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Nursery Pm - Mrs Stothers

We have been very busy this week. We dressed up for Halloween and enjoyed exploring the light box. We loved mark making in glitter and enjoyed the story "Whatever Next". We particularly like putting the colander on Teddy's head. We had had fun with numbers and explored sand and water. We were very busy in the home corner.

This week we had great fun cleaning big teeth and painting with tooth brushes. We played with cars, completed puzzles and had great fun with rice,

This week we were very busy in the home corner and enjoyed building with big bricks. We had fun with dough and puzzles. We made gingerbread men. The best part was decorating them with sweets

We had some messy fun this week stamping with oranges and exploring gloop. We also enjoyed making food in the home corner and stacking cakes. We loved the water beads and building in the sand.

This week we had fun with dough and paint. We enjoyed playing outside in the nursery playground and in the green playground too. We also loved the sensory circuit.

We had great fun in our first week of nursery. We enjoyed all the toys and activities. We loved being outside in the playground too.