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Mrs Dowling

It was lovely to see everyone again after a relaxing half term break and really great to have some more of the class back. Again, we did Joe Wicks workout on Monday and Wednesday morning and we managed to get out for two walks-one to the lighthouse and one to the commons. We did lots of reading and did some time work for numeracy as well as watching newsround most mornings. This week as part of our forces topic we were using Newton balances to measure the weight of some objects including our shoes! We also did a little art hub and today we made top hats and watched the jungle book in reward time. I took some pictures out in the playground this week to show how much fun year 8 have been having at break and lunchtime. Have a great weekend! 

Another week full of hard work and fun for year 8. We have talked lots more about ‘forces’ and we went to the park to see if we could find some forces there. We found lots of things to push and pull. We continued our reading too and Jasmine and Rachel also did some reading in their free time. We also worked very well in our numeracy books. Of course we worked out with Joe Wicks on Monday and Wednesday although we gave it a miss on Friday as we were in our own clothes. Once again it was lovely to catch up with some of our friends on zoom on Wednesday and maybe we will see a few of them in person after half term. We are now almost finished our topic on volcanoes and we have watched a couple of tv programmes on them. Today we had a very chilled day. We had pizza and party food and watched tangled as well as decorating some biscuits.

Year 8 have worked really hard for the last 5 weeks and I hope they all have a relaxing break next week.

Another great week for year8. We have been keeping up with our reading and researching more facts about volcanoes. As it is kid’s mental health week we have been talking lots about our emotions and as part of this we read a book called ‘the huge bag of worries’. On Wednesday we had another zoom call and it was lovely to see a few of our friends at home. We also did some art hub and watched David Attenborough. We started a new topic in science this week. We are going to be learning all about forces. So far we have talked about push, pull and twist. There have been a lot of wet playtimes this week but the girls enjoyed playing monopoly, JJ did word searches, Andrew danced and Samuel watched Tom and Jerry. On Friday we made some delicious brownies!! We even managed to get some ice cream with them. To finish the week we watched ‘Inside out’ as it is a movie all about emotions.
We have had another busy week. On Monday we finished painting our stones and they look amazing! On Tuesday we made some Rice Krispie buns with lots of delicious toppings. We ate one in school and took the rest home. We also continued with our volcano project, finding out lots more interesting information. There was great excitement on Wednesday morning when we had a zoom call with a few of the class who are learning from home. It was lovely to see and chat with them. Hopefully we will see even more next week. On Wednesday afternoon we took our stones to our own lighthouse outside the school. They look fantastic. We have also worked really hard on numeracy and reading and we did workouts with Joe Wicks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Well done year 8!!!
We have had a very busy week. We did the Joe Wicks workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As a reward on Wednesday we were able to have a trip to the park which was great fun! We have started our project on volcanoes and did a little research on our iPads. We each researched a different one and figured out where they were on a map of the world. While we were on our walk on Wednesday we picked up some more stones to paint as the paint has worn off the first ones we did. We made a start on those today. We also did reading and some more work in our ‘time’ workbooks. Have a great weekend everyone!
Today we went for a walk to the moat. It was a beautiful day and the views were amazing. Some people enjoyed making funny faces!
We started our day with the Joe Wicks workout. Everyone worked really hard and we are going to be doing it again on Wednesday and Friday!! Well done year 8!


This morning we had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for breakfast. Mr Blair fried the bacon. Next, everybody  helped to shake up the batter mix and Mr Blair and Miss Crothers cooked the pancakes. Everyone really enjoyed it. Yummy!!!!


It has been lovely to have some of year 8 back. We have talked about our Christmas presents and yummy dinner. Since returning to school we have worked really hard. We have worked on our numeracy books on months of the year and on seasons. We also did some reading and we have really enjoyed drawing using Art hub for kids. This morning we did a workout with Joe Wicks!!! As a treat we also had a few goodies on Friday and had some free time on our iPads.

Hot chocolate, Christmas cards and Christmas skittles. Year 8 have had a great week full of Christmas fun. Happy Christmas to you all.

Year 8 have had a week full of Christmas festivities. We enjoyed watching Santa arrive by helicopter on Monday. We have enjoyed a Christmas walk around Donaghadee looking at all the lovely decorated shops. In class we have enjoyed Christmas crafts, baking, Christmas quizzes and some movies.

We started off today by baking a chocolate cake for our Christmas party day. Then we enjoyed going out to meet the special visitor who came to school today. Merry Christmas everyone.

Well done to Jack for winning our Awesome Award this week.

Year 8 enjoyed their Christmas craft today. Lots of lovely decorations made. Well done everyone.

Christmas Shortbread. Year 8 enjoyed learning how to pipe icing. Brilliant decorations!

Well done to Adam for winning our Awesome Award for being so helpful.

Year 8 have been very creative this week. We have now decorated our room with Christmas wreaths, figgy puddings and Christmas baubles.

Year 8 also enjoyed making their melted snowmen.

Year 8 had great fun today decorating our Christmas tree.

Year 8 have been learning about natural selection. In particular we have looked at long neck giraffes and peppered moths.

Congratulations to Caitlin for being Awesome this week!

Well done to last week's Awesome Award winner.

Pointillism Christmas Trees. Year 8 really enjoyed this activity this week.

Well done Andrew for being AWESOME!!!!!

As part of our Children In Need celebrations we decorated buns and then the best bit we had to eat them YUM YUM!

We were so delighted to receive a full set of new iPads. As you can see the pupils will make good use of them.

We were learning about the significance of poppies for Remembrance Day. I hope you like our wax resist poppies.