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Mr C Bell

Today we were using different combinations of coins to make different totals!

We used water colours to create our self portraits! We are all unique and we are all special.

Yoga is great for our muscles and posture!! It also gives us a movement break and helps us concentrate :)

Jake is trying to spot the mistake in our Alphabet - can you spot it?

Our first ICT lesson of the year was a lot of fun! We practiced our typing skills and used our knowledge of Word to change the colour and font of the words :)

We are all becoming talented UNO players!

Look at our local artists and their Masterpieces!! We used watercolour paints after planning our self-portraits.

There are lots of new activities to complete during our daily mile!!

We had to use our thinking skills to try and draw what we think Mrs Twit looks like! It was a lot of fun.

We discussed what it means to be unique and we shared our favourite foods, hobbies and colours with the class. We are all different, just like the crayons in the story!

We had a very creative start to Week 2 in P7!

Our first day in P7!

We spent the day getting to know one another in our new classroom :)

We had fun writing our names using play dough!

Our new warm up dance is really fun and helps us get ready for the day!

We made wanted posters cause we really want these children in our class!

We discussed what plants need to survive and how we can care for them. This shows that we can be responsible!

We decorated our pencil cases with our names and other stickers

We used our listening skills and our thinking skills to draw what we think Mr. Twit looks like!