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Mrs Kitson Woods

This week in year 9/10 we have continued to work on measurements. We made and measured our own monsters for a lovely new display. In Science, we did an experiement on liquids to gases and condensation, which the boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed! We also had a great group session with two speech therapists, where we worked on describing our own looks and personalitites and those of our friends. 

We had lots of reasons to celebrate this week as D won a trophy and certificate for her amazing gymnastics skills and it is J's birthday at the weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY J! 

On Thursday we had KHS' very important election day, where we all voted for our next Head Boy and Head Girl. We made ID cards to bring with us and the boys and girls had great fun, taking funny pictures of themselves for these!


This week we continued our work on the human body and we enjoyed some yoga :)

Year 9/10 have had a great first week back after the Easter holidays. This week we started some new topics for the third term. Some of these topics are : 'our bodies', 'solids, liquids and gases' and 'superheroes'. We also made some delicious apple crumble with Mrs D. Take a look at some of the excellent work we have been doing...

Well done JJ for being helpful this week- you get the Awesome Award! πŸ‘

Mrs Kitson-Woods' and Mr Nelson's classes got together for the last Wednesday bus trip of the year! We had such a fun day at Delamont and the weather was lovely, which was a great bonus :) We played garden games, had an Easter egg hunt and played in the park. It was a great success!

Congratulations Rachel! You’ve been extremely helpful all week πŸŽ‰ well done!

We made lovely pizza in H.E. It was enjoyed by all. πŸ˜‹

Year 9/10 have been practicing their basketball skills.

A huge WELL DONE to our very own JJ, who won yet another trophy at trampolining last week. Super Star! We are all so proud of you, JJ :)

Year 9/10 have been super creative this week. We have been doing lots of Spring themed arts and crafts. We had great fun learning how to tie dye in order to make lovely Mother's Day gifts and we had great fun playing outside in the sunshine when we were finished :)


This week in Science we also did an experiment involving a range of materials in order to see which were absorbent and which weren't. 

This week year 9/10 had great fun making 3d structures using spaghetti and mini marshmallows. Today we celebrated red nose day by dressing in red and doing some fun activities. We even had some cake and hot chocolate! :)

Congratulations to Caitlin for winning this week’s Awesome Award!πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŒπŸ₯‡

On Wednesday Matt and Dean, two Firemen from Donaghadee, came to KHS to deliver a lesson on fire safety. The boys and girls had an opportunity to look at some of their equipment and they even got their photos taken in the fire engine. Just look at those smiles!

Year 9/10 have been learning all about Spain as one of their new topics. They have been learning to count to 10 in Spanish.... 


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Year 9/10 are class of the month! The boys and girls decided to spend their reward money on the ingredients for pancakes and pizza, chips and sweets for a pizza party! We enjoyed our treats while watching 'Encanto'. It was a lovely afternoon :) 

Here is a snap shot of all of the fun and learning that year 9/10 have enjoyed this week.... including old and new toys, crafts, Geography and world book day activities ...

Playing table top games with year 9 πŸ˜„

This week year  9/10 enjoyed a trip to Ards shopping centre to practice their money skills. They had great fun buying (and eating) some lovely treats. Back in class we continued to do lots of work on 2d and 3d shapes and we celebrated JJ's fantastic win at the trampolining contest. Just look at that trophy! :) 


I hope everyone has a fantastic, well deserved mid term break :)

Congratulations to Andrew for getting the Awesome Award this week πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰

Playing with our Bring and Buy bargains!

Still image for this video

We had a fabulous time at the Bring and Buy Sale!

This week we started our new topic: 'happy, healthy lives'. We had some great discussion on our favourite forms of leisure and the importance of leisure for our physical and mental well-being. The boys and girls identified their favourite ways to relax and unwind. In numeracy we continued to learn all about 2d and 3d shapes. Year 9/10 are really enjoying this topic....

Wow three Awesome Awards for PB in cross country! Well done everyone!

Today year 9 independently made a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of toast. Well done everyone!πŸ‘

In H.E. we have been learning all about staying healthy. This week we tried hummus and dipped different vegetables in it. We also made our own delicious wraps with a healthy filling. Yummy πŸ˜‹

Today we solved 2d shape riddles using QR codes. Everyone worked in pairs and solved all the riddles.

Everyone enjoyed Japanese brush painting this week - numbers and animals. Everyone held the brushes so well and took their time.

This week year 9/10 have been learning about Chinese New Year so we have made some lovely topic based art and crafts! We have also been learning about 2d and 3d shapes as our new Numeracy topic so we decided to merge the two and make 'chinese shape dragons'. We are continuing to focus on our mental health and well being so we had to fit in some yoga too. 

This week’s awesome award goes to……… Rachel πŸ˜€ congratulations on having such a great first week back!

The boys and girls in year 9/10 would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!!! β˜ƒοΈπŸŽ…πŸ»πŸ§‘πŸ»‍πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Well, what can I say? We’ve had the best party day EVER. We joined Mrs Stewart’s class for party games and some Christmas karaoke before some very special guests arrived in a HELICOPTER! 

After all the excitement the boys and girls were hungry so we enjoyed some yummy party food! 

A very busy Friday with Mrs Stewart and Mrs Murdoch making a winter wonderland and a Secret Santa gift 🎁🀫

D you are awesome 🀩

Visiting the neighbours β˜ƒοΈπŸŽ…πŸ»

Well... it's safe to say that the year 9/10 crew are getting very excited for the 'Big Man' arriving! We have been making lots of lovely Christmas crafts and we have written our Santa letters. There'll be no coal in our stockings this year!

In LLW we have been learning about banking and the boys and girls have been talking about ways of earning money and how to be savvy spenders.

We also went to the park for a run around. It was time to let off some steam! :) 

A you are awesome 🀩

3/12/2021 Year9/10 are all able to make a bed, take off the bedding and fold it πŸ› No more excuses for messy beds 😁

WOW! What a day! Last week year 9/10 won 'class of the month' so we went for a special trip on the 'Wednesday bus' as a reward :) Today we went to Bloomfields shopping centre to spend our reward money. This was a great opportunity as we are learning about money as part of our Numeracy topic. We did some shopping for Christmas gifts and we bought some yummy sweets and treats. Mrs Kitson-Woods treated everyone to a snack in McDonalds (we needed a sugar boost after all that shopping!) then we came back to class, where we ate our snacks and watched a Christmas movie. The countdown is definitely on! laugh

This week we have been so busy learning about outer space, preparing for our Christmas show and working on our Literacy and Numeracy skills that we had to blow off some steam! We had great fun playing garden games outside. Outdoor play and learning is so important!

Year 9/10 is class of the month and JJ is our awesome award winner!!!! I Couldnt be prouder of each and every one of them. The boys and girls have worked so hard all month and have shown so much care and manners towards others. They're a great bunch! Now to start planning how to spend the prize money......

26/11/21 Lots of fun and laughter today as we learned how to put on a duvet cover by ourselves, we made joke tellers so parents be warned πŸ˜‰ and some beautiful Christmas paper chains πŸŽ„

This week in year 9/10 we began preparations for our Christmas video... shhh it's a secret ;) we also had a very special visit from some PSNI officers. As it is anti bullying week, they talked to us about cyber bullying and how to be safe on line. A was very excited to pose beside the Police car! 

This week we had a visit from some very interesting friends. It was a great opportunity for us to further expore our topic of 'habitats'...

Today the year 9/10s made some delicious buns with Mrs D... yum!!! 

This week we have been working with money in lots of different ways. Here is just some of the work we have been doing... 

A massive congrats to our very own J, who came second in a recent trampolining contest. We are all so proud of you! :) 

Year 9/10 were very busy getting prepared for Harvest and Halloween! We made apples out of coloured wool glued to balloons and we made our own witches' brew. We also celebrated J's special day... Belated Happy Birthday to you! 

Look at how hard we have been working this week. We have been making our own clocks in class for learning the time. The year 10s also had great fun in H.E. with Mrs D. They made some yummy scrambled egg and toast. Tasting it was their favourite part, yum yum!

This week we have been talking about Harvest; we all identified the people who bring us food and we discussed how thankful we are for them. A big thank you to the Mums and Dads who cook our food and to all of the bakers, butchers, farmers, chefs, dinner ladies, delivery drivers and shop keepers!

This week we went on a lovely walk down to the sea front and got some beautiful pictures of the class...

The boys and girls in year 9/10 would like to introduce you to two very special additions to our class... Mario and Luigi!!!


We each came up with two names and all of the classes were asked to pick their favourites so Mario and Luigi it is! laugh

This week we have been talking about mental health and the benefits of mindfulness. We did some yoga... look at how flexible we are! We also did some art with relaxing music in the background and we all felt so relaxed afterwards.

Look at our lovely new class photo... don't we look well?! smiley

This week we have had so many reasons to celebrate. Well done to J and R for completing the Fun Run at the weekend and Happy Birthday Z!!! laugh

Here we are with another Friday round up! This week the year 9/10 pupils have been doing lots of topic work. We have been learning about the five oceans and we have continued to learn about habitats and adaptation. We are also looking at our own health and well-being and have been discussing the importance of exercise and the changes our bodies go through. We have been having so much fun and the photographs speak for themselves... 

Take a look at just some of the things we have been up to in year 9/10 this week! Our year 10 pupils got to make some yummy healthy milkshakes with Mrs Dowling in H.E. We have loved getting outside to experience all of the signs of Autumn and we even brought some of what we could find back into the classroom to use in our Art lesson. We did some lovely art work involving our names and the use of different materials. This artwork will be a fantastic addition to our 'This is Me!' display.  

We are almost at the end of another week in year 9/10 and WOW, what a busy week it has been! We have continued to work so hard (with lots of fun and laughter along the way). This week we completed some lovely pieces of Autumn art, we worked on telling the time and we had some great discussion on healthy eating. Enjoy the photos! smiley

The boys and girls in year 9/10 have been so busy getting to know their new teacher, classroom assistant and friends! This week we had lots of fun activities and team building exercises. The pupils' favourite lesson this week was Science, where we did two really fun experiments. Look at what we got up to...