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Ms McMurtry

P5-6 had a great fun-filled week. Here are some photographs showing some of the things we got up to. We collected autumn leaves, wrote autumn poems, played with construction toys, playdough, small world toys and board games.  We also painted a big tree for our seasonal display board, built dens in the back garden, went on a fun sensory walk around the school yard, wrote about our friends and drew pictures of them. We all love being back at school!  heart
We had another lovely week in P5-6.   In the photographs, you can see some of our classroom fun ie. building words, writing letters, drawing, painting, playing with games and small world toys. We also learnt about the autumn and the changes in the weather and nature.

Hello everyone and welcome back to school!  

P5-6 had a wonderful first week back at school.  We were all so excited to see each other again.   We had lots of fun playing together, chatting about our summer, our lockdown experiences, learning about washing our hands , face coverings, social distancing and all the things we can do to stay safe.  We are all so happy to be back at school and are looking forward to a fun school year together.

Kind regards

Ms McMurtry

A big hello and welcome to all the children in P5-6! In our class we have Adam, Andrew, Bradley, Cali, Christopher, Jamie, Noel, Owen and Ritchie.