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Mr Totten

A great first week back in SCU 4/5! We started our new topic: Superheroes! As you can imagine, the boys were very excited. We have had lots of excellent work produced this week in numeracy, literacy and across the other subjects - some of which is attached below. This will be the last weekly update to the website as Seesaw communication will commence next week. I look forward to sharing daily updates with you about your child’s day. Have a great weekend, Mr Totten

Happy Halloween from SCU4/5!!

Superb week in SCU4/5! Here are some snaps of the boys engaged in their reading, literacy, numeracy and Art activities. We had a special guest, Mr Bell, in this week for music; the boys loved him! We are looking forward to showcasing even more of our tremendous efforts in school when we get Seesaw after the Halloween break. We are immensely proud of each of the boys and how well they have settled back into school life; you should be very proud. Stay safe and enjoy the holidays.

Another fab week in SCU 4/5! Here are a few snaps of the boys enjoying numeracy activities (estimation and place value outdoor learning), table top fun with the dinosaurs, Autumn art and a very musical changeover with Miss Lowry. As you can see, there are a lot of happy, smiling boys; who have settled back into school incredibly well. We are all so proud of their efforts and resilience. Have a lovely weekend! Mr Totten

Another great week in SCU4/5! The boys have worked really hard on all of their tasks and had plenty of fun along the way. Below are a few snaps of them in action. We have painting of our salt dough models, ordinal numbers, numicon number bonds and circle time, all pictured below. Circle time is something we do every morning and after lunch. It is a great way to settle everyone and practise our communication skills, listening, turn-taking and attention. Have a lovely weekend everyone! Mr T

SCU 4/5 enjoyed their first virtual assembly this week. It was a little strange compared to normal, but it was a lovely experience to share virtually. Well done to Matthew, our Pupil of The Week.

Some more awesome work from SCU 4/5 this week. Today we have been listening to an extract from ‘The Twits’ and looking for adjectives. We used our listening skills to help us sketch what Mr and Mrs Twit look like. As you can see, the boys did a phenomenal job. There are also some snaps of them working hard in their comprehension activities this morning. They really are a super bunch!

The boys have been working really hard in numeracy this week and learning all about place value. They have been using bead strings (they call these my necklace) and dienes apparatus for finding out about groups of tens and ones. They really enjoyed making and modelling salt dough too. That was a fantastic idea by one of the boys last week!

Here are a few more snaps to end a fantastic week in SCU 4/5. We have Logan receiving his ‘Pupil of The Week’ award; David getting his PE ‘Star of The Week’ award and Matthew reading one of his favourite stories to the class. Have a great weekend everyone!

‘Human Snakes & Ladders’ was an absolute hit with the boys today! They all practiced their counting on, turn-taking and good sportsmanship at the end. Plenty of chalk was needed for this one!!

A few more snaps! We have TJ getting his Pupil of The Week certificate last Friday; we have the boys enjoying their snack time and social interaction; we have the boys making a thank you card for Mrs Kania-Gunning (she bought us Stars Wars sticker books when she heard the boys loved Star Wars) and we have the boys working hard doing their news writing. What a super bunch!

We have arrived at the end of another action packed week back at Killard House! The boys have been excellent and worked their socks off. As you can see, we had a visitor in school today who goes by the name of John. See if you can spot ‘John’ in the background of one of our photos, and ask your child about him. The boys also enjoyed the new sensory pathway, re-creating iconic pictures (after some road safety learning in a controlled, safe environment) and their first music lesson with Mr Scates. Have a great weekend everyone! Mr Totten, Mrs Cooling and Miss Corry

The boys have had a wonderful first week back in school. They have enjoyed re-establishing their friendships; making a new classmate feel welcome; getting to know me (Mr Totten); lots of team bonding games; outdoor play/learning and their new favourite - outdoor number bingo on their individual whiteboards. The boys particularly enjoyed the hand washing experiment. We used gloves and paint for this. The idea was to make sure we got paint on every part of our hands, as this represented the soap that we needed to get rid of any germs. Credit to Mr Marshall for this excellent lesson idea. You’ll also notice their ‘Back to school buddy’ in some of their pictures. These have proved an excellent purchase and helped the boys with any anxiety or worry. Make sure to ask your child about his ‘buddy’! Have a great weekend everyone and we look forward to doing it all again next week.