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Mrs Davey

Week 3 Yr11B 

Another great week and we have been busy.... we even met a new friendly neighbour! We delivered our stones on Monday and had a mini team challenge to build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Let’s just say we had a few issues with some laughs along the way. The girls worked so well and even had a little drawing to help. The boys laughed their way through it which was good fun. 

The weather has been glorious this week so we organised ourselves and went outside to paint our wall. We based all our ideas on Donaghadee after our walk on Monday morning, Mrs Davey drew out the stencils and Niall very carefully cut them out. Mrs Curry kindly donated our spray paint and we had some blue paint donated! 
We worked really hard and to wear all our gear to save our clothes and we all worked as a team and without knowing completed our first Prince’s Trust activity! 
We finished reading and watching ‘ Gangsta Granny’ and there were a few tears in the room..... myself included.




Week 3

A few tears at the end
Troy getting back to his great drawing
Jewellery making
Wow Suzie
We even started some 3D work
We are getting there a bit more to do
Glad we have great resources on our doorstep

Week 3 Yr11B

Our new friend
Delivering our stone paintings
Such a beautiful day
Seriously these things won’t stick
No you don’t eat the marshmallows yet....
How old are we?
The wall begins

Year 11b have had SUCH a busy week!... We did some garden maintenance- after 5 months away, the vegetable patch was quite over grown so it was all hands on deck! Jessica discovered her super strong muscles when she was able to pull up a big weed that noone else could budge! We also found a sunflower taller than her on our first walk of the year around Donaghadee! We learned a new instrument this week... the ukulele! Scroll down the page to see our first attempt at some chords. I'm sure you'll agree its very impressive! Niall was able to play the G chord, which is really difficult because it involves using 3 fingers at once! Wowwee! Suzie, who dreams of being a rockstar, was in her element learning new songs. And, as an added bonus, we have been reading her favourite book too - Harry Potter! When we were down at the Harbour in Donaghadee, we looked at the hundreds of beautifully painted lockdown rocks. We went to the beach to collect our own rocks to paint too. Troy had the lovely idea of writing a thank you message to everyone working for the NHS! Such a kind chap. We had our first session of PE this week. We did beep tests and tried to beat our own records. Killard had an unusual visitor on Thursday and Friday - a beaitiful green parrot called John! He wasn't keen on eating fruit and veg, but as you can see in the picture, Melissa and Miss Lowry persuaded him to try some apple. Yum! We did some group artwork, by each colouring a section of the globe, then putting it together. Doesn't it look great! We also had a go at painting the new "kindness and friendship" wall art outside the science room. Last but not least, we played some social and number games. Samuel was on a lucky streak and won 4 in a row!!! Even though there were prizes for winners, he decided to share with his class mates, who all ended up with a fun bendy pencil. What a kind gesture! Miss Lowry and Miss Tweedie have had a lovely week with year 11b. Have a fun safe weekend everyone!

John the parrot took a liking to Niall!!

This was the first time Year 11 have played their ukuleles! Don’t they sound great!?! Very proud Miss Lowry

Still image for this video

We were so excited to see the fire truck in school this week after a fire drill!

Well that’s the apron on again and hand sanitiser at the ready. We are learning to keep each other safe, happy and enjoying getting back to work. I am so pleased to be back doing what I love to do and even messing with PVA glue. My ‘bubble’ have been fantastic and the lovely Ms Tweedy has enjoyed getting to know every pupil too. 
“I have really enjoyed my first week back”, Suzie 

“Good to be back at school”, Troy 

“Just being back”, Samuel 

Week 1 in the Art Room ‘bubble’

Jessica busy again
Samuel working hard
Look at that smile Suzie
Melissa enjoying being back too
We had a whole board to fill! It took us a morning
My Personal Shield by Niall
Troy concentrating so hard
Week 1 Personal shields completed
Week 1 we are looking happy to be messing in the art room again