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What a brilliant Easter week in school. We had some dance exercises to start the week. We painted and rolled eggs....brilliant race and lots of laughs. We had a beautiful continental breakfast morning....everybody was stuffed afterwards. We had an egg hunt and enjoyed eating them to the final of The Masked Singer. Brilliant term everyone. Enjoy your Easter and we will see you all for a fun summer term 😊

Year 10 have been great this week. We had great fun with dance and yoga. We learnt about St Patrick and why we celebrate him. We explored inventors for British science week and by making our own inventions or researching inventions that get over looked and show casing them to the class. The class did a great job speaking in front of each other, I was very proud of them. The class brought out their competitive side during dodge ball, it was great to see them challenge each other. We finished the week by making Lemon buns. Another super week by Year 10.

Another fantastic week in year 10. It was lovely to have some more people back and it starting to feel more normal again. We went for walks, had a go on rope swings, learnt about National Women’s Day and the fight they have gone through. We made Mother’s Day cards and candle holder, painted using water colours, revised our clocks and completed spring time comprehensions. The class danced, squatted and stretched during our workout classes. We ate delicious homemade potato bread for St Patrick’s day. Looking forward to next week. Have a great weekend everyone 😊

Tobey playing 7 Nation Army

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This week in school we had great fun doing different exercise classes, we had dance, Joe Wicks and yoga. We explored colours in Miss Lowry’s science class making rainbow spinners. We went for a lovely walk and met some friendly dogs. The class enjoyed stroking them. We made some beautiful flowers for our indoor flower meadow. We finished the week by celebrating Harry’s birthday. Well done everyone 😊

Rainbow spinner

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We made rainbow spinners this week in science.

Years 9 and 10 have had a busy week. We have continued to keep fit with Joe Wicks. In maths, we completed tasks on measurement and we enjoyed our literacy work learning about Hachiko, a faithful dog from Japan. We researched some facts about Japan and compared them to our own country. Floating and sinking was our science topic and we finished the week with making pancakes and cress heads. Happy weekend :)

Week 4 as a combined bubble as year 9/10. We started the week with a brisk walk to the lighthouse, boy was it breezy! It certainly blew some of the cobwebs away from the weekend. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we sewed hearts with different colours of threads and also learnt how to draw anime characters which was really fun. For PE we completed Joe Wicks three times this week, I’m sure you will all enjoy the break next week! To finish the week we had a class party, sat back and enjoyed a movie! Happy half terms guys :)

Really busy week on Year 9, 10 bubble. We have still been taking part in Joe Wicks P.E lessons 3 times a week. The class have really enjoyed learning about Japan this week and what food they eat. We made sushi in class using chop stick. We had a competition to see who could lift the most MnMs using their chop sticks. The class have enjoyed the online technology and science lessons. Have a great weekend everyone.

Another great week in our joint bubble. The class had a great time searching for ice and and exploring the beach. We had brilliant fun doing Japanese on fish. The class worked hard completing Miss Lowry's eco cubes and movement puppets. The class enjoyed making muffins, we burned those off by completing Joe Wicks 3 times! Super job everyone.

It has been a great first week as a joint Year 9, 10 class. We have had a busy week learning about Japan, Oceans as our topics. We learned about the geography of Japan and we got to paint with Japanese brushes. In the topic of Oceans we learned about the geographical landscape of the oceans and the different layers. We also enjoyed Miss Lowry's online class on eco schools and 3D shapes. We got competitive during our Family Fortunes quiz. The class burned some energy during three Joe Wick sessions. Brilliant week everybody, well done!

We had a great week this week, with lots of different types of learning. We completed Joe Wicks workouts 3 times this week. We have been focusing on the topic of birds, we looked at British birds, migrations and why birds and other animals do it and made awesome bird feeders. The class made some lovely winter art and went for a walk with a ice cream. Looking forward to next week already 🙂

We had a very different but great first week back to school after Christmas. We started some new topics, went for walks, did some lovely art/experiments and made pancakes with bacon.

Our Thaumatropes

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We looked at some old animation techniques and made some bird thaumatropes.

Elliott won our Awesome Award. Well done!

Christmas party food, Home Alone 2 and Coby’s birthday. Great day!

We braved the cold and made s’mores down at the lighthouse, toasted mallows and chocolate digestives. Yummy!

We had a great time relaxing eating pizza and ice cream while watching a movie for our reward day.

In science we were studying about light and that it is made up of 7 different colours.

We have been working on a tourist brochure the last couple of weeks, some of the class presented their information to the class. Well done guys.

In numeracy this week, we were working on our place value for 2 digit and 3 digit numbers. Well done everyone.

In literacy this week we completed our book reviews on The Hunger Games. Everyone enjoyed the book especially the gory parts.

We made some yummy Christmas fudge in H.E this week. We enjoyed it in the afternoon with some hot chocolate.

Wee looked at light and how that affects the shadow and darkness of a shape. We looked at how to shade a cylinder.

In science this week we used an app called iMovie. They had to make an informative trailer on renewable energy. They enjoyed learning how to make the trailer and adding all the details to make the effects.

Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

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In literacy this week, we looked at some of the new Christmas adverts that are on tv at the minute. They had to write a story board for one that they preferred . They had to look at the main event, the problem and the solution. Well done everyone.

In numeracy this week we looked at odd an even numbers, and what 3D shapes roll aNd why. We also had two shops in class to keep us learn how to communicate with shop tellers, how to use our money and knowing the correct change. Everyone worked really hard while having fun.

Year 10 was very excited to have won class of the month for November. Well done guys!!

Thomas Hanna was our Awesome Award winner this week for always being a great friend to everyone. Well done Thomas

I had made a deal with Tobey if he learnt how to tie his laces during the week I would buy him a bar of chocolate. Well done Tobey!

This week we made a lovely chicken tikka masala in H.E. Everyone enjoyed trying something new.

This week we had to make a warning poster about drugs and why they are dangerous. It was great making these on the new iPads.

This week we moved onto physics in science, we had a discussion about energy and how renewable can be made. I was very impressed by everyone’s knowledge of wind farm and tidal energy.

We worked on our place value and odds and evens during numeracy this week.

We had to fit in some more practices before our big recording on Wednesday. They all sounded amazing.

We played a game of teeth to start of our hygiene class 5is week. Always brings a lot of laughs.

Coby won our Awesome Award for always just being a great. Well done Coby.

We finished our topic of flowers in science this week. Building our own flower. In H.E we made some delicious French went down a treat. We got a great practice in of our Christmas bauble pro for ace, some great singing happening. Well done everyone.

In literacy we played a rhyming game and completed some cut and stick exercises.

In numeracy this week we studied 2D and 3D shape and went Christmas shopping in class during money work.

This week we looked at mouth hygiene and the affects of cigarettes on our bodies. It brought up good discussion within the class.

Imogen won our Awesome Award this week for doing everything that was asked of her without any fuss. Well done Imogen 😊

It was Children in Need day in school today. We iced and made Gingerbread men with a Pudsey theme. Delicious!

In science this week we learnt about bee pollination. We had to make bees and then moved around the room trying to find the right flowers that had nectar. The nectar was covered in “pollen”. The class got to see how this pollen would attach itself to them and be moved from flower to flower. Great fun.

Bee pollination

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In E+S this week we had to research a location in Northern Ireland and find out some of its main features. We will then be making a brochure for a tourist information centre. In art we painted water colour poppies using wax resist. They turned out great.

We worked hard in our numeracy lessons this week.

This week the class were given their own set of iPads. We started to use them straight away to do some work on Remembrance Day. We used an app called WordFoto. Later on in the week during our literacy lesson we wrote some acrostic poems. Well done everyone.

We started the week looking at body changes and how that affects our hygiene. We will be focusing on this over the next lot of weeks.

Aaron was won our awesome award for always having a super attitude. Well done Aaron!

During our H.E we made some homemade butter and soda bread. The class loved seeming the cream turning into butter. We had a great discussion about why people would have done this in the past. We had a great feed after playing in the playground.

The class have been looking at different substances that we put into our body and which ones are good for us and which ones are bad. We had a discussion about what substances people might need to help them in their everyday life.

We had a go at still life art this week looking at some of the autumnal fruit and veg. We had to look at their colours and textures. We decided to use the medium oil pastels for the first time this year.

In science the class had a very close look at the parts of a flower. We had volunteers come up, pick a part of the flower and tell the class about its functions. Super scientists.

During numeracy this week the class looked at number patterns in their differentiated groups. We also did some practical clock work followed by a cut and stick exercise to underpin the practical work. It was great to see everyone working hard.

We started our week back with a Hallowe'en themed day. With fancy dress, movies and a party. Thomas won the KPS colouring competition. A great day was had by everyone.

Jude Langga deservedly won our awesome award this week, for continually making good decisions and putting lots of effort into his work. Well done Jude 👍🏻

Year 10 had a great morning talking about the ingredients used to make buttermilk pancakes. We talked about the butter making process and want to try it when they get back from half term. They all went out to break with full bellies. Have a great half term everyone 😊

We had a great time doing art this week. We made awesome autumn trees using broccoli to give great texture. The class then took part in a school colouring competition for the KPS but we will have to wait and see who wins this when we come back on the 2nd.

We looked at some Northern Ireland landmarks and played some hang man with the places we had looked at and discussed. Finished by marking some on our individual maps.

Year 10 spent time looking at 2D shapes this week. Having a guess who quiz and the completing some work. Well done guys.

Jude deserved our awesome reward this week. He has been a great help in class and also been a great friend to those that need help most in that area. Very proud of you Jude. Well done.

We had a great FRYday 😊 in year 10 this week. Making a delicious fry in our H.E lesson. We learnt about setting the table, and different manners we need at the table. We looked at the type of eggs we had and their different parts. We finished the day working of our fry with a walk to the water tower before the weather changes. Have a great weekend everyone.

Our class did a great job collecting for the food banks this week, they had a great discussion on the importance of helping those in need.

During E+S and science we looked at the geography of Northern Ireland and the parts of a flower in science. In e+s we looked at the different counties, using the saying "it’s not your ma it’s Armagh". Lots of laughs. In science, we dissected flowers and laminated the dissections. Everyone worked really hard.

We looked at some number and clock work this week. A group worked within TU while some others tried HTU. They all did great. We did some practical work with the clocks in our groups and then completed some worksheets. Well done everyone.

We split into two groups with Mr McCormick and and looked at all the different vocabulary used around autumn time. Looking at smell, sight, sounds and colours.

Tobey earned the Awesome Award this week. Well done!!

Year 10s have been missing H.E due to the current situation. However we are trying to do as much as possible in class with cooking demonstrations. This week we made Rockie Roads, we liked trying the ingredients but enjoyed eating the results even more. 😊

Year 10 have the topic of Autumn and Plant life over the next lot of weeks. We went to the nearby woods to collect leaves for some art projects that will be happening in class. We studied flowers in science and the different parts that make up a flower. As the weather was so good the last couple of days, the Year 10s have been out doing some horticulture. They had to dig up all the old flowers and bulbs and add in new compost to the flower planters. They had a ball being outside in the fresh air and getting their hands dirty. Great job guys.

To start the week of Year 10 worked hard doing some creative writing. They had to use art which had been made from the week before to create a story. They then had the opportunity to read their story in front of the class if they wanted to. Well done Year 10.

Awesome Award goes to Kameron for a great start to Year 10. Well done!

Year 10 take time to discuss how they feel and then write about it in their feelings diary.

Year 10 have created dragon and lizard scales by taking rubbings, making repeat patterns and using wax resist with crayons and watercolours. We think their colourful dragons look fabulous!

Year 10 had a brilliant busy week this week. We collected stones, painted them and left them down at the lighthouse for everyone to see. We learned lots about Roald Dahl and did some focused work and art based on his stories and Quentin Blake’s illustrations. They all really enjoyed it and worked hard. Well done guys. We also had a great time down at the Commons, enjoying the sun and fresh air.