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Mr Nelson

Year 10 had a brilliant busy week this week. We collected stones, painted them and left them down at the lighthouse for everyone to see. We learnt lots about Roald Dahl and did some focused work and art based on his stories and Quentin Blake’s illustrations. They all really enjoyed it and worked hard. Well done guys. We also had a great time down at the Commons enjoying the sun and fresh air.

Roald Dalh work and Quentin Blake art.

Year 10 can sew! They practiced running stitch and some can do the blanket stitch. Here is their sewing on leaves - with colouring in and collage too.

Science Experiment: Why soap works. We predicted what would happen when we put our finger in the bowl of herbs. We then dipped out finger in fairy liquid and did the same. We saw the herbs moved away from the soap and learned about how soap keeps germs away.

Today John the Parrot came to Killard. We enjoyed meeting him, drawing pictures of him, learning lots of parrot facts, watching videos and writing parrot facts.

It has been lovely having everyone back in school. We have had a great week getting settled back and seeing our friends. During the week we made a sea jelly bloom using watercolours using different technique. We also had a paper aeroplane design and flying competition. Great to see everyone having fun again.