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Hello P3!  How are you all? 

Please find below a selection of activities for you to choose from.  Remember to read the 'Home learning' document first for guidance on the resources. Also, remember that resources a. are harder b. moderate c. easier and those with no indicator are for all abilities.

This is the last week of home learning so I would like to say a big 'WELL DONE!'  to all of you working hard at home (adults included!). Also, a big 'Goodbye' to you all, have a lovely summer and I will see you all back in school in the autumn.

Take care.  Stay safe.  Have fun whatever you do.

Much love from

Ms McMurtry


Hello P3! 

How are you all?  I hope you  are all well and enjoying your home learning activities.  Here are some more ideas to keep you busy.  Remember to click on the 'Home Learning' document first to guide you through the activities and then choose from the resources below the ones you feel you would like to do.  I hope you are getting out and about a bit.  Perhaps for a walk on the beach or out on your bicycle.  Have fun and stay safe whatever you get up to. 

Miss you all lots. 

Ms McMurtry

Hello P3! 

I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather.  The season now is summer!  I have been writing your summer reports and it has been great to look back at the hard work you all did from September to March.  I am so proud of you all.  Here are some more ideas to keep you all busy.  Enjoy!  

Take care

Ms McMurtry smiley  yes  

Hello P3! 

I hope you are all happy and well.  Here are some more ideas for you to try at home. Please just do what you feel suits you best. Remember, activities a. are a bit harder, b. moderate, c. a bit easier and those with no indicator should suit you all.  Also, when using powerpoints click start slideshow - from beginning.  Remember too that there are new books for you every week at  Start by reading the document 'Home Learning...' then choose the resources you want underneath.  I was looking through our class page at all of our photographs from September and thought of all the fun we had this school year.  It was lovely to see all your wee faces.  I miss you all very much and I hope you enjoy these activities. 

Take care 

Ms McMurtry

Hi P3! 

I hope you are all well.  Here are some activities for you to try at home.  Activities a. are harder, b. moderate, c. easier and those with no indicator are for all abilities.  Use your child's IEP as a guide to what level they are working at.  Please do not feel that you have to do everything as no two children or household situations are the same.  Some children do not like too many demands put on them whilst others enjoy being kept busy.  Do whatever you feel is appropriate. 


Read the document 'Home Learning ...' first, and then access the resources you need.  If it helps, follow the 'Daily Routine' set out on the very first week of home learning.  Also, remember when using powerpoints to click 'Start Slideshow' then, 'From Beginning'.  I have been able to upload onto this class page most of the resources you need but others have so much data on them that the school website blocks the upload.  Therefore, to access these resources go to and download them onto your computer.  Twinkl is free during the lockdown.  If you have any difficulties doing this please e-mail me.


Ms McMurtry misses you all very much and as I was writing these activities thought of all the fun we would have had doing them together in school.  I hope you enjoy doing them at home and smile as you think of all your friends in P3 who are also at home doing the same things as you. Have fun!

Ms McMurtry  

Hello again P.3


Mrs Swift is back again. I know this is all a bit different to Mrs McMurtry so I hope you are all managing ok. I have tried to keep things a bit like last week to hopefully make it a bit easier.

Mrs McMurtry hopes to be back soon and everyone is hoping that you are staying safe at home and that you are all being good. It is so strange not to be at school but we must all do our best and we all miss you. 


Mrs Swift

Activity 1 Photos

Activity 1 11th May

Photos for Activity 2

Activity 3 photos

Activity 4 photos

A nice way to read and sign

Activity 5 photos

Hello P.3.


It's Mrs Swift here again this week. Mrs McMurtry is still looking after her family but she misses all of you and hopes to back soon. We lost a bit of our good weather this week but I have still been getting out everyday with Locket my dog for my daily exercise. I hope you have been able to get out too as it is very important to get some fresh air everyday if you can. I hope you were able to do some of the work last week and that you had some fun doing it. This week Friday is an important day as it is V.E.Day and if we had been in school this week we would have doing lots of things to prepare for the big celebrations on Friday. Of course we are not in school as we are all at home keeping safe. On Friday all the big celebrations will not be taking place in the same way as people are not allowed to gather together but we should of been having a day off school so it seems only fair that this should still happen so if you are doing your home school learning you should only do it for 4 days this week. That means you get a big 3 day weekend off your school work, so enjoy ! Any of the work that is set as you know is for you all to do if you are able to. It is only suggestions and please feel free to use parts that apply most to your child and to adapt as and where necessary.


Stay home and stay safe to all and we miss not seeing you in school.


Bye for now.

Mrs Swift

Photos for Activity 1

Photos for Activity 2

Photo for Activity 3

Photo for Activity 4

On line reading

Hello everyone in P.3.


It’s Mrs Swift here as McMurtry is taking a little break as something sad has happened in her family and she needs to take some time to help out. As the Middle Manager for Key Stage 1 I am going to try to keep in touch with all of you and your families when she cannot be here with you.


I know she is thinking of all of you and hoping that you are all keeping well and doing your best to be good when you are having to stay home to be safe. Now I don’t really know all the things you get up to in your class as I am only in there from time to time to see how you are all managing and to make sure you are doing your best and trying hard to keep all the Golden Rules. I also see some of you in the Space Place and the Blue Room when Mrs Lyons takes you out for a walk and some time to think. Of course I also see you in the soft play when you are working hard to follow instructions and to remember what order you must carry out your tasks and activities in.


So things will be a bit different this week and I hope you will find some activities that you might enjoy doing. So home school teachers I would ask that use your child’s most recent IEP and discussion you had at the annual review as a guide to what level your child should be engaging in the activities I am going to suggest. As always these suggestions and guidance are only here to support home schooling where it is proving possible given how daily life has totally changed for us all. Please feel free to dip out and in as you choose. To that end I am going to choose a few activities that I hope allow for some engagement and fun in learning. I am going to set them out as 5 activities but not with given days so you can use as you choose and expand if you feel your child is really enjoying something. 


I am starting with a few pictures everyday that I will use and develop as a base for the activities. They are a few signs of Spring I have noticed when I have been out and about. 


I will stick with the sort of levels Ms McMurtry has been using so as not to make everything too difficult or confusing.


So at level c, an easier level I would be hoping that you as the home schooler would engage in initial sound activities and the letter formation of that sound, on paper to trace over, or in sand or rice if you have it. Reward all effort with praise and high fives to encourage a sense of achievement and fun.Wet water painting is also great fun. The focus remains with SATPIN in this group but it is ok to work on initial sounds in other words.if you write words out you can see if they can find the sounds they know from SATPIN in these words as a game,In terms of numeracy we are looking for assisted counting after you modelling, finger counting,  continued work on the number 1 and matching.


At level b, a medium level I would be looking for you would try to gain as many sounds as possible in words by sounding them out and then writing down the sounds. Then spell the actual words using these sounds and get your child to say the words and write them too either by themselves or tracing over your writing. Talk about the sounds in the words and see if they can point out certain sounds like a game. Reward with lots of praise and stickers if you have them. In number work do as much oral counting as possible and work on number formation and counting on. Also do work on groups/collections discussing what makes some things belong in a group and why.


At level a, the work is a bit more tricky but at all times should be something the children are happy with and if they are not please do not stress and reduce it all down a bit to a level they can achieve and are comfortable doing. I would hope that with help from you they will be able to have a bit of discussion about activities, think about what they have to do, make a simple plan and with help write a sentence or two as requested. Please help with structure and spelling so they have a sense of achievement in getting their ideas down. Where possible get them to read their own writing help when needed or read to them a few times and leave out words you know they can read. Remember constant support praise and encouragement will help them feel like they are doing a great job and so help them to enjoy the activities. In number work we will continue working on simple addition and counting to reinforce their number knowledge and try to broaden out how we do this. Some practice of number formation is important too so they associate the number they count with the number shape. Games like find the munger, what comes before and after and also matching numbers makes this all more fun.


I hope you get along ok and remember this should not be hard work or a terrible time for anyone so please do what you can and remember praise and enjoying things are great motivators so when you need a break take it.


Good luck 

Mrs Swift


Photos for Activity 1

Week beginning 27th April Activity 1

Photos for Activity 2

Photo for Activity 3

Photo for Activity 4

Activity 4

Five Little Ducks

Activity 5

Photos for Activity 5

Hello P3! I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather. Please find below activities and resources for you to choose from. Resources 'a' are slightly harder, 'b' in between, 'c' a bit easier and 'd' are for everyone. When using powerpoints, click 'start slideshow' then 'from beginning' at the top to make them run smoothly. There is no expectation for you to do everything. Just use the ideas that you feel would benefit your child. Start by reading the file 'Weekly Activities' and then browse through the 'Resources'. Finally, please read the file 'Active Learn'. Keep trying to structure the day and follow some of the routines set out for you before Easter (as loosely or as tightly as suits your child and household). Most of all have fun and enjoy! Best wishes Ms McMurtry!

Killard House Staff Toilet Roll Challenge 2020

Dear P3 parents and guardians. I hope you are all well and getting used to home learning. Following a clear routine should really help. Please click on the PDF file below for further ideas. Take care and stay safe. Kind regards Ms McMurtry.

Dear P3 parents and guardians, I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well. I would like to thank you all for your support throughout the year. Please click on the PDF files below for some ideas to help you continue your child's education. You will also find guidelines to our 'Daily Routine' that many of the children find so important. Please do not feel under any pressure to do everything listed, they are not mandatory. Also, feel free to vary the ideas according to what you have available at home. I understand that no two children or their homes are the same, so just select the ideas that you deem appropriate for your child in your own situation. New ideas will be put up on a weekly basis. I look forward to the day when this is all far behind us. Until then, take care and stay safe. Kind regards, Ms McMurtry.

P3 enjoyed playing the 'playhouse' app on the I-pads and learnt the names for parts of a house. We also learnt about spring. We painted spring flowers and Easter chicks to show our learning. For Sport Relief, P3 went round to the gym and ran around a really cool assault course called the Jungle Gym! Yippee!

P3 enjoy playing literacy and numeracy games in the computer suite. Our favourite computer programme is 'Tizzy's Toybox'. It is so much fun! P3 love going to see Mr. Scates in the green room for hymn practice. Our favourite song is 'Creator God' as it has really cool actions. P3 also had fun putting their 'thinking hats' on and answer hard questions like 'Who, What, Where and When? We found 'When?' really tricky! We had to answer when we do things, either in the morning, afternoon or night. Crikey! We were glad we had pictures to support our learning. Phew!

P3 had so much fun this week on the 'Soft Play Party Bus' that came to school. Kobey thought it was awesome and Macey couldn't stop giggling at all the fun. Jake said "It is the best day ever!". We also enjoyed looking at things in the school jumble sale. We got lots of nice goodies to take home. We also enjoyed looking at our display board for St.Valentine's day. We printed paint onto paper using Lego and got an adult to help us cut it out into a heart. We then added glue, glitter and feathers. We love them!

We had fun this week writing letters, printing letters with paint, saying the sound letters make and thinking of words beginning with the sounds. We also enjoyed circle time when we learn the days of the week, describe the weather and register how we are feeling. We also had fun playing musical instruments. We were learning how to play them loudly and quietly. Great fun in the P3 band!

P3 are having fun working on their numeracy skills.

P3 had more fun with the OT on fine and gross motor skills.

P3 had so much fun working with the OT in school on their fine and gross motor skills. They played with a parachute and ball, drew shapes, felt things in a bag, put caterpillars on flowers, cut straws, went around an obstacle course and traced lines in the sand. Great fun!

P3 had a wonderful first week back. Our new topic is 'People Who Help Us'. Wyatt, Travis, Kobey and Emma are enjoying playing in the role-play area which is a little vets. Zak and Daniel are making emergency vehicles. Kobey, Jake, Zak, Oliver, James and Alfie are playing with the small world town. Jake is playing with the small world farm. Ben is colouring in pictures of 'People Who Help Us'. In P3 we also are learning about 'Winter'. Travis and Zak enjoyed painting trees in winter using their hands in paint and adding cotton wool. Macey is colouring in winter mittens. She then added wool and glitter to make them look pretty.

P3 had a Christmas party with treats kindly donated by Lidl. We played musical statues, musical chairs and pass the parcel. We had little sweet treats and then went to see Santa in his grotto. We also went to see a little pony in the playground. She was called Molly. We got to pat her! P3 thought she was like a unicorn.

P3 enjoyed performing their Christmas nativity "A King Is Born". Oliver, Travis and Ben were the lovely angels that brought the good news. Emma was the star guiding the three kings to see baby Jesus. James was the donkey that carried Mary and Jake was her husband, Joseph. Alfie, Kobey, Daniel and Wyatt were the citizens in the town. Zak and Macey were the children who were being read the bedtime story " A King Is Born". We all did so well to remember our lines and sing the songs. Well done P3!

The boys and girls in P3 are proudly showing off their Christmas artwork. They made glittery baubles, gingerbread men, holly and stockings with pictures stuck onto them of the toys they would like from Santa. Ho, Ho Ho !

Oliver and Ben are enjoying singing at assembly. Lovely singing and signing guys! Oliver receives the pupil of the week certificate in assembly. Well done Oliver! Zak is checking his individual schedule. What's next Zak? Travis, Macey and Zak are using PECS to ask for their break. Great communication!

P3 are working hard during literacy. They are cutting and sticking words into sentences, stamping letters with paint, tracing letters on the I-pads, and practising their letter formation.

Emma and Daniel really enjoyed celebrating 'Down's Syndrome' day by wearing odd socks.

Oliver is having lots of fun with mouldable foam. Emma dressed up as a pirate during goldentime, " Ahoy there shipmate!". Macey and Ben are giving the babies a bubble bath. Emma and Daniel are threading pictures. Zak and Macey are making lovely patterns on pegboards. Well done!

Zak, Wyatt and Oliver made amazing pumpkins for Halloween. P3 are all so excited about our fancy dress Halloween disco coming up.

P3 had a wonderful time at Mount Stewart looking for signs of autumn. We saw lots of leaves that had turned orange, red, yellow and brown.

P3 had fun dressing up during goldentime.

We are a Rights Respecting school. In P3, we talked about Article 12: "Children have a right to have their voice heard." P3 respected this right by communicating what our favourite activity in school is.

P3 have enjoyed painting rainbows, playing with puzzles and in the sand. We also enjoy small world toys like the cars, garage, town and farm. We enjoy construction toys like the popoid people and being creative with card.

P3 love all the fun things they do. They enjoy the bikes, puzzles, small world toys, games, sand, role-play corner and construction toys.

Travis and Ben really enjoy art and have lots of fun stamping paint to make fun pictures. Well done!

Kobey, Macey, Ben, Alfie, Jake, James and Emma are proudly showing off our autumn display board. We painted autumn trees and cut out autumn leaves.

P3 with Ms McMurtry are having fun playing in the playground. Travis is on the Fire Engine.“ Look out, here I come. Beep Beep !” Oliver is on the little tricycle.“Hold on tight Oliver. Yippee!”

We have had a wonderful first week in P3 with Ms McMurtry, Ms Lyons and Mrs Cooling. We have played games, sang songs, painted, played with trains, cars, sand, playdough, puzzles, played in the home corner and listened so well to our teacher all week. Ms McMurtry thinks we are all Superstars!