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P1 M

Welcome to P1M

Our aim is to create an environment where each child feels safe, secure, valued, excited to be at school and stimulated. We want to nurture your child, help them to become more independent and to reach their potential at their own pace.


The children in our class learn through play, activity based learning, exploring and experiencing the world around them. We create a language rich environment developing communication for all abilities including the use of PECs and Makaton.


The children receive 1-1 teaching time each day to work on individual targets, alongside small group teaching and whole class activities. One of our favourite activities in P.1. is the Attention Bucket. The children’s attention and listening has improved so much from September, we are very proud of everyone.


If your child joins our school you will enjoy daily pictures each day of your child learning and having fun, using our See-saw App.


We would like you as a parent to feel valued, to feel able to reach out to us about all things big and small, and to support each other as we work together to achieve the best for your child.

Mrs S Massey