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Mrs Dowling

In preparation for Monday when both Year 8 bubbles are becoming 1 bubble, we went down to the beach for a picnic and and some stone skimming. Good fun was had by all !

Today we went for a walk to the beach, we really enjoyed skimming stones and we watched The Chunky Dunkers swimming.How lucky are we to go to school in Donaghadee ?

On Tuesday we made chocolate Krispy buns to eat in class.Yum,yum.

We had a great start to our week-it was a sunny day and we went to the Commons park.After lunch we had a Yoga session which was relaxing and fun .

Fabulous Friday in Killard,we had hot chocolate ,did a listening activity and coloured in our wooden rainbows.

Today group B enjoyed walking into Donaghadee where they looked at the Lockdown Stones painted by residents.They then walked to the beach and picked their own stones to paint in school.We all thoroughly enjoyed our sunny morning in The Dee.

Group B were learning the importance of washing our hands.

We had such a brilliant week, we painted, listened to stories ,went down into Donaghadee and we thoroughly enjoyed being back in school seeing our friends.