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Cheers to the ‘Chunky Dunkers’

The last few days have been filled with uncertainty and anxiety for everyone and in particular for special needs children and their parents. Although Killard House school has been closed to pupils this week staff have been in school preparing online learning and planning how we are going to support our pupils, parents, staff and community in the weeks / months ahead. You can imagine how saddened and disgusted we were on Friday morning when we were aware that 1 of our EA buses had been vandalised with the windows smashed in. The majority of our pupils rely on these buses and with money for education barely covering the basics we can not fathom while anyone would think this is ok.  However as we all need reminded there is much more kindness and generosity with people than there is malice.  One of our pupils grandparents reached out to the community sharing this disgraceful act of vandalism. As a member of the local swimming group “the Chunky Dunkers” he has informed us that their swim today was being used to raise donations towards getting the bus repaired!!!! On behalf of the whole Killard House family we want to thank them all. We are already missing all our children in school as they are the heart of Killard but our motto as all our pupils know is TOGETHER WE CAN and this has never been more true.  Thanks and stay safe.