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Mr Bell

06/11/2020 - This week the boys in SCU7 enjoyed a Halloween party and learning all about the respiratory system in their topic work and having some birthday cake for Ashton's birthday.

16/10/2020 - This week the boys in SCU7 enjoyed some art work related to their topic on the human body. They used lots of different materials and resources to produce some great pieces of art that we plan to use to create a wonderful display in our classroom.

09/10/2020 - This week the boys in SCU7 loved going to see Miss Lowry for their weekly science lesson when they used lots of different resources and equipment for experiments and to make 3-D hockey pitches.

02/10/2020 - This week the boys in SCU7 really enjoyed practising their fundamental movement skills in P.E and listening to lots of different kinds of music and breaking it down into beats with Mr Scates.

25/09/2020 - This week SCU7 have enjoyed learning all about our bones and the skeletal system and how this changes as we grow.

18/09/2020 - This week in SCU7 we have enjoyed starting a new topic and learning all about the human body. We have also enjoyed orienteering and getting outside to play and making the most of the nice weather.

11/09/2020 - This week in SCU7 the boys have really enjoyed getting out and about each day and using the new sensory pathway in school during our daily walk to try and keep as fit and healthy as possible.

04/09/2020 - The boys enjoyed their first week back to school and getting to see all their friends again. We enjoyed getting to know each other better and listening to everyone's news from lock down. We also spent some time talking about some of the new routines in school designed to keep us all safe and playing some PDMU games to build up our attention and concentration skills.