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Miss Presho

P3 have had a SUPER week. We have been enjoying our new superhero topic! A big well done to Rory who is our pupil of the week for letting us hear lots of lovely words.

Jake's superpower is 'Super cuteness'
Milo's superpower is 'Super smarts'
Darci's superpower is 'Super helpfulness'
Charly's superpower is 'Super giggles'
Danny's superpower is 'Super dancing'
Rory's superpower is 'Super speed'
Brody's super power is 'Super smiles'
Darci was so proud of her artwork this week
Milo and Miss Presho pretended to fly like superheros
Danny likes taking a little rest on the ball
How clever is Brody doing some superhero matching?!
Charly is very brave
Jake loved playing in the sensory rice
Rory loved the waterbeads... they did not stay in the tray for long!

P3 have had lots of fun this week. Our highlights have been our art activities and enjoying some lovely time exploring nature together in the garden. We are also super proud of Danny for being our pupil of the week... well done Danny!

Danny is very good at using the paint stampers.
Jake really enjoyed using the bingo dabber to do some mark making.
Brody is a very clever boy and finished some inset boards all by himself.
Darci is very creative and enjoyed using the paint stampers.
Charly looks very studious doing some writing at the teacher’s desk.
Milo loved playing with the magnetic cars.
Rory really enjoyed reading this ‘old MacDonald’ noisy book.
Charly was all tuckered out on Wednesday and thought Miss Patterson looked very comfy!
Danny was very caring looking after the baby and pushing the pram.
Rory thought being rocked on the roller was funny.
How cute is Jake in his puddle suit?!
Milo tried to climb up the slide.
Darci is super at tracing her name.
Brody loves glitter more than Miss Presho, but don’t worry we have lots of it.

P3 have had a fantastic first week back at school!

Everyone loved Hello time
Rory really likes the bubble tube
Jake liked watching the sand fall
Brodie loved messy play - look at that uniform!
Milo is so exciting during hello time, he liked when we all sang hello to him
Charly enjoying some role play with Mrs Mulligan
Darci thought taking selfies was hilarious
Danny likes to dig
Charly enjoyed exploring nature in the garden
Milo liked sending a toy car down the ramp
Danny is quite the music man
Brodie was very good at squeezing the playdough
Jake wasnt too sure about the messy play foam
We're a very hungry bunch after all this fun