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Mrs Dowling's HE recipes!

A very easy recipe to try this week, Yogurt Loaf-it is similar to Madeira Cake but much easier to bake, you don’t even need a food mixer.

This week a wee Chinese Fake Away, just in case you are missing your Saturday night Chinese. This is a recipe suited to our older pupils or parents might lend a hand and help our younger pupils making it .🥢🥡🍚

This is a special request from one of my super Year 8 boys,I am sure he knows it’s for him ! Enjoy making these with mummy and don’t forget to send me a picture 💋

Hello boys and girls this week I am providing you with a very easy bun recipe,who doesn’t like a wee bun?

Another easy recipe to try this week,I don’t know about you but in the Dowling house at the minute we are having too many wee tea and coffee breaks,so I thought these Mars Bar traybakes would be a good recipe to try.

Another easy recipe for you to try -Fork Biscuits. The great thing about these biscuits is that there are only 3 ingredients and it's super easy. Have a go !

It is Wednesday today and lots of rain in Donaghadee so I thought it might be a good idea to do some baking at home. Today’s recipe is a sweet one and it is one which is very easy and I know lots of you love these. Don’t forget to take pics to show when we are back at school. Love Mrs D 💋

Hello boys and girls, I hope some of you have attempted to do some cooking at home. I am cooking every night - no weekend chippy or Chinese meals anymore 😭. This week I am putting on a savoury recipe, it’s one which you could make with an adult at home. Good luck. Mrs D.

Hello again well Mrs D like everyone else has such a lot of free time so I thought it would be a good idea to have (virtual ) HE lessons,every week I will put an easy recipe on for you to try at home -some you should be able to do independently, others you may need an adult to help(that’s ok).Perhaps you could take a picture and bring them into school when this is all over .Good luck and -don’t forget to keep washing those hands x

Hi boys and girls I thought it might be a good idea to put some easy recipes on our website, nothing too difficult .Today I was making Soda Bread Pizza for our lunch and thought perhaps you could make it at home. I used soda farl but you if you don’t have Soda then you could use Pitta bread ,a Muffin or a Bap.Go on give it a try !