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Mrs Massey

This week the boys and girls have had lots of fun learning our new nursery rhyme Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. We had a dark den with twinkling stars and lots of light up toys. The children loved making stars with our sparkling lemon dough , picking stars out of coffee beans using tweezers and making some beautiful star crafts. 

The boys and girls have also been enjoying our sensory circuit time and are learning how to use the equipment really well. 

Next weeks nursery rhyme will be Humpty Dumpty, we are very excited for the week ahead.

Have a lovely weekend.

We have been very busy !

Henry is finding the stars in the coffee beans.
Lydia is listening so well to instructions.
Super bead threading.
Emily is rolling a dice and planting the same number of flowers
Well done Lydia great counting too.
Marilyn is having great fun during our sensory circuit.
This week as part of our Nursery Rhyme topic we have been having fun with lots of activities based on the theme of  Incy Wincy spider. We have had water spouts and spiders in our water tray and  we have been counting  spiders, matching spider shapes and making spiders out of dough. The children also loved making their very own sock puppet spider . It has been a great week. Next week we will be basing lots of activities on our new rhyme Twinkl, Twinkl little star.

Spider fun.

Welcome to our Foundation B page. Both the staff and the children have enjoyed being back at school .

We have had a fantastic start to the term. All the boys and girls have settled so well and have been enjoying activities based on our first nursery rhyme, Hickory Dickory Dock.

Below are some photographs although not all the children in our class will be shown. Some permission forms were not totally complete and will be returned to finalise. If your child is not shown  in the photos I will update this site when the go ahead is given.

Enjoy !

Fun in Foundation B

Euan is enjoying playing with the dinosaurs.
Emily loves to read in the story corner.
Cassidy had great  fun in our new school park.
Emily is doing some super tracing.
Lydia loved playing with the Octonauts.
Henry enjoyed lots of books in our story corner.
Lydia loves to paint.
Henry is exploring our Hickory Dickory sensory tray.
Henry is also busy stamping some numbers for our clocks.
Let's see who can squeeze the mouse pegs open to eat the cheese and match the numbers.
Marilyn has made a great cheese mouse.
Lydia has made a super mouse too.
Wow Euan you did a great job too.
Cassidy is learning how to thread the beads.
Henry is doing great threading too.
Euan worked hard at his sorting activity.
Emily has copied a pattern.