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Well Year 14… as Kile’s delicious cake says… Together We Did!!! It has been a fantastic year -we’ve made SO many memories and I’m extremely proud of you all! Myself and Mrs Adger wish you all the very best for the future and hope you have a fantastic summer! - Miss Lowry x

Killard Wimbledon Tournament 2022

Our penultimate week has been amazing - graduation from work experience (thank you Elim for a fantastic ceremony), tennis coaching, mock job interviews, delivery of Ulster In Bloom flowers, and a big walk to Millisle for a picnic to celebrate our last “VENDREDI!”

Graduation Speeches

Graduation Party 2022

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Graduation Ceremony 2022

Adventure to Millisle

Parkour in Millisle by Kile

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From Start to Finish: Getting a Job

WB 13/06: things were very competitive at this week’s House Cup Challenge - Mr Marshall included!! Take a look at some of the photos from cycling proficiency, horticulture, and tennis this week. (There will be a separate gallery uploaded of Friday’s Graduation… stay tuned!)

WB 06/06: what a fantastic week! We had another session with Barnardos, tennis with Johnny and Adam, worked in the food bank, and did INDEPENDENT travel training! Take a look at some of the photos below!

Adventure to Orlock Nature Reserve

W.b 30/05: Just a three day week this week, thanks to Platinum Jubilee bank holidays! And what a busy 3days they have been! Some of us went on the school residential to Dublin! Scroll to see photos. The rest of us had a fab time in school- cooking, doing art, playing team games and visiting Delamont! Have a great extended - weekend everyone!

W.b 23/05/22: This week we were looking at timetables and using calendars… can you believe we have less than 5 weeks left before summer?! Take a look at some photos from cycling proficiency, H.E, travel training on the Glider, tennis, and work experience

W/b 16.05: take a look at some photos from this week, including our tennis coaching with Callum and Johnny, making toasties in HE, and a session with Barnado’s.

Our Tourist Travel Training Trip to Belfast! Pupils independently bought return tickets. We saw lots of tourist attractions including some of the Belfast artwork. It was a beautiful sunny day - perfect for exploring the city and listening to the live music of the buskers!

Tennis with Coaches Jonny and Callum from Donaghadee Tennis Club

W.b 09/05: we finished our collage this week - scroll through to see how great it turned out! We had a wonderful visitor in The Hive - “Big Ted” came to deliver sessions on interview techniques! On Tuesday we even took part in mock interviews and our feedback was fab! Well done everyone! On Wednesday we amalgamated with Year 13 to make “cuisine from around the world” - yum! More photos below include work experience deep cleaning and Fridays gym session. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wb 02/05: what a great 4 day week! On Tuesday, year 13 and 14 combined together for some activities. We researched the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, then designed ideas for a Donaghadee/jubilee themed art work. We analysed each other’s creations and voted for a winner. Well done Kyan! Next, we worked together to create a collage of this final chosen design! It’s not finished yet but isn’t it looking great?!! This week saw our first session at the Tennis Club. Big thanks to Johnny and Callum for a fantastic session! Take a look at the photos below to see these activities and many more (including a trip to Little Wing! Yum!!)

W.b 25/04: our first week back after Easter was jam packed with celebrations as we had not one but TWO 18th Birthdays, and the grand opening of our Hutch and Hive too! As part of the celebrations for Kyan and Tianna, we cooked a delicious paella! YUM!! Take a look below at some of our photographs from this week. Have a fantastic LONG weekend everyone!

Iiiiiiiiiits your Birthday todaaaaaay TIANNA

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The Hutch and Hive Official Opening

W.b 04/04/22: this week we celebrated Kile’s birthday… “fetch my hat!” We went to SERC for a trial session. It was great to explore the Newtownards campus and meet tutors. We also met a LOT of KHS past pupils - it was amazing to see so many familiar faces! Scroll through the photos below to see these activities, and look below for albums of photos from our travel training day in Belfast, and House Cup Challenge sports day! Have a fantastic Easter holidays everyone!!!

Big thanks to Mr Marshall for organising a fantastic House Cup sports event! I’m sure everyone will be very tired out this evening after all the exercise and fresh air!

Wb 28/04: have a look at some of the photos from this week, featuring House Cup Escape Room Challenge, a presentation from OddBalls, memory book creation, work experience in the food bank and cafe, delivering information to a group on stage (an extra special mention and massive well done to all pupils who got up and spoke!), travel training locally AND in Bangor/ Newtownards! What a week! Next week is the last before we break up for the Easter holidays, and we have EVEN MORE to look forward to - stay tuned!

Tianna and Toby answering some questions with Big G at Elim’s “retired and free” event!

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Kyan’s turn on stage!

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ODDBALLS FOUNDATION. Daniel Lowry, OddBalls University Ambassador, visited school today to talk to the Post 16 students. The OddBalls Foundation was founded in December 2015 to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. Through the Foundation they hope to make a difference to male health around the world. Daniel delivered this really important message to everyone in the Post 16 and we hope our students will carry the message on. Well Done to everyone involved.

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Leisure For Life. The Water Tower Triumphs

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Mock Interviews. The pupils worked in 3’s to practice their interview techniques. Within their groups they took it in turns to be the receptionist, the interviewer and the interviewee. Great Job Everyone!!

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Cycling Proficiency 🚴 🚴‍♀️

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Travel Training: This week we challenged the pupils to record their journeys. Here is the boys trip.

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Travel Training: Girls Day Out

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Travel Training: Hunt for Dobby. Staring: Kyan, Brad, Ryan and Grant

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W.b 14/03/22 was only three days long! We still managed to fit in lots of activities including practicing slightly more independent travel training, creating mascots in our House Cup Challenge, and doing different units of coursework (including working with calendars for the unit of “time”). Have a great LONG weekend everyone!

W/b 07.03.22: this week began with International Women's Day, and we were treated to scones and hot drinks by Mr Marshall and the boys! Thank you so much gentlemen! Following on from this, we did lots of coursework, including experimenting with eggs and bread! This week's Travel Training was led by Harry, and we managed to use maps, catch 2 busses, and overcame some pedestrian obstacles, well done all! We escaped the rain and celebrated Mrs Adgers 40th Birthday with a BIG pizza! Yum!! At work experience we were in the food bank, making up food parcels and organising donations. We also did some work in the Source cafe. Great job everyone! Last but not least, on Friday we headed to the gym to do more trampolining and circuits. Wowee what a week! Have a great weekend everybody!

Leisure for Life :Week 2 Trampoline and Circuits

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W.b 28/02/2022: We had a lot to celebrate this week... have a look at some of the activities we have taken part in for pancake day and World Book Week (we loved reading and writing in the style of Diary of a Wimpy Kid!!)! We did some fantastic work at Source Cafe too, as you can see below!

Leisure for Life: Trampoline and Circuits

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KS5 Where's Wally hunt!

KS5 Pancake Day 2022

W/b 21.02.22 - take a look at what we’ve been up to this week! Here are some photos of our numeracy lesson on the topic of “time”, evidence for our communication coursework, and even a mock interview for World of Work! Tianna did a brilliant job of planning and leading Travel Training through Newtownards and to SERC. This week we didn’t go to Bangor Elim for work experience, but instead had the fantastic opportunity to go to Bloomfield Shopping Centre to experience working at Auntie Anne’s instead! Scroll down to see a video of our pretzel making in action!

Year 14 Work Experience Auntie Anne's

Leisure for Life: Agility and Co- Ordination Testing

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W.b 7th February: Our last week before half term and busy as ever! Take a look at some of this week's photos, including treasure hunt style travel training in Donaghadee, baking Valentines Day cookies, leisure for life at the gym, and work experience. At Bangor Elim this week we were learning about job applications and Zara let us experience what it's like to work for her children's entertainment company! We tried out new painting techniques and then everyone had a go at painting Miss Lowrys face! Paige practiced some waitresses skills and Kile was a Kitchen-Porter extraordinaire!! Have a great half term break everyone!

W.b 07th February: in PD, the girls have been learning about personal hygiene and hair washing. This week, we focused on drying and styling the hair. Everyone had a go at using different tools for the job and I'm sure you'll agree the hairstyles are lovely!

W.b 31/01/2022: We had a really busy this week, so the photos are in different albums! Scroll down to see the different exciting things we have been up to! We started the week with some life skills house keeping practice and the girls’ Personal Development topic was ‘hair washing’…

W.b 31/01/2022: In our Communication classes, we have been learning about how to have conversations with a variety of people. We have been learning to speak with confidence and clarity. This week, we spoke for the first time using a telephone! We each had a go at ringing SERC to request information about courses. Everyone should be SOOOO proud of themselves!!! Scroll down to check out some video clips too! WELL DONE YEAR 14!!

Year 14 telephone communication

W.b 31/01/2022: our Travel Training this week saw us in ‘The Big Smoke’ of Belfast! We visited St George’s Market to go to a job fair. We did good communicating with the people on the stalls, and found out lots of information about a range of careers and training opportunities for the future. After this, we headed to Victoria Square and went all the way up to the glass dome in the glass lift!! Everyone was SO brave…. apart from Miss L who had to stand at a distance and take the photos!! We were SO high up! Wowee!

W.b 31/01/2022: Mr M’s Friday stretches… wake up shake up before heading to the gym!

W/b 24/01/2022: take a look at some of our photos from this week, including Tobys' Travel Training Adventure, working hard at Bangor Elim, and classroom activities! :)

W/b 17/01/2022: OCR coursework, using money in real life situations, communication, social skills, life skills, travel training and the gym! What a week! See below for a selection of photos and scroll to see the travel training, home management skills and gym photos! Great week Year 14!

This week's travel training focused on Paige's intended route to SERC for next year. We caught the bus from Donagahdee to Bangor, walked to the necessary bus stop, and then travelled in to Ards. It was a really valuable exercise and everyone got to practice practice travel training skills. After having lunch in the town square we did the return journey with Paige leading the way... what an increase in confidence already! Well done!

Unfortunately we couldn’t get to work experience this week due to unforeseen bus cancellations. We did however manage to use this time to learn and practice some life skills! Everyone rolled their sleeves up and got involved, completing the tasks to a great standard! Every learner was able to push themselves to try out a skill they had never done before - SOOOO impressive! Well done everyone!

Our first week in our brand new classroom has been GREAT! Have a look at some of the activities we have been up to! Shopping, cooking, pedestrian travel training, reading, music, art, and a trip to the gym to name just a few of our challenges this week! Well done Year 14!

Leisure for Life. Bangor Aurora and Ward Park 🏃🏻‍♀️💪🦆👟🏃🏻

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Welcome Back Year 13&14

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Roles and Responsibilities in the Hive

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Leisure for Life. The public bus was not running but that didn’t stop the Year 13&14s running 🏃🏻‍♀️ 💪🏃🏻

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Key Stage 5 Christmas Dinner

Week 7: We have had such a busy and festive week! We practiced life skills by preparing and cooking vegetables for the Christmas dinner, followed instructions for the meat, and Christmassy-fied the common room! It really was a magical festive feast, and everyone should be very proud for contributing so well… both before and after the meal!

Week 6: We began the week with a really fun, messy and new experience! After writing shopping lists and doing some local shopping, we came back to school and made our own sausages and Yorkshire puddings! YUM!!! We also did lots of life skills such as using the washer, dryer, dishwasher, washing the floors and sweeping up. On Tuesday we were learning all about local artist Terry Bradley and had our last session with Louise from Orchardville. On Wednesday we went travel training to Bangor and MET Terry Bradley at his gallery! It was such a great day! Thursday was our last day at the Elim before Christmas so we had a fab celebration - doing karaoke on the stage! Stay tuned for some video evidence!!! And look below for some footage from the gym this week too! Well done year 14 for another fabulous week! :)


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Leisure for Life 🏃🏻‍♀️🧗🏻‍♀️👍💪🥊

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Week 5: we started the week by decorating The Hive for Christmas! Charlie joined us for our last session of First Aid training. We cooked some pasta YUM safely and effectively using the new kitchen equipment! We did some Christmas crafts - cutting fabric and sewing up stockings! They look great! On Wednesday we went travel training to Newtownards - we visited the Town Hall to see an art exhibition and took note of prices for next week’s Christmas Dinner at the shopping centre. At work experience we were creating Christmas hampers for Bangor Foodbank. It felt SO good to be doing something for such a worthy cause and everyone worked super hard to get as many hampers done as possible- WELL DONE YEAR 14! On Friday we couldn’t visit the Aurora because of storm damage so we did lots of exercise in school instead. Well done to everyone for trying their absolute hardest!

Week 4: we started the week with some community artwork- decorating Rainey’s Chippy window for Christmas! This was a great fun challenge which everyone got involved with, and the outcome was just amazing! Have a look at some of the photos below, or take a look for yourself next time you’re in Donaghadee! Mr Rainey was very impressed and gave us some yummy sausage suppers to thank us! Big thanks to Mr Rainey! We have been doing some coursework, and some travel training into Bangor to practice our shopping skills, as well as creating some marvellous Christmas Crafts at work experience, and another gym session! Phew what a week!

Week 3: we moved in to our new building on Monday! Woohoo! We celebrated with a pizza party! We did some travel training and went to Bloomfield shopping centre…. And bumped in to Mrs Whyte!! We worked hard at the Elim as ever, and finished the week with a super trip to the gym! Great job everyone!

Week 2 - what an amazing week! We did some certified First Aid training, created adverts for Source Cafe, went shopping to fill the cupboards in our new building (which we will be moving in to on Monday!), met some Amazon animals, went to work experience (check out that sensory session!), and had a great work out at the gym! Phew!!! Have a fab weekend everyone!

Our first week back at school after the half term holiday was jam packed as ever! We did some coursework on Tuesday, then did some travel training on Wednesday- we got the bus to North Down and Ards Museum (and the castle gardens)! On Thursday we did our work experience at the Bangor Elim - we helped out at the food bank and baby bank, and we were visited by Jeffery Donaldson! On Friday we usually go to Bangor Aurora Gym, but due to a cancelled bus service we had to stay in school instead… we had a Birthday party for Toby and Bradley, used our outdoor gym equipment, and visited our new KS5 building!!! What a fab week!

KS5 view their Hive!

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Week 7 and our final week before the half term Halloween holidays! We started the week by doing some writing about our targets for the year. We did draft copies and used iPads to word process our work. We had a real treat when Mrs. McBratney cam to teach our class! We did some fun Halloween activities including carving and painting pumpkins. Our travel training took us to Newtownards to explore the SERC site and do some window shopping… Mrs McB doesn’t look too impressed with the football shirt!! Scroll down the page to see more photos from this week, at our Elim work experience and end of term fun. I hope everyone has a fantastic and well-deserved half term break! - Miss L

As it is harvest time, we had lots of food donations to sort through at the food bank during our work experience! Big thank you to everyone at the Elim Church for Toby’s early birthday celebration too!!

On Friday we didn’t go to the gym this week… instead we had our end of term/Halloween celebrations! Big thanks again to Elim for giving us some nibbles for the party, and to Jazmin’s mummy for this this yummy cake!

Week 6 - we did a great variety of activities this week, including baking (and eating!) pancakes, celebrating Harry’s Birthday, money work, travel training, road safety and of course work experience and the gym! Enjoy looking through our photos!

Week 6 work experience - we split into groups and did car valeting, organising at the food bank, and customer service in the cafe shop!

Week 6 at the gym - this was our last session at Aurora this half term and everyone gave 100%! Great effort everyone!

We finished the week with a trip to the Walled Garden before heading back to school. Well done for another great week everyone!

Week 5 already! This week we did a variety of subjects, including money work, communication and some of our OCR coursework.

Week 5: for Travel Training this week we went to Bloomfield Shopping Centre. We had to plan ahead and estimate the prices of shopping lists. We managed to budget well and totalled exactly £5! Yay!

Week 5 at Bangor Elim work experience. We even had a visitor in the form of Mr Millar

Week 5 at the Bangor Aurora gym… we did some cardio and then worked out our upper or lower bodies. Great effort from everyone, well done!

Week 4 already! We did some great reading and writing using iPads. We did a great music session with Mrs Hammond. We did some sunny travel training, and some money work in numeracy! What a great start to the week!

Week 4 work experience at Bangor Elim Source Cafe. Jim is a professional car valeter and he gave us a workshop on how to clean a car! We also did some cafe role play and started work serving/ taking orders! Well done everyone!

Week 4 at the Aurora and we all worked up a sweat doing a spin class! Phew!

Week 3 - we started the week with some work towards our numeracy, communication and travel training qualifications. Take a look at some of our photos to see us working with money, using iPads for reading, finding our way around town using maps, taking part in social games, and finding “indicators” while pedestrian Travel Training! Mrs Hammond even treated us to a trip to The Stormy Cup! Thank you!

Week 3: on Thursday we were back at Bangor Elim to do our work experience at the food bank and baby bank. It was all hands on deck to move some of the larger donations too! Well done everyone for your continued work for this very worthy cause!

Week 3: a great time had at Bangor Aurora! Some serious work outs followed by showers and lunch! Our travel training on the bus went well too! Great work everyone!

Week 2- We have had such a fabulous week, trying out our full time table! At the start of the week we did some work towards our OCR qualifications. On Thursday we visited Bangor Elim Church to explore our new work experience venue. It was great to meet our new 'employers' and friends. We are all very excited about the opportunities we will have with them in the coming weeks and months (and we had the BEST time on our initiation day!) On Friday we did some public transport travel training, and got the bus to Bangor.  From here, we walked to the Aurora Gym. We had a tour of the gym and facilities, and did a short work out session. From next week, the work out will be longer so remember to bring a towel and change of clothes! Have a look below at some photos from our fabulous experiences this week!

Week 1: Well team… what a fabulous first week back! We had a really varied timetable with arts and crafts, lots of sports and we even started some of our OCR units! Great to see everyone getting involved in all the activities and working so well together! Next week we are all REALLY looking forward to starting our placements at the Elim cafe and food bank, and visiting the gym too! We have SO much to look forward to this year, and I know it’s going to be just great!