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Brilliant week in year 10. We started some new topics this week. The pupils discussed the topic of Extreme Earth, looking at natural disasters and weather. We also started the topic of RSE, looking at puberty and why we go through it. The class studied some of the Northern Ireland wild life and made some clay grey seals. Year 10 made some delicious Fifteens which they enjoyed in class. Super week everybody.

Year 10 have had a lovely week. In HE they were learning about different ways to measure items and done so well Mrs Dowling made them delicious waffles with a scoop of ice cream. On Wednesday afternoon Mrs Hammond treated them to a Stormy Cup where they had coke or hot chocolate with a tray bake, what a wonderful treat! During our topic of Diversity, we created great art pictures using faces from different cultures around the world. It included people that are from different ethnic backgrounds , age, disabilities, hair colour etc, was great to see them come together.

Brilliant first week back for Year 10. We looked at 3/4 fractions in numeracy. In science we studied how sound is made, by sound energy vibrating particles. It was a very noisy class. The pupils had a great first swimming lesson and cannot wait to get back next week. Year 10 took some brilliant pictures and had a go at editing them in cool different ways. Super first week back.

Year 10 had a super final week of term. We had lots of fun completing Easter activities. The class enjoyed drawing realistic Easter rabbits using Art Hub. Year 10 then went to the Water Tower and had an egg rolling competition, it was very competitive and Liam came out victorious. We finished the week with some Mario Kart, pizza, party food and a movie. Have a lovely safe Easter everyone.

Year 10 have loved being out in the sunshine this week even though it has been cold. The class really enjoyed our science this week. We looked at what reflections are and how they work. We made our own periscopes and had a battle trying to read each others codes. We cooked a beautiful stir fry in H.E which lots of the class tried. On Thursday we had a go at taking portraits of our class mates around the school grounds. One week to go until we are off for Easter.

Year 10 have loved have the spring weather in Donaghadee. We have been out lots for different subjects. We went shadow hunting for our science topic light and sound. We then tried to find signs of spring for our photography lessons. We studied the Titanic, we looked at a cross section of it and found where the different class stayed on the boat. The class also went shopping at Gordon’s looking at the different types of toothpaste and oral hygiene, some bought toothpaste and others went to Pattons for a pancake. In H.E we looked at how much sugar was in different foods, the class was shocked to find out how much sugar was in some normal dinner time foods. Another lovely week in Year 10.

A short week in year 10. We worked hard on our numeracy skills, looking at carrying and decomposition. In science we studied light and how it moves and breaks down into different colours. We made our own rhymes for remembering the rainbow. The class went and looked at the new bench in town made from the stones thanking the NHS. We had to have a go in the new park when we were there. We finished the week celebrating Liam’s birthday. Have a lovely long weekend everyone.

Year 10 had a super week. We loved have Mrs Webb back with us and nearly having a full class. We started lots of new topics. We started to look at the Titanic, we wrote down something we already know about the Titanic and something we would like to know. We started a new science topic of light and sound and how different energies are transferred. The class enjoyed going down to the pack lunch room, playing some social games. 3 day week next week. Well done year 10.

We have had a super busy week in year 10 this week. We started the week discussing what is happening in the Ukraine with Russia. Some great questions and thoughts. We them made advertising posters for local tourist attractions in Northern Ireland. We had Mrs Pollock teach us the next day and made some lovely pancakes for Pancake Tuesday. We then designed our own sweets for our theme of Charlie and the chocolate factory for World Book Day. On Wednesday we made more pancakes with Mrs Dowling. We played Battleships against our friends to practice our coordinates skills. We finished the day learning about Quentin Blake and how he draws. We had a go ourselves using Sketches Pro app on our iPads. Finally on Thursday we were learning about the differences between fiction and non fiction books and designed our own. We presented these in front of our class. Super week everyone. Well done 🙂

Stop Motion

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The class have been working really hard on story boarding, designing and filming their stop motions. They are very happy with their results.


Grace K

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Dylan and Paul

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Chelsea, Rachel and Grace L

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Year 10 worked very hard this week. Some of the groups completed their stop motions and are looking forward to watching them altogether. We finished our science topic on plants and why they are important. We had a class competition of who could fit through a piece of A4 paper. Very funny to watch. Everyone is working hard and trying their best.

Year 10 have been great this half term getting through those dark mornings. We had another lovely week with trips out on the Wednesday bus to practice our shopping skills. We also made a good dent into our stop motion making. We had a go ourselves at pollinating flowers. Thanks for another super week everyone and see you after our break. 😊

Year 9 and 10 Cross Country


A massive well done to all pupils in Year 9 and 10, who completed set tasks in cross country over the past three weeks. You all are super stars!! smiley

Masked Tasker Year 9 and 10

It was was nice to see faces that had been of for a while back with us. We had a busy week in Yr10. We studied pollination in science and what that means. The class wrote their own winter poem as a team. We drew out our stories for our stop motions, so they will be ready to be made in the coming weeks. The class made delicious egg fried rice in H.E. It was another super week. Well done everyone.

We have had a smaller year 10 this week but have worked really hard still. We found out all about the counties of Northern Ireland, ask about FATLAD. We had a good laugh using it’s not your ma it’s Armagh. The class discussed about the different job roles of a flower and plant. We have been looking at how we should use our phones and iPads responsibly, such as good manners and bad manners when using our devices. We wrote our own poems this week about what our senses feel during winter. Year 10 have been brilliant. Well done.

Brilliant week in Year 10. We started practicing our calculator skills, using either their own mobile phone or a school calculator. We looked at descriptive words that are used in winter to help with our winter poems. We also made beautiful flower art and play dough for our stop motion. Well done everybody 🙂

1st full week done and we started a lot of new topics. This term we shall be looking at Plants, Co-ordinates and Poetry. We went out on Tuesday for our social walk to The Moat and the weather was beautiful for January! Also Yr10 love playing games and a great opportunity to develop social skills, we got out Uno, Frustration and pool on the whiteboard. Have a great weekend everyone.

Brilliant first week back in 2022. Was lovely to see everyone and to hear all about their Christmas break. We had a busy week, looking at banking, some lovely stretching with our class yoga. We also looked at the pits and peaks of our week and how we get turn those pits into peaks. Well done everyone.

Final week done and only a couple of days to go. We have had a really fun week in year 10, getting into the Christmas spirit. We made some lovely crafts and played some funny games. We stuffed ourselves at our Christmas party and had a great time. Only a couple of fun days to go. Well done everyone.

One week closer to get off for the holidays! This week we made Christmas shortbread which was absolutely delicious. We also done a lot of Christmas activities to get us in the spirit, from beautiful clay candle holders and Christmas decorations to lovely Christmas tree cards. Yr10 have no excuse now to make their own beds, they can now fit sheets, put on duvet covers and pillow cases! Super proud of them all. Have a great weekend guys, only 7.5 school days to go

We had so much fun this week in Yr 10. We ended up with Santa, Mrs Clause, elves and people in Christmas jumpers taking over and making a really amazing Christmas video. They were all fantastic and a member of the public left them all a box of biscuits to say how lovely they were. In art we are continuing aboriginal art and drew fantastic animal pictures. On Thursday we went to The Stormy cup to use our class of the month money. Some had hot chocolate, lattes and even fizzy drinks. It was a lovely morning out. Yr 10 love playing games, we got out dobble, connect 4, chess and even curling on the white board. Have a super weekend 😊

Friday again and we have had another exciting week! In PE we are learning the importance of stretching and working on building our fitness levels. The time finally came too dissecting a cows heart in science!! It was huge and we got to see the different chambers, main artery, and even some blood clots. This week was Anti-bullying week and we focused on one kind word and figuring out different ways we can show kindness to people. PSNI also paid us a visit this week to talk about online bullying and how to stay safe. In HE everyone made some very tasty buns for ‘’Children in Need’ and decorated them in class. Have a great weekend everyone and see you again next week for more fun.

It’s been a busy week in Yr10! In HE we made yummy cheese and ham toasties which went down a treat for breakfast. We have been working on a new topic ‘Drugs for Mugs’ and we’re learning what is good and bad, this week we focused on how do we keep our bodies healthy and what professional would we need to see if we were sick or broke a leg etc. On Thursday it was Remembrance Day and over the past few months we have been learning all about WW2. We made watercolour poppies and have started to watch the film Dunkirk which we were learning about this week. Have a great weekend!!

The Amazon Jungle visited Killard today and what a treat it was. We got to see a snake, lizard, tortoise, frog and even a tarantula. Grace K was extremely brave and even held the tarantula 🕷

Great to see everyone after a week off! We enjoyed a lovely walk down to the lighthouse finished off with time in the park which is always fun. Year 10 also made beautiful autumnal trees using watercolours.

Year 10 got Class of the Month for October! Well done guys, well deserved

Happy Halloween Year 10 👻🎃! We have had a great week with loads of fun activities and to finish the week off great Mr Nelson and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby boy this morning. Huge Congrats Mr N!

Mr Nelson returned on Thursday and was very happy to see his Year 10 class. We have had a great week learning about WW2 propaganda and why it was used. They made delicious Spanish omelettes in H.E. One week to go of fun Hallowe’en activities. Well done guys for working so hard.

Another great week in Year 10.We worked hard in numeracy using our 100 squares.Liam and Chelsea had the winning streak when they both won at bingo.Pupils enjoyed talking about WW2 and learning about evacuees- we made evacuee name tags to decorate one of our classroom boards.

In HE we made cheesy garlic bread and agreed it was delicious( much better than shop bought)! We enjoyed some reading and listened to Mrs Dowling read our class novel.
All in all an enjoyable and productive week !

Year 10 had another great week.We made our own pizzas with a yeast dough and put our own topping on .

We learnt about hand washing and the importance of washing hands before preparing or eating food.As we are now in Autumn we did some lovely Autumn leaves using pointillism.Mrs Dowling was impressed with our reading and numeracy skills.Well done Year 10!

A fully packed week in year 10. We learnt about evacuees and the Blitz. We made amazing oil pastel Spitfires. In science we made blood and learnt about some of its features. In numeracy we refreshed our knowledge about coins and money. We did an experiment about soap and what it does to bacteria. Bus week and everyone was great.

Year 10 had a fantastic week. We have been super busy learning about Evacuees, blood and Rapid Read. We had great fun learning about The Fresh Prince of Belair. We learnt about pulse and how to rap. Paul did a great job rapping the whole song. Well done year 10. See you next week.

We had a brilliant first full week in Year 10. Everyone has worked hard and taken he changes in their stride. Well done year 10. Looking forward to what we are doing next week already 🙂