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Mr McKeown

Week Commencing Monday 7th September 2020.

Social Activities: We begin each day with some social activities as we arrive in the class as a way of settling into the day and developing our social communication skills.

Guided Reading: We each read our differentiated ‘Bug Club’ books, completing our individual activity written sheets to match. We worked quietly and sensibly, asking for support as necessary.

Birthday Party: This week we celebrated Emma’s birthday party with party food and birthday music! Happy birthday Emma!

Literacy – Constructive Sentences: For our Literacy we were looking at sentence construction, focussing on how many informative sentences tell you ‘who, what, where, when, and why’ something is happening. We then created our own informative sentences, using interesting animals for the ‘who’ part of our sentence constructions.

Music – Evoking emotions: Mr Scates arrived for our Music lesson, and we were learning about how Music can be used to evoke certain emotions, using tempo, rhythm, tone and more.

Numeracy – Times tables quick recall: For our Numeracy we were able to complete differentiated activity sheets called ‘Times Tables Race’ sheets, which were written activity sheets aimed to further consolidate our abilities to recall the times-tables in a quicker and more concise manner.

Art – Designing a lion: We followed a step-by-step process in order to draw and design our own lions, as part of our animal kingdom topic.

ICT – Venn Diagrams: We began our ICT task, where we were required to answer questions by demonstrating and acquiring knowledge of animal classifications with a ‘Venn Diagram’ sorting activity.

Topic/Literacy – Animal Ark Adjectives: For our topic of ‘The Animal Kingdom,’ we looked at the story of Noah and the ark. We discussed the contents of the story and then we focussed on adjectives, by creating a list of as many animals as we could think of, along with a list if adjectives to describe each animal.

PDMU – What makes a good friend: For our PDMU we heard a story called ‘Androcles and the lion,’ which is one of Aesop’s famous ancient fables, The fable has a satisfying moral: ‘A kindness is often repaid.’ We discussed the moral and the importance of demonstrating friendship even when it’s difficult to do so. We then moved over to our tables to write extensively about what makes a good friend, what doesn’t make a good friend, providing practical examples.

Numeracy – Multiplication Bingo: We took part in a multiplication bingo challenge, where we were to work on our quick recall, using written calculations to help us with our working out when necessary.

Welcome back to school SCU 6!

McKeown is our new teacher. Mr Black and Miss Murphy are our classroom assistants.

Below are pictures of what we have been up to this week. Happy scrolling!

Week Commencing Tuesday 1st September 2020.

Social Activities: We begin each day with some social activities as we arrive in the class as a way of settling into the day and developing our social communication skills.

Setting up – Pencil case design: We were able to decorate our own pencil cases that we have been provided with to keep in the classroom, with our own respected stationary.

Literacy – Lockdown Questionnaire: We enjoyed taking part in a Literacy questionnaire, describing our lockdown experiences, along with taking part in a wordsearch challenge.

Literacy – All About Me: For a Literacy activity, we were able to begin a written activity called ‘All About Me.’ This is where we were each given differentiated activity sheets that required us to write about ourselves.

Topic – Animal Classification: We began looking at our new topic, ‘The Animal Kingdom’ by focussing on ‘animal classification,’ or what different groups animals can be found in. (Mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, minibeasts, etc.) We then worked in partners to group pictures of animals into the correct classification, (a monkey in the mammal section, for example), and then write a short segment about each classification.

Art – Dinosaurs and mugs: For a therapeutic arts and crafts activity, linked to our Topic of the animal kingdom, we focussed on our creative skills by painting dinosaur moneyboxes and mugs.

ICT – Superbugs: For our ICT, we were taking part in a Literacy-based programme that required us to create our own ‘Superbugs,’ and describe its features in detail, remembering full punctuation, adjectives, and descriptive sentences.

Donaghadee Library: We walked over to Donaghadee Library at our booked slot when the Library was empty. We were able to find books suitable for us and enjoyed reading independently within the Library. We each borrowed books, and we headed back to the school.

Numeracy – Maths Explosion: We took part in a Numeracy activity called ‘Maths Explosion.’ This is where we were each given a number in the centre of an explosion drawing, and our challenge was to find ways¬¬¬ of creating that number by either adding or subtracting, (or, for some of us, multiplying) the numbers around the explosion. We were able to test our addition, subtraction and multiplication skills.

ICT – Animal Kingdom E-books: For a computer/Literacy based activity, we were focussing on minibeasts, reptiles and amphibians. We were provided with an online, interactive information book about said animal groups. We spent some time reading the e-book, and then, with the information provided, we used an ‘interactive information template,’ where we were to create our own information books by selecting headings, footers, pictures and descriptive texts.

Art – Starburst: We took part in an Art lesson called ‘Starburst Art.’ This was an art process, where we followed step by step instructions to create a drawing of an explosion made up of triangle tessellations.

Topic – Animal Parts: For a Topic lesson, we were required to create our own jumbled up creatures, containing animal body parts from every animal classification! We were then required to label each classification, along with giving our invented creatures creative names to match their profiles.

Numeracy – Dice Times Tables: For our Numeracy, we were required us to work in partners, and take it in turns to roll either one or two dice (depending what group we were in). With the numbers we rolled, we were to add, subtract or multiply the numbers to the last number we rolled, with the aim of reaching a particular target number, given to us separately in our groups.