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Miss Lowry

This week, we learned about Hanukkah. We played Spin The Dreidel, and have created a virtual assembly, for all of school to watch mext week! Every single pupil in Year 11 took part in the assembly! WELL DONE!

Well done Georgia and Grace for completing your first unit in ELQ Maths!! Mrs S

Year 11 used their new iPads to research the cost of babies (spoiler alert: it’s A LOT!). They took part in very mature discussions and debates surrounding the topic of relationships and growing up.

Year 11 used their new iPads to research the Concentration Camps from World War II

This Friday, we were celebrating for multiple reasons! It was Children In Need day, so we dressed down to raise money. We were also celebrating our “Class of the Month” win with a chippy treat!! On top of this, we were filming our contribution to this year’s virtual advent calendar... STAY TUNED!

Year 11 have been very busy this week. Here is a sample of our Diary entries as Bruno. So much talent in one school 😍 Mrs Stewart

Year 11 are working hard in Maths on our Unit 1: Working with Number portfolios 😀

Our Year 11 novel is The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. The class drew their interpretations of what Bruno and Gretel saw through the bedroom window.I’m sure you’ll agree that their artwork is amazing 😀

KHS Crisp Packet Project

We are collecting crisp packets to create insulation and weather proof sleeping bags for the homeless

This was our first week back at school after two weeks off. We started the week with cake and celebrations to mark Halloween/ the return to school and Troy’s Birthday! Yum! There was even more cake for Joshua’s birthday too! Double yum!!! Year 11 worked really hard throughout the rest of the week: getting back into the swing of lessons and coursework. Check out some of the photos of our maths lessons, and PE circuits session! Phew! We ended the week with an eco-schools lesson... stay tuned to see the video we created!

Making Hats - mini Prince’s Trust challenge

Another superb week of work from Year 11. After completing lots of coursework for maths, English, art and horticulture, the class were treated to some hot chocolate with marshmallows while watching the end of Harry Potter! The perfect way to warm up after running outside for cross country!

Our first week on a mixed timetable went really well! We have been introduced to our new qualifications which we will be studying this year! We started some coursework in maths, literacy, horticulture, art, and XL. It has been strange getting used to moving around the school again, but great to see more faces and get stuck in to some exciting work! We still have our weekly PE and music sessions too. Lots of Personal Bests were achieved in this week's cross country! A big "well done" to everyone for adapting so well to the changes!

Week 4 Our Last Little ‘bubble’ week.

We are all getting ready to join the other half of our class next week. We finished off our mini projects and tried some more team building games which was very successful. We finished ‘Gangsta Granny’ and looking forward to English classes next week. Our wall mural is nearly completed just some more lighthouses and seagulls to add ( not crows Mrs Davey).


Week 4 last little ‘bubble’ week

This week, the two bubbles have been spending more time together, in preparation for next week’s return to one whole year 11 class. Fantastic teamwork has been shown on multiple occasions- particularly when creating the playground mural and during the STEM bridge building activity!

Another new ukulele song!

Still image for this video

Week 2

What a week phew! We started off with taking a walk to see the stones at the harbour in search of a few ideas. Mrs Davey has been reading Gangsta Granny and we had the chance to watch it too. Being in the art room meant we could have some fun with making our heads out of balloons, modroc and whatever we could find!!! We enjoyed our PE lesson and it is so good to be outside in the fresh air. Gardening gave us more opportunity to get outdoors in the sun. We finished off the week with starting a new outside art project with our ‘bubble’, watch this space! 


Week 2 with Mrs Davey

Welcome back to school! It has been such a long time since we were all together and lots has changed since we were last here! Year 11 have been split into two groups to make sure we can social distance and feel as safe as possible. This is the web page for Year 11 Group 1. Have a look at some of the things we have been up to!

This week, we have been getting used to the "new normal" in school. This means we don't move around classes. We have our own desk space and a half size class. We have different break and lunch times and must stick to our "zones". With Miss Lowry this week we have been reading the class novel "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". We have also been very creative- making our own table ice hockey games and painting a friendship and kindness wall art! We had a musical day where we learned to play some chords on the ukulele! We did a small amount of maths, when we measured outdoor spaces and played bingo. Overall, it has been a great week and we have loved seeing all our friends again! Roll on next week!