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Mrs Thompson

This week we talked about our lovely families! Thank you all so much for sending in a family photo from home we loved talking about them at circle time. We also did a lot of writing this week and everybody tried so hard. Take a look at some of the writing activities we did below.

Amelia was giving the boy a hair cut in finger gym.
Calvin is really concentrating to make the letter "s" using string.
Lola and Mason did excellent work with our word writing carousel.
Alfie and Nathanael are writing letters on paper and in the sand.
Harry labelled a family photo and traced over the letters in literacy.
Lucas' labelled his family photo and copied the names from a whiteboard.
Elliott loved our doctor's surgery and wrote prescriptions during play.
We loved playing family snap in the garden, everyone took turns.

"Inside out" week 2, this week we learned that we are all different and that is one of the things that makes us so wonderful!! My favourite lesson this week was one that we did in our outdoor classroom. All children were given a pot to go collect things they thought were interesting, when they came back to the outdoor classroom we then took it in turns to sort the items by type. Once we had sorted items we took it in turns to count how many of each thing we had and match the correct numeral to the tray. We found that leaves were the most popular thing in our garden!! Everyone did such good listening too...... I think we will go back to the outdoor classroom.

Calvin traced over his name during play
Lola was sorting items for colour, type and size in numeracy.
Alfie and Nathanael are pulling a funny face during our "emotions hokey pokey".
Lucas was sorting letters that are in his name and letters that are not in his name
 Harry worked hard to write his name during literacy
Amelia looking at her very special fingerprint during topic work.

We had a wonderful first week back to school, I am absolutely amazed at how well P2/3 were able to follow instructions, play together and adapt to our new "bubble" system in school, they really are outstanding and reflect the hard work that you as parents put in to support your children during lockdown. We introduced our new topic "Inside out" so here are some pictures of us playing inside and outside the classroom, I think the new play park is a definite hit!

P2/3 are all really excited to be back at school and we are absolutely delighted to have them back! Here are some pictures our our first day