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Mrs Caughey

We have had another fun filled week in P2! We have been using our fingers and sponges to paint, we have been matching socks in our home corner and bathing our P2 baby in the water tray. We loved making leaf crowns on Friday afternoon, it was a great way to end our week.

What a great skeleton Freddie!
We loved decorating our large body.
Adrianna giving her baby a bath!
I don’t think those socks fit your baby Adrianna.
Oliver’s favourite play area he loved the addition of the apples!
Great shape matching Jack!
Wow Freddie you matched the shapes super quick!
Hollie loved playing the animal matching game with Mrs Hamilton.
Oliver knows where the animals go!
How many bones will your skeleton have Sam?
Finger gym threading for Hollie.
That’s it Oliver you can put the pipe cleaners in the tiny holes.
Wow Sam we love your loose parts number 2.
Look at Olivia’s big smile ~ she really loves P2!
What are you boys talking about?
Hollie making her friends some tea.
What did you find in the sensory tray Olivia?
Jo jingles time is always a favourite.
Look we have chickens outside our classroom!
Hollie finger painting.
Can you mix and stir Adrianna?
So much imagination ~ lovely to watch!
Is that how you spell your name Oliver?
Our pupil of the week is Sam! He was super excited and told everyone he met! Well done Sam
Jack and Freddie’s leaf crowns look fantastic.
So do yours Sam and Adrianna!
Hollie checking her leaf crown out in the mirror!

Another fabulous week in P2! We are so pleased with how the children are settling in. Have a look to see what we have been up to.

Sam and Jack loved the rice in the sand tray.
Olivia your boat is sinking!
Yummy snack time.
Wow Freddie you can make your name!
That’s it Hollie keep going.
Jack can count, no problem to him!
How many leaves Freddie?
Adrianna can match the emojis
Can you find the hidden letters?
Hollie’s self portrait.
What colour are your eyes Adrianna?
Yes you are gorgeous Olivia.
Choo choo!
We love our new playground!
Wow there’s a parrot in school!
That’s a very interesting conversation Hollie!
Adrianna is our pupil of the week! Well done Adrianna.
Let’s explore our nearby forest.
Look the sign says ‘Holly’!
Adrianna and Olivia.
Jack showing the wooden fox his pine cones.
Mrs Caughey is drawing around Adrianna’s body ~ we will paint it next week!
Sam adding his handprint to our friendship tree.
Jack loves hand printing too.
Wow Freddie you can match the shapes to make the picture.

We are so excited to get back to school! We loved posing for photos on our first day back, look at our lovely smiles!


We have had a fabulous first week back at school! It has been lovely seeing the children reconnect with their friends after such a long time at home. Our first topic is ‘Inside Out’ during this we will be exploring our emotions and our bodies, below are some pictures of this week’s playful learning. We are so pleased with how enthusiastic and engaged the children were with the activities.

Jack doing the ironing!
Adrianna reading to her babies.
How many beads can you count Oliver?
Jack and Sam playing with our dolls house.
Freddie and Jack threading.
Look at Hollie smile!
Hollie and Olivia enjoying our wet sand.
What a lovely initial Sam.
Hollie loves art.
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!
Splash, splash!
Wow Freddie can order our natural loose parts!
Colour sorting - not a problem to Jack and Adrianna!
What shape goes in here?
Great shape sorting!

Today (Friday 4th) we went on a nature hunt. We found leaves, twigs, pebbles and Olivia found a feather! Afterwards we played a memory game and guessed what natural item Mrs Caughey took away from under a blanket, she tried hard to trick us but we knew! We loved getting outside to explore our beautiful outside area, and when we got back into the classroom we put our treasures on our nature table! Over the next few weeks we will be learning about Autumn so if we find interesting items outdoors we can bring them in and explore them with our class on our nature table.

Our first pupil of the week is Jack. Jack has had a great start to his P2 year and he always has a smile on his face ~ well done Jack!