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P2 C

Welcome to P2C! Our classroom is a happy environment where the children learn through exploration, creativity, and play. We encourage children to be creative and to absorb the experience, something that we believe they will take home in their thoughts and hearts. We provide the children with opportunities to be artists, musicians, builders and actors with the focus not on the end result but on the process. Our learning environment is child led with invitations to collaborate with peers, discover, explore, and develop investigation skills. We support children with a range of abilities and needs and work in partnership with Allied Health Professionals to support communication and sensory needs. P2C love to learn outdoors and we are blessed to have such a rich natural environment around us, both in school and in Donaghadee. Our favourite outdoor activities are nature scavenger hunts, and we love to display our treasures on our nature table in the classroom. In P2C we encourage children’s independence, our children love to help in class and their favourite job is to look after and feed our class fish, Buzz and Woody. We use every experience to learn in P2C and always have fun whilst doing so! 


Mrs M Caughey.