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Mr Nelson

A fully packed week in year 10. We learnt about evacuees and the Blitz. We made amazing oil pastel Spitfires. In science we made blood and learnt about some of its features. In numeracy we refreshed our knowledge about coins and money. We did an experiment about soap and what it does to bacteria. Bus week and everyone was great.

Year 10 had a fantastic week. We have been super busy learning about Evacuees, blood and Rapid Read. We had great fun learning about The Fresh Prince of Belair. We learnt about pulse and how to rap. Paul did a great job rapping the whole song. Well done year 10. See you next week.

We had a brilliant first full week in Year 10. Everyone has worked hard and taken he changes in their stride. Well done year 10. Looking forward to what we are doing next week already 🙂