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Mr McCormick

May 9th 2022 - Year 12

It was ‘all go’ this week in Year 12. 
In English, we researched different locations that appear in Skulduggery Pleasant. We recalled what happened at each location and why they were important to the story. Then we decided on a new location for our novel to take place and why.
We continued looking at our 2D shapes in Maths, focusing on different shapes' symmetry and properties. 
With Mrs Davey, Year 12 were creating landscapes using Snapseed to edit images.
In PE, Year 12 were learning to high-jump with Mrs Curry. I swear some people had springs in their shoes. 
Mrs Dowling taught Year 12 how to make buns, which tasted as good as they smelt. 
We completed our France topic in Personal Skills, this week. After looking at the French lifestyle, we made Pain Perdu (French Toast). Delicious! 
On Tuesday, Year 12 were given the opportunity to attend a tennis coaching session with Johnny and Callum at Donaghadee Tennis Courts. Year 12 had a great time and we hope to be back soon.
Continuing our sporting success, on Thursday Year 12 attended the Interschool Cross Country Competition at Queen’s Playing Fields with pupils from Year 10,11 and Post-16. We competed against three other schools in a gruelling endurance race. We were all so impressed with how well everyone ran and how supportive they were of their team-mates. Suzi won 1st for the Senior Girls, with the Senior Girls team coming 3rd and the Senior Boys team coming 1st for the first time! An amazing result!

May 2nd 2022 - Year 12

It is hard to believe we have only been back for two weeks!
In English, we recalled the different locations in our novel Skulduggery Pleasant and what happened there.  
We continued working with our 2D shapes and their properties in Maths. We developed our number skills by using the column method. 
With Mrs Dowling in Home Management, Year 12 made fifteens. Delicious!
In Art, Year 12 were looking at their emotions with Mrs Davey.
On Thursday, Year 12 went to the polls to choose Killard’s next Head Boy and Girl. It will be a very close race and we look forward to the results on Graduation day. 

April 28th 2022 - Year 12

Welcome back to Year 12’s last term this year. Where has the time gone? 
In Maths, we started our new unit looking at Shapes. We continued developing our number skills by learning how to add using the column addition. 
We looked at using verbs in sentences to develop our literacy skills. We rescued Skulduggery in our novel and continued the story with our own endings. Some great detailing and describing!
As the summer term begins, we have started our Horticulture unit by designing a garden for the waste area beside the Hive. Some amazing designs including climbing frames, tree houses, beaches and fire pits. 
In PE with Mrs Curry, Year 12 have started their new athletic programme by practising shot put. 
We have started our The World Around Us topic as chosen by Year 12. We started learning about France and finding out key information about the country. 
With Mrs Dowling, Year 12 made some delicious scones.

April 4th 2022 - Year 12

It is hard to believe we are at the end of another term!
Another super busy week in Year 12. From cooking stir-fry in Home Management with Mrs Dowling, to shooting hoops in PE with Mrs Curry. Adding and subtracting to adjectives and nouns. Year 12 even put on an Art show mid-week. After all that, they then competed in the Hutch & Hive House Cup Sports Challenge courtesy of Mr Marshall, and had a fantastic BBQ from the chef-extraordinaire Mr Scates. For all their hard work this term, they definitely deserve a break. Happy Easter to you all, I am looking forward to what the next term brings us. 


March 28th 2022 - Year 12

Another fantastic and busy week in Year 12.
Mrs Curry was teaching more basketball skills this week in PE. I think we may have some Tiggers in disguise from how high they can jump.
In English, we were identifying nouns and adding adjectives to make sentences more interesting and exciting. 
Year 12 concluded our Maths topic of Position and Space, and continued working on our number skills in adding and subtracting. 
With Mrs Davey, Year 12 were adding the finishing touches to their coursework and artwork.
On Tuesday, the next round of the Hutch and Hive House Cup was completed. Year 11,12,13, and 14 had to complete an escape room challenge set by Mr McCormick. There was great ingenuity and teamwork on show as everyone solved the clues to escape, but there is one puzzle left to solve which is for another time. First place went to Copeland, second to Lighthouse and third to Moat. Well done everyone. 
Year 12 were extremely hardworking this week as we completed our coursework for our Maths and English. At times, there were almost flames from the speed everyone was working. After all that hard work, Year 12 won Class of the Month! We cannot wait to decide what to spend our prize money on. 

March 21st 2022 Year 12

It is great to see the weather improving this week. 
Year 12 were shooting hoops in PE with Mrs Curry. 
In English, we choose a Taken Name using synonyms and how we describe ourselves, just like Skulduggery Pleasant. We practised our reading and spelling skills using Wordle and Boggle. 
As the weather was so good, we travelled to key tourist locations in Donaghadee. It was lovely until the flies came along for a tour. 
In Orchardville, Year 12 discussed their relationships and friendships. 
Year 12 are almost finished their faces and written work for Art with Mrs Davey.
Starting, stopping and traffic lights were the focus of Cycling Proficiency this week. Lots of great form from everyone trying to perfect these skills. 

How can so much be fitted in only three days?
Year 12 were sports stars playing basketball in PE with Mrs Curry.
To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, Mrs Dowling made soda bread with Year 12. Mrs Dowling was so impressed with how domestic everyone was. 
The Hutch and Hive House Cup completed our second challenge this week, set by Miss Lowry. ‘Get Crafty’ had everyone create a team mascot for Lighthouse, Copeland and Moat. Judging will be completed by Mrs Yeates. We cannot wait to hear the results. 
Our faces are almost finished in Art with Mrs Davey. Lots of wigs, paints and eyelashes flying around. 
In English, we looked at the meanings of our names. From soldiers and handsome to precious and pure, Year 12’s names really suit them. 
We have almost completed our Position and Space unit in Maths. Year 12 really excelled themselves completing some tricky topics including coordinates.  


March 7th 2022 Year 12

Where does the time go? Hard to believe we are in March already. 
Our Maths work this week had Year 12 turning turtles by the end as we continued looking at Movement and Coordinates. 
We fear for Skulduggery’s safety in our novel as he has been abducted! We hope one of the creatures from the caves didn’t get a hold of him, especially the creatures Year 12 created. Some were a little too frightening for Mr McCormick. 
In Home Management, Year 12 made scrambled eggs with Mrs Dowling. 
With Mrs Davey, we continued making our faces using mod-rock. Someone had better call Madame Tussaud’s and see if they need some new modellers, as Year 12 are fantastic at making their faces. 
In Personal Skills, Year 12 were looking at building self-confidence and how this can affect our mental health. We had a brilliant discussion about different physical and mental illnesses, and how we can help our own mental health. 

February 28th 2022 - Year 12

A busy week for Year 12. 
Year 12 welcomed Miss Swords this week as Mrs Logan was off. 
The Year 12 Killard Globetrotters were on form in basketball for PE. Amazing shots, refereeing and dribbling skills on show. 
In English, we practised our spelling and literacy skills, and celebrated World Book Day. We read more of our novel and can’t wait to see how Skulduggery and Stephanie will escape the vampires. 
Pancake Tuesday was celebrated in Home Management with Mrs Dowling. Really delicious pancakes!
On Wednesday, we travelled on the Wednesday Bus to Delamont Country Park. We completed orienteering tasks around the park. Although the weather was not great, our spirits weren’t dampened. 
Tuesday saw our inaugural competition of the Hutch and Hive Hutch Cup. Each class is in 3 teams: Copeland, Moat and Lighthouse and completed a quiz by Mr Scates. The overall winner of this round was Copeland. We cannot wait to see our next challenge!

February 21st 2022 - Year 12

First week back and Year 12 were rearing to go.
In PE, Year 12 competed against each other and refereed in basketball. It was great to see everyone taking part with great sportsmanship and respect for the referee. 
We practised signalling and manoeuvring with oncoming traffic in cycling proficiency. 
Mrs Pollack took Home Management this week. As a special treat after all their hard work last week, Year 12 made some delicious bacon butties. 
In Maths, we looked at directions and angles in our Position and Space unit. Amazing work all round with everyone completing two whole booklets!
With Mrs Davey in Art, Year 12 were making faces with mod-rock. Michelangelo has nothing on Year 12. 
Our reading of Skulduggery Pleasant continued in English. We worked on our spelling and grammar skills with Wordle and Boggle. Mrs Logan wasn’t happy with everyone beating her! 
Have a great weekend. 


February 7th 2022 - Year 12

A busy last week before the half term break. 
The adventures of Stephanie Edgely are very exciting in our novel. On Thursday, we had an English Challenge looking at spelling and grammar. Year 12 got really involved, especially during Guess The Word Round. 
We started our new Maths unit of Position and Space. To start, Year 12 had to solve a murder from the clues provided. These clues needed to be solved using coordinates, graphs and mental arithmetic.
There were bargains to be had on Friday at our Bring and Buy Sale. Some really canny shoppers were on the hunt for a good bargain! 
Awesome Award Winner this week was James for his amazing work in catching up on work he had missed. 
Enjoy the half term break!

Year 12 Cross Country


Well done to all pupils in Year 12 who completed set tasks in cross country over the past few weeks. Super stars everyone!!smiley


January 31st 2022 - Year 12

Mrs Dowling helped Year 12 celebrate Chinese New Year by making egg fried rice in Home Management. A delicious treat that some couldn’t wait to tuck in to!
Louise taught Year 12 how to create a budget in Orchardville, as well as deciding items which are a ‘want’ or a ‘need’.
In English, we started our new novel Skulduggery Pleasant. There’s been murder, mystery and magic and we are only on Chapter 6! We created our own characters to fit in with Skulduggery’s universe. It was great to see Year 12’s creativity when deciding their characters' magical powers. 
We have now completed our Money Unit in Maths. Mr McCormick put Year 12 to the test with some Money Challenges which they excelled at. Well done!
Year 12 dusted off their running shoes this week as they finished their cross country unit in PE. It was great to see everyone push themselves to the best of their ability. Usain Bolt better watch his back as Year 12 are right behind him. 

January 24th 2022 Year 12

Hasn’t January flown by!
We have completed our Moving Image Unit in English. We completed our alternative film storylines and film posters. Some magnificent artists in Year 12. 
Our Money skills are growing from strength to strength in our Maths. If I am ever served in a shop by Year 12 in the future, I know I won’t be short changed!
In cooking, we made pancakes simply from eggs, flour and sugar. Year 12 are great cooks and made some amazing designs. 
During P.E., we competed in a basketball tournament. The Harlem Globetrotters have nothing on Year 12. 
This week’s Awesome Award winner for Year 12 is Declan for his politeness, looking out for others and genius-ness.


January 17th 2022 Year 12

Another great week in Year 12.

On Monday, we practised stopping at a crossing in cycling proficiency. After a couple of near misses, we were able to stop before the crossing and not run over the brave lollipop-man.

It was great to see some more presentations on the pupil’s favourite topics in XL.

In English, we finished our stories that started with the Last Airbender trailer. Some great imagination shown from the class, with some rather grisly endings.

We are at the end of our Money unit in Maths, as we worked out percentages and sharing in amounts.

In Orchardville, Louise taught us about our rights and how to uphold them.

This week, we continued our class competition with Year 11 with a bingo challenge. Unfortunately, the numbers were not in Year 12s favour as Year 11 were triumphant.

There was some suspicious going-ons as Jonathan the Year 12 Mascot was kidnapped, or should that be horse-napped. The guilty party left clues that needed deciphered to find the location of Jonathan. After much detective work, Jonathan was safely recovered in Patton’s Bakery. He is receiving much needed TLC after such a traumatic experience, and will not be horsing around for a while.

Year 12 I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!! As you know I’ve been kidnapped. The kidnappers have even painted my nose black 😔😔😔 Please work out the clues to find the location of the next clue……. Be quick I’m starving.

January 10th 2022 - Year 12

Our first week in our new classroom and Year 12 are loving life.

Year 12 were presenting their favourite topic in XL with Mrs Davey. It was great to see them stepping up to the challenge, and for some stepping out of their comfort zone.

In Maths, we looked at sharing amounts and reducing amounts by a percentage, just in time for the sales!

We continued to develop our cycling skills as we practiced entering and exiting a side road from a main road.  

We are reaching the end of our Moving Image unit in English as we think about creating our own film using The Last Airbender trailer as a starter. 

In Home management, Year 12 made jacket potatoes with Mrs Dowling, honing in on their domestic side. 

New Year, new challenges as Year 12 and Year 11 competed together in our PE challenge. Unfortunately, Year 11 won this week's burpee challenge but Georgia gained a point for her effort in completing the circuits. 

This week's Awesome Award winner is Kevin for including others and making better decisions. 

January 3rd 2022 - Year 12


It was great to see Year 12 back and raring to go after the Christmas break. On Wednesday, we discussed our News and made some New Year Resolutions. Who will be able to keep theirs the longest?

We continued working with change and sharing money in our Maths unit.
Our comic book superheroes are in the final draft in our English unit. 

In Personal Skills, we identified pedestrian risks from images and how we can prevent these from happening.

The most exciting news from this week is the completion of our new classroom! We were able to visit the Hutch and settle in on Friday. Year 12 have been so good and accommodating while we waited for completion. We are all so excited to have a place to call our own!

December 16th 2021 Year 12

It may be the last full week, but there was no stopping Year 12.

This week, we welcomed Mr Frew to the Year 12 team. 

In PE, we learnt and practiced our serving skills with Johnny our badminton coach. 
We got our hands dirty in cycling proficiency maintaining our bikes, and learning how to negotiate roundabouts. 

Year 12 were channeling our inner Stan Lee in English as we created our own superhero and supervillain for our comic book. If ever the world was in peril, I know which heroes to call!

During Maths, we practiced our money management and our correct change getting ready for our Wednesday trip.

Year 12 may be a couple of inches shorter after all our walking on Wednesday. We navigated around Belfast to different locations and identified risks. After all our exertion, we had lunch in McDonald's where we practiced our money skills. Some very sleepy people on the bus back to school!
Awesome Award winner this week was Samuel McCullough for his perseverance.

December 6th 2021 - Year 12

It was great to be back with Year 12 this week. 

The festive fun was in full swing as we decorated our room with trees, tinsel and inflatable reindeer. 

For PE, we had a coach come in to teach us badminton. 

In our Maths, we continued working on our Money unit looking at total amounts and change given. 

Our super-suits were out in English, as we created our own Superheroes and Supervillains ready for us to make our own comics. 

In Personal Skills, we were getting ready for our trip to Belfast by noticing risks and signs to help us identify our location. 
This week's Awesome Award Winner was Joshua for trying a different way to solve problems. 

Today was a sad day as Mr Yeates is leaving us to start a new job. He will be missed a lot by everyone in Year 12, especially Mr McCormick and Mrs Logan. We wish him all the best in his new job!

November 15th 2021 Year 12

The Year 12s were non-stop this week. 

We continued our cycling proficiency, practising our 'Life-Saver Look'.

In Home Management, Year 12 were purchasing items from the shop and using money, which fitted in with our new Maths unit: Money. It was great to see everyone was able to recognise the coins we use everyday. 

In English, we worked on our genres looking at what characters would appear in a specific TV programme. 

On Wednesday, the PSNI attended Killard. Not to arrest anyone, but as part of Anti-Bullying week to help us understand how to be safe online. 

This week's Awesome Award winner was Niall Lawson for stepping out of his comfort zone while working on our secret project. All I can say is it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

November 8th 2021 Year 12

A busy week in Year 12. They continued working on their XL work with Mrs Davey.
In Maths, we completed our Time and Measure unit by finishing our area topic. Everyone worked so hard to finish their booklets.

Our English work continued looking at Film and TV genres, and making comparisons and noting similarities between different genres trailers. 

In Personal Skills, we looked at our personal strengths and weaknesses and how we can develop them. We played some team building games, and it was great to see everyone's lateral thinking.

On Wednesday, we had a special visit from Amazon Jungle who showed us a tortoise, bearded dragon, frog, gecko, snake and tarantula. Some fearless potential explorers in the future!


November 1st 2021 Year 12

A great first week back for Year 12.

We practiced our mental maths and continued on our Measure unit with some practical measuring.

 In English, we started our new topic looking at Films and TV shows. We completed a murder mystery and identified film genres. Definitely some budding detectives in the making.

Our Personal Skills topic started with us thinking about our own and our friends individual strengths and weaknesses. It was great to see so many positive attributes in Year 12. 

We completed our circuits during PE, completing a descending ladder. There may be some sore legs tomorrow. 

October 22nd 2021 - Year 12

There was no stopping Year 12 this week. 
We continued working on our XL work with Mrs Davey. 
We have completed our Drama unit in English, looking at costume design. London Fashion Week has some contenders in Year 12. We will be sad to see the end of Jack and the Beanstalk (oh no, we won't, oh yes, we will!). 

If Year 12 aren't costume designers, they will be architects as we were measuring our classroom and other items in our Maths Measures unit. 
Year 12 loved cooking omelettes in Home Management with Mrs Dowling. 

As the week continued, there were some spooks to be had. We made ghost biscuits, designed and carved a pumpkin. It was all a little frightening!

Hope you all have a lovely half-term break. 

October 15th 2021 Year 12

Only one week left until half-term and there is no stopping Year 12. During Personal Skills, we practiced setting and serving to a table. Some super steady hands!  
In English, we continued our Drama unit looking at emotions. We thought about how different parts of our faces move to show how we are feeling. We had a game of emotional charades. Can you guess the emotions in our video?
Year 12 were amazing working in our new Measures unit in Maths. 

We made pancakes and crepes in cookery, covered in lemon, sugar, chocolate spread and jam. There were some crepes so big that they could have been a World Record. 

On Friday, we chatted to Siobhan about our potential future careers. 

This week's Awesome Award goes to Georgia Boyd for her exceptional work, home management skills and can-do attitude.

October 8th 2021 Year 12

Another great week in Year 12. In our Cycling Proficiency, we navigated obstacles and using our bell to alert Mr McCormick who was walking across the road without looking.

We completed our Time unit in Mathematics. Next week, we will be starting our Measures unit. 

In English, we created a script for our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk. It was great to see everyone's creativity. Year 12 could take over Mrs McBratney's job as script writer for the panto!

For Personal Skills, we bought ingredients and made our own tortilla crisps. .

This week's Awesome Award goes to Jessica Spiers for her positive attitude and work ethic.


W/C 27th September 2021

This week in English, we worked through our Drama unit using the school Panto, even acting out some scenes. There are definitely some drama kings and queens in Year 12! We are almost finished our Time unit in Maths, looking at timetables for the London Underground.

In Personal Skills, we sang our hearts out and played badminton in our hobby unit. For our Cycling Proficiency, we negotiated obstacles and practiced signalling and stopping. 

This week's Awesome Award goes to Suzi Mason for always being cheery,  studious and including others.

W/C 20th September 2021

A super busy week in Year 12. In English, we worked on our Drama unit looking at the school Panto, Jack and the Beanstalk. It was great to hear all their memories of the play. We worked on reading timetables in Maths and finishing off our Time unit. 

For Personal Skills, we looked at the last of our hobbies including Football, playing Guitar, Table Tennis and Parkour. These hobbies were a bit more challenging this week, but it was great to see everyone having a try. 

We continued practicing our stopping and signalling for our Cycling Proficiency this week. 

The Awesome Award this week went to Grace for her positive attitude and helpfulness. 

W/C 13th September 2021

Another busy week in Year 12. We continued working on our qualifications in Maths, English, World of Work, Art and ICT. During our Personal Skills lessons, we discussed how we use our leisure time and what hobbies we enjoy. What better way to experience each others hobbies than trying them out. So far we have tried our hand at acting, archery, golf and yoga. It was great to see everyone participate in the activities. 

This week for our Cycling Proficiency we got to practise on the bicycles around the playground, remembering all our safety tips. 

The Awesome Award this week went to Declan for great perseverance and offering help to others. 

W/C 6th September 2021

Our first full week in Killard was a busy one. We started working on our qualifications in Maths, English, Personal Skills, World of Work and ICT as well as Art and Cycling Proficiency. In our Personal Skills lessons, we were looking at what activities we can do to build a healthy lifestyle. We had some great input from all, and participated in an exercise program (see pictures)
Our English lessons focussed on poetry and lyrics. Who knew Katy Perry’s Firework song was so poetic?

Year 12 Mathematicians were on form working on Time in Maths. 
A brilliant start to Year 12.