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20 March 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians

Supporting Children of Key Workers in Special Schools under the Guidance issued by the Education Authority

Yesterday evening the Minister for Education in Northern Ireland, Peter Weir MLA, made a statement outlining how schools will close to pupils from the end of the school day, today Friday 20th March, however, schools are to be open to staff from Monday 23rd March in preparation for supporting identified Key Workers and sustaining children’s distance learning.  We in Killard House School want to ensure that we support the children of key workers in a similar way across our schools, however we need to balance this with the ultimate aim of reducing the spread of the virus by trying to keep the number of children in schools to a minimum, in line with public health guidance.  

It is important that we are aware of how many children of key workers will be attending school next week.  With this in mind, if you are an identified key workerwith no other child minding provision, please make contact with the school by 11am on Monday 23rd March to inform us. This can be by e-mailing the following administrative email address

A member of SLT will contact you on Monday afternoon to discuss your child care situation, parent/parent’s key worker role and any other necessary details we will need in order to support you and your child.

Before contacting school, please pay particular attention to the following points.  Schools will not be able to operate a ‘normal’ school day.  Many of our schools are already operating with a significant reduction in staffing and this will probably continue to get worse over time. 

Points to consider 

  • A list of key workers issued by the Department of Education is listed below.  Only children with BOTH parents working as key workers, and both parents out at work at the same time should consider attending school.  In single parent families, the individual parent MUST be a key worker. 
  • If possible, alternative childcare arrangements should be sought before deciding to send your child to school.  For example, with other family members, friends etc.  Please try and use school as a last resort.  This is to try and limit the number of children and adults together in a small space in line with recent social distancing guidance.   
  • Children attending will be required to wear their school uniform.  Please be advised that our school will be performing childcare duties, rather than teaching, as not all teachers are currently available. However, learning packs are being provided for all pupils of Killard House School. These resources will be available on Killard House school website in the class page of your child from Monday afternoon onwards.
  • Currently we have no information from the EA on transport availability or school meals but we will hopefully have some guidance on that by next week.
  • In order to comply with appropriate Health and Safety provision of any pupils in school we will risk assess daily and communicate with those parents if any changes in circumstances.


We would ask that you pay attention to the points outlined above before deciding to send your child to school.  Obviously, it goes without saying, if your only option is to send your child to school, we will look after them in order to support you in your important role.  We will continue to work together for all the pupils and parents of Killard House School so our thoughts are with the whole school community……….


Yours sincerely

Katrina Yeates






Please work with us to ensure that schools operate with a limited number of children


• Health and Social Care. This includes doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers, home carers and staff required to maintain our health and social care sector  

• Education and childcare. This includes nursery and teaching staff, social workers and those specialist education professionals who will remain active during the Covid-19 response 

• Public safety and national security. This includes civilians and officers in the police (including key contractors), Fire and Rescue Service, prison service and other national security roles  

• Transport. This will include those keeping air, water, road and rail transport modes operating during the Covid-19 response  

• Utilities and Communication. This includes staff needed for oil, gas, electricity and water (including sewage) and primary industry supplies, to continue during the Covid-19 response, as well as key staff in telecommunications, post and delivery, services and waste disposal  

• Food and other necessary goods. This includes those involved in food production, processing, distribution and sale, as well as those essential to the provision of other key goods (e.g hygiene, medical etc)  


• Key national and local government including those administrative occupations essential to the effective delivery of the Covid-19 response.