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Mrs Swift

A busy week with 8b who were simply fantastic this week. 


We we had lots of fun but we also took time to get the brain warmed up and started thinking about counting, letters,sounds and writing:


There were chickens in school and we took time to think about the life cycle of a chicken and then we painted some fantastic pictures.


Like all good things the split bubbles for Year 8 have come to an end and they are to join up on Monday as one Year 8 group. We had a wee trip out today to catch up with our friends and be ready for Monday. Everyone had a super time and there were lots of happy smiles.


I have really enjoyed my time with Year 8 and I think they are well settled and ready to move on.       Here are a few highlights from the week. 

Busy lovely times

Together again

Artistic talent on show

Good luck to you all in Year 8 a and b and thank you for being wonderful pupils to nurture back into school and in your transition to Year 8.

You will all do well and be a credit to yourselves, families and of course Killard House School.


BYE FOR NOW ........ Mrs Swift laugh

So here we are at the end of week 2.


It has been a great week with 8a who have had lots of fun and some great work both inside and outside of school. We have taken our time to get to know each other but it was great for both me and the pupils that Mrs Bower stays with this bubble every week so she can be the link between Mrs Dowling and myself.


We have been very busy so here are a few snap shots from our week. I hope you enjoy seeing how happy your children our as they settle back into the Killard House regime.

We had fun drawing around our hands and making patterns in them.
We all had fun drawing around our hands and then making patterns in them to colour in.
Here are the finished hands ready for 8b’s hands next week
We went out and about down in the ‘Dee finding out about landmarks and having some fun too !
The Daily Mile takes us out and about and now we have fun things to do on our pathway. Today we had our novel outside which is a very funny book by Roddy Doyle.

Special visitor this week was ‘John’ the parrot who as you can imagine had many visitors.


Today we finished watching Blue Planet under sea world and then we sketched and painted our own ‘Under Sea’ pictures.

Hello to everyone 


This week we started back to school after a long time off. Miss Crothers was the Classroom Assistant with the class for this week and she will be with the class every week as they change teachers to give them a bit of Year 8 change and variety.


The pupils in Year 8b made a fantastic return to school and we had a great week together getting to know each other all over again. Without exception they were all wonderful following all the new regimes and instructions that are required to keep them safe.


Here are a few pictures of some of the fun things we have been up to this week.


You should be very proud of your children as they made a very grown up start to Secondary School in Killard House this week