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Mrs McKee

Spreading Christmas Cheer around Donaghadee!


Our very thoughtful Acting Principal, Mrs Yeates came up with the idea to spread some Christmas Cheer around our local town and businesses. The Year 14's jumped at the chance to include this as part of their Community Day activities. Everyone is feeling the pressure and strain of the in out Covid Lockdown restrictions and the pupils felt this would be a fantastic way to say Thank You to our local community businesses and spread a little Christmas happiness at the same time.

The group adorned their Christmas festive headgear and, armed with Christmas cards and sweets, set off to execute the task in hand. All of the pupils confidently delivered their Christmas message to the staff and customers in the various business outlets and, in return, staff and customers were very appreciative of the thoughtfulness and effort the pupils had made. Well done to the group!

Year 14 use their iPads in class as they prepare for the world of work. They complete their work online which helps to develop their ICT skills 💻

Pudsey toast in The Hub this morning 🐻

Year 14 enjoying playing STRIKE! for their End of Term Reward.  There was no competitiveness between players at all!!!!!!!

STRIKE!.......or GUTTER!!!!

It was a beautiful October morning and members of the public very kindly thanked us while we worked on the beach cleaning up the glass, plastic, rags and other pieces of unnatural products that are so dangerous to our sea birds and sea life.  Well Done Year 14 on your help with looking after our local community!

Donaghadee Beach Clean

Year 14 taking part in Pedestrian travel training in Donaghadee and enjoying the fabulous October sunshine

Travel Training in Donaghadee

Year 14 enjoyed the Bikes we were able to purchase for Post 16 with our Salvador Foundation funds. We also had a very generous donation of a Trike from two Fabulous ladies Sinead and Mary - "she" truly has found a good home and will be used often! We are extremely grateful to both the Salvador Foundation and Sinead and Mary for their support in allowing us to access this equipment. The pupils are really enjoying learning to ride the bikes and having the opportunity to develop their independent travel training life skills.

Out and about in the Dee

First day back in class for Year 14