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Mr McCormick

W/C 20th September 2021

A super busy week in Year 12. In English, we worked on our Drama unit looking at the school Panto, Jack and the Beanstalk. It was great to hear all their memories of the play. We worked on reading timetables in Maths and finishing off our Time unit. 

For Personal Skills, we looked at the last of our hobbies including Football, playing Guitar, Table Tennis and Parkour. These hobbies were a bit more challenging this week, but it was great to see everyone having a try. 

We continued practicing our stopping and signalling for our Cycling Proficiency this week. 

The Awesome Award this week went to Grace for her positive attitude and helpfulness. 

W/C 13th September 2021

Another busy week in Year 12. We continued working on our qualifications in Maths, English, World of Work, Art and ICT. During our Personal Skills lessons, we discussed how we use our leisure time and what hobbies we enjoy. What better way to experience each others hobbies than trying them out. So far we have tried our hand at acting, archery, golf and yoga. It was great to see everyone participate in the activities. 

This week for our Cycling Proficiency we got to practise on the bicycles around the playground, remembering all our safety tips. 

The Awesome Award this week went to Declan for great perseverance and offering help to others. 

W/C 6th September 2021

Our first full week in Killard was a busy one. We started working on our qualifications in Maths, English, Personal Skills, World of Work and ICT as well as Art and Cycling Proficiency. In our Personal Skills lessons, we were looking at what activities we can do to build a healthy lifestyle. We had some great input from all, and participated in an exercise program (see pictures)
Our English lessons focussed on poetry and lyrics. Who knew Katy Perry’s Firework song was so poetic?

Year 12 Mathematicians were on form working on Time in Maths. 
A brilliant start to Year 12.