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Primary P.E.

A little glimpse of what happens in the West Wing (PE Department) this time of year, when a special visitor joins all classes to see what they're doing.

Christmas in the West Wing (PE department)

No shortage of stars in PE this week. I will post video soon of SCU7, which will show why the whole class were stars of the week! Well done everyone.

PE Star Of The Week 5

Week 7th-10th December 2020

P7 have been listening and moving to music with different rhythms, this is one of their favourites by Queen. Watch out for some brilliant air guitar at the end!

P7 Rock!

Check out our new PE stars this week 30th November - 4th December

PE Star Of The Week 4

P4/5 classes have been moving to music in different pathways and different directions. They have also been telling a story through their movements to the music. Check out P4/5 Kanai Gunning's classes interpretation of 'The Pink Panther'and watch out for the target wand leading the way. Well done class and Mrs Lyons and Mrs Anderson!

The Pink Panther Returns

Check out this week’s PE Stars of the week 23rd-27th November. Well done everyone πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ

PE Star Of The Week 3