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Some spinners made in Technology today with Ms Lowry

Look how well the spinners worked!

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Daffodil Art - Spring is here!

Welcome back to Year 9! It's the first day of spring and St David's too. Here is year 9 painting and drawing. Enjoy!

Working on shapes and subtraction in Maths.

Dogs - our best friends! Year 9 love their pets and a lot of them have a dog. We care for our four-legged friends and can write about them too.

Joe Wicks - the best way to energize you for the day!

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Santa Clause Lift-Off!!

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Killard had a special visitor today - every class was outside waiting to see him - here are year 9!

Jay won the Awesome Award this week for having great social skills and getting on well with everyone in the class - well done Jay!

Year 9 had lots of fun on Christmas Jumper Day. Here they are decorating Christmas trees with biscuit baubles, buttercream icing and sprinkles - the winner was Grace L. Which is your favourite Christmas jumper?!

Year 9's Wonderful Winter Scenes!

Year 9 are fascinated by the planets in the solar system. Today they watched how astronauts live on the space station. They did some lovely creative writing about what it feels like to be on the space station.

Year 9 are learning about their towns and villages. They wrote about the place where they live on their ipads.

We had a visit From Santa's helper - the gorgeous German Shepherd, Mitzy!! Year 9 love dogs and Mitzy was a big hit with the class, bringing some Christmas cheer!

Congratulations to Philip who won the Awesome Award for great work this week and being helpful!

Year 9 have started painting winter scenes - today they carefully mixed blue with white and black paint to make tints and shades.

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Year 9 have been busy making Christmas decorations for the classroom - lots of sewing, threading and paper chain-making today!

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Happy Birthday to lovely Chelsea! It's great to have you in the class and we enjoyed celebrating your birthday this week!

Deep space research by Year 9. They made fabulous fact sheets about planets. They were so proud of them they saved them as wallpaper on their new school ipads.

Year 9 love finding out about space and can't stop asking questions about it. Here they are finding out about a planet in the solar system on their ipads - writing up notes written last week and making them look amazing on the pic collage app.

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Year 9 Emoji wall to help describe feelings - we all love good feelings but we can also feel uncomfortable ones. It is important that we can say how we are feeling and maybe say why, if we can.

Every week we write in our Feelings Diary with the help of the emojis. We add a picture on the iphone.

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What happened to the year 9 Christmas tree while their teacher was having lunch ..........? Power Rangers have taken over!

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Year 9 made fabulous products designed from felt - wrist warmers, coasters, Christmas stockings. These went straight home to show off to family and friends. Keeping warm in the cold winter weather!

Felting part 3 - making our products

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This week's Awesome Award goes to Chelsea for hard work and being a good friend!

Cylinder shading: year 9 love drawing and have great concentration as you can see. They love shading in and are really taking their time to make these the best they can be.

A brilliant Sketches-Pro masterclass from three artists in year 9. Grace K, Cormac and Dylan have made SUPER winter drawings on Sketches-Pro. They shared their discoveries with the class showing them how to create these effects.

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Winter drawings on Sketches-Pro by Cormac, Grace K and Dylan

Check out the PE section in secondary to see how Year 9 got on in PE this week.

Money, money, money! Year 9 were busy today in Maths developing their counting skills with coins. Listen to them adding up the money!

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Wet wet wet!! Year 9 loved Felting Part Two - adding water, soap and tapping to felt the wool together. The table were sparkling after this lesson!

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Reading Corner - Year 9 love to sit down with a book and read quietly

This week's Awesome Award goes to Liam: a hard worker who brings lots of ideas to the classroom - well done Liam!

It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas........making props for our performance

Drawing 3-D shapes

Year 9 concentrating on drawing 3-D shapes - you could have heard a pin drop!

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Year 9 drawing and they love Maths so learning to draw 3-D shapes is the ideal lesson. A lot of thinking and learning going on in the classroom here.

Friday FIfteens - helping hands!

Friday Fifteens - year 9 love mixing!

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Felting Part One: First we take the raw wool and set out different colour combinations on our felt rectangles. Watch next week for Part Two when we add warm soapy water and friction!

This week's Awesome Award goes to Grace for great work, attendance and organisation - well done!

Check out Year 9 practicing their skills in Badminton on PE Department section of website :)


Year 9 cube shading and what they turned their cubes into - can you see skyscrapers and Christmas presents? (never too early for those presents!)

Year 9's shading is cube-tastic!

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Poppy Display: year 9 made wax resist watercolour poppies for their Remembrance Day display. Looking colourful!

Donaghadee Cenotaph: year 9 walked to the local war memorial and saw the poppy wreaths to mark Remembrance Day. They liked the special bench with soldiers and poppies.

The Year 9 Awesome Award goes to Max - Congratulations!

Weaver Workers

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Pumpkin Weaving

Autumn drawing: we practice mark-making and texture using two contrasting media - felt-tips and charcoal.

Spooky Hallowe'en costumes!

Year 9 design Spidertastic webs.......

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Year 9 spider's webs - plus a few spooky spiders!

This week's Year 9 Awesome Award goes to Zara for being brilliant in PE!!

Year 9 love Fifteens, especially when watching a Halloween movie like Caspar!

Hallowe'en decorations have started in Year 9 with Pumpkin Streamers.

It's a Monster of a project! Year 9 design cute monsters and write about them - where they live and what they do.....

Fantastic sewing by year 9!

Drawing habitats for our monsters

Writing about the monsters they made last week: where they live, what they like, any superpowers or skills. Spot the student who learned how to spell Lamborghini....!

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Year 9 just love drawing and wanted to learn about tonal shading. Here are their giant eyes shaded on a handy template!

Year 9 doing fabulous tonal shading on eye templates. Amazing work!

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Super mathematicians in shape and measuring

Autumn leaves: poetry and painting