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Mrs K-Gunning

Welcome to P4/5! Mrs Kania-Gunning, Ms Lyons and Miss Anderson have loved working with the children and are looking forward to a happy year.

We have been learning how to do good sitting, good looking, good listening and good talking in our teaching circle. Everyone is doing really well!

We have been busy practising handwashing and keeping safe in our class bubble.

We have been busy, settling, feeling safe at school, talking about our feelings, playing, working and having fun!

We have a new sensory walk that we use in our daily mile. It is fantastic and helps with our movement. We all loved it!

We have started literacy activities and have been happy at work and play.

This week we began school shared break and have healthy snack choices. Today we had toast, fruit, milk or water. Some children tried cheese and crackers. Everyone thought it was yummy!!!

Look at our beautiful display on being in a bubble....

Look at our beautiful display all about us. We have changed so much from being babies, to toddlers and then children. Mrs Kania-Gunning can't believe what cute babies we were!!

We are really enjoying our PE with Mrs Curry. Can you guess what animals we are pretending to be? We think we are doing really well considering we start PE at 8:30 am!!!

Look at our amazing pots we made with our ladies in gardening club! Cress seeds are going to grow up....

We are settling really well at school and love our work and play...

Which characters are we?
My best colouring
What's for lunch Emma?

Music with Mr Scates is really fun!

P4/5 are learning to spell our high frequency words, ordering the days of the week and adding and subtracting using a numberline. The grown ups are so pleased with the children!

Look at us having fun in the playground!!

It was a lovely sunny day so we had a Friday treat - ice pops! Mmmmmmm, yummy!