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Mr Marshall

Jazmin was in charge of taking photographs during Leisure for Life today. She did a brilliant job. Thank you Jazmin 📸👍💪

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Year 13 at SERC and Work Experience

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Leisure for Life. Bangor Aurora and Ward Park🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻💪👟🦆

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Life Skills. Cleaning The Hive🧽🧹🧺

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Pedestrian Travel Training 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻

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Welcome Back Year 13&14

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Roles and Responsibilities in the Hive

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Leisure for Life. The public bus was not running this week but that didn’t stop the Year 13&14s running 🏃🏻‍♀️ 💪🏃🏻

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Key Stage 5 Christmas Dinner

Leisure for Life 🏃🏻‍♀️💪🥊🧗🏻‍♀️

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Work Experience. Year 13 perform on stage!! 🎤🎼🎹🎺🪗🥁🎸

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Leisure for Life. Interval training and Basketball 🏃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️⛹🏼⛹🏼‍♀️

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Christmas Hampers in the Food Bank

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First Aid Qualified

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Week 4: this week in SERC we did some coursework and some glass painting! In work experience we were making baubles and christmas shortbread! We had another great session at Bangor Aurora too! Mr Marshall will be returning to school on Monday and we cant wait to have him back! Well done everyone for adjusting to new situations this last wee while- you've all been superstars! -Miss L

Week 3: we moved in to our new building on Monday! Woohoo! We celebrated with a pizza party! We worked hard at the Elim as ever. On Thursday we were at SERC, and we finished the week with a super trip to the gym! Great job everyone!!

Week 2 - what an amazing week! We did some certified First Aid training, created adverts for Source Cafe, made some buns at SERC, created plaster of Paris cave paintings, met some Amazon animals, went to work experience (check out that sensory session!), and had a great work out at the gym! Phew!!! Have a fab weekend everyone!

The first week back after half term was jam-packed as ever! We did some coursework on Tuesday. On Wednesday we were at our work experience placement at Bangor Elim. On Thursday we were at SERC - we did a cookery assessment and some artwork too! On Friday we usually go to the Bangor Aurora but due to a cancelled bus service we had to stay in school instead… we celebrated Bradley and Toby’s birthdays, used our outdoor gym equipment, and viewed our new KS5 Hive building for the first time! So exciting!!

KS5 view their Hive!

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Week 7 and our last week before Halloween half term! After some practicing, we filled in some official Translink forms to get half price public transport. We wrote shopping lists and estimated prices before doing some travel training combined with bargain hunting! We used an app called Epic to read books and do quizzes. We also did some Halloween activities in preparation for spooky season! You’ll find photos from Elim and SERC below… have a great half term everyone!

Week 7 work experience at Bangor Elim. This week there were lots of Harvest food bank donations to organise. It was all hands on deck to put the foods in the right areas, and put the parcels together! Four of the boys were working hard with Jim doing some car valeting too. Well done everyone for a fantastic first half term in our new work experience home!

On Friday we didn’t go to the gym this week… instead we had our end of term/Halloween celebrations! Big thanks again to Elim for giving us some nibbles for the party, and to Jazmin’s mummy for this this yummy cake!

This week we made some fluffy pancakes in school - YUM! We also did some more money work, reading and ICT.

This week during our work experience at the Elim Church, we organised , weighed and date-ordered the donations in the food bank. The boys used their muscles to help Ken move some furniture donations too! It was really lovely to see Mr Marshall, Mrs Marshall, Miss Greer and Robbie, who came to visit!!

Week 6 at the SERC was great! What fabulous artwork and yummy rhubarb crumble!

Week 6 was our last time at the gym this half term and everyone gave their exercises 100%! Well done everyone!

We finished the week with a trip to the Walled Garden before heading back to school. Well done for another great week everyone!

We started week 5 with some money work, making personalised greetings cards, going for a walk up to the recently renovated Moat, some reading, making road safety posters, and even some cycling proficiency!! Phew! What a busy start to the week!!

Week 5 work experience: before, during and after photos of the car which we learned to professionally valet inside and out! Wow! We learned about clay blocking, and the uses of different chemicals this week. Big thanks to Jim for his expertise!

Week 5 work experience in the Source Cafe at Bangor Elim Church. This week 4 of the boys experienced working with the general public. By the end of the day, Grant, Paul, Jason and Bradley were greeting customers, giving them menus, setting tables, carrying plates and clearing tables. We even got to have a look inside the kitchen and saw our sausage rolls being cooked - yum!

Even MORE activities at our work experience in week 5… this time some of Year 13 were helping out at the Baby Bank - organising toy donations. Ryan then took this group on a tour of the stage/ music and sound equipment! So much fun! Bradley and Alicia even had a go on the drums!!!

Week 5 at Bangor Aurora Gym… we worked super hard doing cardio training, followed by either an upper or lower body work out. Great effort everyone!

Week 4 already! We started the week with some great money work, litter picking, reading, music (boomwhackers are great fun!) and pedestrian travel training.

Week 4 work experience. This week at Bangor Elim, we did a selection of different activities… we were all trained by Jim in how to do car valeting, we did role plays of how to greet customers in the cafe and take orders, we did some arts and crafts, and some of us even had some barista training on the professional coffee machines! (Pupils who did not get the coffee training this week will do so next week). Big thanks as ever to the team at Source and Bangor Elim for a fab day’s work experience!

In SERC this week we did ink printing and made some yummy tray bakes!

Week 4 at the Aurora and we all worked up a sweat in the virtual spin class!!

Week 3: We started the week with some numeracy and money work. We took a walk in to town to get the cake for Alicia’s Birthday Party! Later, we trialed some more ‘leisure time’ hobbies - doing mindful colouring! A great start to the week!

Week 3 - Tuesday was our Travel Training day! We planned different routes using maps and worked in teams. We then took a walk and looked out for our chosen “indicators” to make sure we were heading in the right direction!

Week 3 Work experience in the Food Bank and Baby Bank. All hands on deck helping to move and rearrange the donations. A great time had by all in the chill out zone with yummy wraps and snacks too! Thank you again Bangor Elim!!!

Week 3: a great time had at Bangor Aurora! Some serious work outs followed by showers and lunch! Our travel training on the bus went well too! Great work everyone!

Week 2 - We have had such a fabulous week, trying out our full time table! At the start of the week we did some work towards our OCR qualifications. On Wednesday we visited Bangor Elim Church to explore our new work experience venue. It was great to meet our new 'employers' and friends. We are all very excited about the opportunities we will have with them in the coming weeks and months (and we had the BEST time on our initiation day!) Thursday was our first day at Bangor SERC. We had a tour of their facilities, took part in an art class, and went through health and safety rules for the kitchen environment.  In the coming weeks, pupils will be working hard (and having fun too of course) in the kitchen and art studio with their college tutors! On Friday we did some public transport travel training, and got the bus to Bangor.  From here, we walked to the Aurora Gym. We had a tour of the gym and facilities, and did a short work out session. From next week, the work out will be longer so remember to bring a towel and change of clothes! Have a look below at some photos from our fabulous experiences this week!

Week 2 - photos from Bangor Elim cafe and food bank

Week 1: Welcome back team! What a brilliant start to our first term in Key Stage 5! This week we have taken part in LOTS of activities, and had lots of fun as a class. We have done some art, sports, games, team building and looked at our timetable for the year ahead. We have SO much to look forward to this year! Next week we will be getting out of school and visiting the Bangor Elim Church, Bangor Aurora Gym, and SERC! Have a great weekend everyone!