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School Council

Our new school council reps have been elected for the school year ahead. Congratulations to all of the School Council reps and we look forward to working with you this year.

School Council Reps

Yr 8 Reps – Jacob McComb & Philip Fusco
Yr 9 Reps – Jude Proctor & Tobey Copely
Yr 10 Reps - Joshua Thompson & Niall Lawson
Yr 11 Reps – Jack Acheson & Dylan Bell
Yr 12 Reps – Paige King & Matthew Lowry

Our school council helped organise our annual Bring and Buy Sale! Lots of bargains to be had

School Council reps and some other pupils helped collect all of our food bank donations and handed them over to the Rev Lyttle. Great job Killard. Thankyou to everyone who donated. 

Councillors met again to discuss very important matters regarding eco-schools. Over the last year, we have been working particularly hard to do our best to look after the environment; and we have lots of plans for the year ahead too!

We had our first school council meeting today with Mrs Yeates. A very productive meeting was had about the year ahead.