From Miss Skeats xo

We would like to wish Miss Corry a big Happy Birthday! Miss Corry is celebrating her day with Henry and family, at home. Have a lovely day!

Hello everyone! Please see below activities for over Easter, some of these are fun suggestions for things to get up to and some are academic based. Enjoy your Easter, and if you can, relax!! If you are in need of a good laugh have a look at the Killard Staff Toilet Roll Challenge!! Stay safe everyone, missing you all but we will see each other again. Miss Skeats :) xo

Killard House Staff Toilet Roll Challenge 2020

Dear Parents/Carers, please see suggested activities for the Week Beginning 30th March 2020. Please see the 'Rapid Reading set up' page as this will explain how to set up guided reading at home.There are some resources to match the suggested activties, a Lego challenge and a note from all the SCU C staff. I hope you are all keeping well!

Hello everyone, hope you are all well! Below is a social story with a note for the class. The social story talks about how we all might be feeling at this time and how we can help to stay healthy. Take this time to play as well as doing your school activities, this will keep your mind and body healthy!

Dear Parents/Carers, please see suggested activities for home learning Week Beginning Monday 23rd March. Take care from all in SCU C.

This week in Scu C we learnt about Saint Patrick and the shamrock, we then decorated our own. We completed a special Sport Relief mile a day with Mrs Yeates and watched Miss Corry play in the staff football. On Friday we had a great time in music with Mr Bell, playing our own instruments.

This week in SCU C we took part in lego therapy on Wednesday, we had lots of fun with this and will be carrying on up to Easter. In art this week we made hatching chicks as part of our Easter topic, these will be on our display board. In literacy we ordered the story of The Three Little Pigs then wrote the story in our own words, this helped us to practice our writing and punctuation. On Friday we had music with Mr Bell, we made sound effects for a thunder storm, we each had instruments to play that made musical effects for wind, rain and clouds.

This week in SCU C we had a great time making pancakes! We talked about how to stay safe in the kitchen first. In attention bucket we took turns flipping pancakes in the pan. On Wednesday we went on the bus to Stormont Park, we had lots of fun. On Friday Mr Bell did music with us and we measured our feet using number blocks as part of our new maths topic - measure.

What a fab week before half term! We started off the week celebrating Matthew's 7th birthday! He brought us some lovely chocolate cake, yum yum! This week, we continued to strengthen our recognition of coins up to £2. We enjoyed SPLAT during attention bucket with Mrs Hammond and read some rainforest stories. Miss Skeats showed us Goldilocks and The Three Bears and we did a cut and stick comic strip on it! The boys loved bowling on Wednesday and loved getting on the big bus.We made finger print Valentines Day cards with Miss Corry and got some Love Heart sweeties to take home! Have a lovely break from SCUC.

This week in SCUC, we practised recognising and using coins up to £1. During attention bucket we made flowers grow using shaving foam and a flower pot. It was so fun! SCUC got a special mention in assembly for our fabulous walking in the line around school. During golden time, we got to play at soft play, have fun on the computers and play in the classroom. Have a lovely weekend!

This week in SCU C we added to our rainforest topic board, we read If I Lived in the Rainforest and learnt about the rainforest layers and who lives there! We had a great time at Mountstewart

This week in SCUC we made butterflies using a SPLAT! technique in attention bucket for our rainforest display. We went on an animal search in school, counting our many rainforest and Jungle animals we found! We enjoyed making our own stories using a comic strip layout to support our own writing and let our imaginations go wild! We are starting to work with money, this week we read The Great Pet Sale and added the price of the animals together. Have a lovely weekend from all in SCUC!

Another great week in SCUC! This week we enjoyed playing the piano in music, making up our own tunes to play to the class. in PE with Mrs Curry, we were learning to climb like spiderman up and down the apparatus. It was super scary! In class we focused on our reading and completing our literacy workbooks. In numeracy we were strengthening our adding. It was a very special day for Logan in our class as he turned 7 this week! We enjoyed some chocolate cake and played with balloons in golden time. Happy Birthday Logan! Have a great weekend.

In SCUC we had a lovely first week back after the Christmas break! We talked about what Santa brought us and wrote it as our news. During the week, we focused on patterns in numeracy, we really enjoyed this! For our topic, SCUC have been learning about the rainforest, we learned about Sloths and other animals found there! We have been colouring rainforest pictures and making trees and animals out of play-doh during table top. We had Attention Bucket this week, were Miss Skeats focused on the weather! We got to choose snow, rain, or sun and got to sit under the umbrella, as Miss Skeats used props to act out the weather! We loved it! Have a lovely weekend.

What a busy week in SCU C this week! At the start of the week we had our Nativity ‘A King is Born’. We got to see all our mums and dads enjoy our performance and see all the hard work we had been putting in! We then had a Christmas party with our friends in other classes we had lots of fun and games! We played pass the parcel and danced to some Christmas songs. Santa arrived the whole way from The North Pole coming to visit us and gave us all some early presents. We had a birthday party in class which we enjoyed lots of treats and cake! Happy Birthday to Jake!!! We also got to see Molly the pony and we loved to see how calm she was when we got to pet her! All of us in SCU C would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your holidays and we look forward to seeing you in the New year!

This week in SCU C we had our first dress rehearsal! All the children enjoyed getting into their costumes and PJ’s! Some nearly fell asleep after! We also had attention bucket which we made a Snowman using shaving foam. We also took turns feeding the pig and hoping his belly didn’t pop on our go! We also made Christmas cards using glue and glitter. To end the week we read a story about Aliens love Panta Claus.

This week in SCU C we continued to practice our Christmas show! We also had lots of fun in P.E this week pretending to be the Pink Panther and the robbers trying to catch them. We also enjoyed Miss Skeates showing us attention Autism and we all focused really well! We also made paper chains to which we made into a Christmas Tree. The Kings and Cesar in the play tried on their costumes before our dress rehearsal next week.

This week in SCU C we had a visit from the ECO bus. We learnt about what happens to the things that we recycle. We got to see a VR headset made out of cardboard and a teddy bear made out of recycled plastic bottles. We were also learning about different coins, pressing the coin into playdough to make textured coins. We continued to practice our Christmas Play and today we were learning the actions to the songs.

This week in SCU C we were learning about our wants and needs, separating pictures into each of the categories. We then talked about our feelings and drew a face into glitter showing our friends how we were feeling. We started practicing our Christmas show on the stage! Finally we were learning about directions and used the Bee Bots to help us move around the map.

This week in SCU C we went out on a trip to Mo Mowlam Play Park in Stormont. We had loads of fun playing with our friends and going on the zip line! We then had lots of fun making Pudsey ears for Children in Need and we went on a Pudsey hunt to try find as many bears as we could!

In our first week back from our Halloween Holidays we did not stop! At the start of the week we celebrated Louis’ Birthday and had enjoyed cake and treats. We also were learning about maps and a bird’s eye view. We split into two groups and walked around the school taking photos from a bird’s eye view! In P.E we enjoyed dancing and using the ribbons to make exciting shapes, we learnt how to line up and march and marched the whole way around the P.E hall and back to class! Then on Friday we were learning how to use a map and followed it around Donaghadee, it brought us to the park and we stopped and played there for 15 minutes!

In SCU C this week we read a story about a dark dark tale. We then enjoyed Halloween activities through the week having a party with lots of food on Thursday, we played wrap the mummy and made chocolate apples! On Friday we got all dressed up and went to the Halloween Bop and threw some shapes on the dance floor!

In SCU C this week we have been reading the book, Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. We got to play with the insides of a pumpkin while some of us played with salt dough and made pumpkin pictures with salt and paint. We then made pumpkin soup with the help of Mrs Kerr and only a few of us wanted to actually taste it.

In SCU C this week we were learning about 2D and 3D shapes! We went on a shape walk and found loads of different shapes around the school! With all the blue bin junk we made different models and used our imagination to help us! We even had a visit from a Robot!

In SCU C this week we made faces with salt dough and painted them to look like us! We also learned about foods and which are healthy and unhealthy. We even made our favourite foods out of play dough! We went on a bug hunt on Friday and then talked about all the bugs that we were able to find and where we found them!

In SCU C this week we celebrated Tyler's birthday! We had cake and treats for snack time and we had lots of fun playing outside with our balloons. We made Forky’s from Toy Story 4 using forks and googly eyes. On Friday we went for a walk in Donaghadee to look at all the different types of houses that we have been learning about in class.

As you can see we have had a great week in SCU C. As part of our topic work we have made Salt Dough and Oil Pastel portraits. We have enjoyed our literacy activities and games and been so pleased to show off our developing skills. We have enjoyed our morning work outs in the gym and have taken time to chill together and develop our friendships in the Soft Play Zone and in the school garden

In our Houses and Homes Topic this week we have been very busy indeed.We have been creating and building homes from Lego.We have been listening carefully and cutting and sticking to label items we find in the different rooms in our homes. We have used small world models to help us to talk about what happens in each of the rooms in our homes and to help us start to think about the different jobs that people in our families need to do. We did some free painting and painted Autumn pictures as well!..

We had a lovely day when we went for a trip to Mount Stewart. We walked through the forest to the natural play park and while we were there everyone had so much fun! Well done SCU C! You were fab!